I am informed that Americans thought I ought to be careful to avoid actions that may get me into trouble, it does not bother me half as much as they believe it does, as we are looking at a bunch of stupid yanks with mentally ill civil rights criminals who had a need for distant violence and to order peoples steps when they had not gotten mortally hurt over it, showing up here with practical jokes and so it pursues me with it to such an extent in a period of 15 years, my academic pursuits had crashed, my work market footprint was a mess and now my bookshop has crashed along with my finances too, shooting off the big mouth about actions it believed was the sort I spent most of my time dreaming of makes sense whenever I asked it to keep its mouth shut and read a Book, so I might deploy its career publicity to sell it thereof, considering the way that I sort out readers environment and I lose readers interest, sort out readers interest and lose the environment over the practical jokes everyday, whilst the main problem is that they possessed a disobedient ego by which they got so accustomed to it that their lives had been built around the behaviour.

In the end what I have done with its stupid celebrity culture in view of a governmental arrangement concerning my overseas interests and the needs of the local people, which was a wealth equity system that allowed people to build products for gits that spend their bank account contents fighting others all day long the stupid yanks had since created a crisis from thin air with it in order to seek exceptionalism, where I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy which is incredibly painful happening everyday, to which effect they hand some famous idiots some money to keep hold off at my expense for a period of time and like magic, a public and diplomatic crisis had been created, shooting off its big mouth around here as well.

The problem remains still, it needs to stop telling me what to do, stay away from my Books and restrict their insolent comments to their own careers or I will do it for them: it is supposed to have been a three part story about the way it started and the way it is going, with respect to society gits who are now complaining that I thrust homosexuality on other, the Media who claim state provided security annoyed them but I suppose the point these idiots are making here is that I have not got the Celebrity bits under control just yet, about which they were sending the message that they would fancy I did something urgent over it, my response for them and the society gits will not be a finale when they finally get one and I will not excuse it on the basis they made me a character people bullied to resolve financial matters abusively, so that I could do it again and again in a world where rules did not apply to me. The complicit idiots on the streets were like a resource and so if I tackled them unlike their well off twats, whom I would pursue like something that deserved any suffering I had in mind, all the way to their retirement days, in their case, I will attack them to befriend poorer people, considering that poorer people did not have work and or career schedule because of the sort of fun that their stupidities were having. They do suggest it was a matter of class disparity where there was such massive differences between me and them which is utter nonsense - we know they are always seen doing the wrong thing, such as learning ethics of prison services work, to show up and dominate people on the streets which nobody should, such as running peoples lives with the social activities of criminals built entirely from gossips, media and hearsay. Years of insults about a little man seeking big things have now culminated in claims culture was an abusive contraption and those who claimed my career opened up a path to use it as a tool that helped them do wicked things for Government, as now able to express their big mouth in terms of getting the imagination into my panties endlessly, and it is progressing towards a painful end too.

They do boast that it has been a great battle and my health had been completely damaged, which is utter nonsense although the point is taken anyway the main problem is still that there are no consequences for six years of financial damage associated with famous idiots ordering my steps to make me fight people for them, also because another group of fools will attack me over the smell issues associated with their criminal bad habit interests in my personal space, which has not happened anyway. So the point raised here causes the need to set out a deadline for the insults of the famous to end around here, in terms of the way that those who display the money in their bank accounts on Media and those who kept it secret at society to make more money by investing my assets as insolently as possible, do so because they worked incredibly hard for what they own and the question that now needs answering is one to do with what has been happening with the thing that I worked hard on as well. So we know it now has a limited time to decide if it wants to stop running me down like we see it do, where my finances were completely wrecked, I was sore all over and never smelled good because people backbite from a distance and it brought it all to bear on my anus, penis and chest using rogue landlords and cracked up out of my league corrupt private security fools, the only thing that will sustain the continuation of these insults, considering that the history they built for me 20 years ago which aligned my public appearances with the sex industry and the crime, had only resulted in me clearing it up all the way to the private security industry and like the way their stupidities followed me around to University to get me dropping out and continuing thereafter, the end of the security guard work has not stopped them starting a new one. So I really need to start making the most of a life where my career does not meet with their own at any point and the only time their cracked up out of my league idiots existed in a world where they did not or were too tired to ensure I thought about what I had already done for long periods of time and any good activities I carried through during the day was the means to unbearable stress and a need to finger my bum and get me into a fight, is the times when not being able to justify the careers of idiots who blow my roof off complaining about wealth and social inequality, had given way to idiots with overseas bank accounts avoiding taxes to inflict wealth and social inequality on me, gave way to a process where I considered the problem and took steps to eliminate it, among several other reasons that I ought to do so. The history is one in which they were off building narcissistic security services careers to fight my wars and were also serving a Monarch that never stopped betraying everything good in the country to consume people like human beings in a can, after I dropped out of University and they got people who were born under birth signs that were more dangerous than mine, picking up the way I stood up for myself to serve them and make their stupidities look like real Men., in the same way that we can see they had no motivation to show up here ripping up my finances and career publicity, to run my life with the social activities of criminals, talking nonsense about being so important than I had to fight their enemies for them, the more I resisted what they wanted from me was the improved probability that I will with a big mouth - so we can all see before the history is built, that the only thing which facilitates the continuation of this behaviour and the involvement corruption by which it invites itself into my personal and social life to work it, is a sense of criminal entitlement and a stupid ego to go with it.

The history is that the aligned my career activities with the sex industry and the criminals; the sex industry was not so bad, just meant people tended to do sex on camera in a way which had much to do with me but it is the need to call me names whilst complaining that the criminals followed me around to steal from places I had gone to spend my own money buying the supplies that helped me run my life. I have been doing things with them as such, even when my finances became something the local council got to handle instead of my employability, from the warehousing, to door to door sales and eventually the security guarding one which cleared out the criminal effects. After that in 2017, I prepared a Bookshop for market and it has been stifling my finances since to build me a profile where I did something to get into trouble with the law as will enhance its manhood or its security as a famous fool, it is 2023 my finances still in a bad shape, there is even a way that the filthy interests in my personal space that best expresses the actual social standing which people thought was more important than it really was became something that I had caused, all of the damage and abuses, added to the aspects which affected them too was my fault, the interests in my Books having reached a global proportion, I cannot make sense of their fame career, save the fact that people kept spending money on it to help make sense of society abuses, I am set to get rid of it. It appears the problem is mainly to do with the way I needed to establish a history for every space I rented and during the period in which I did, this time, it is a matter of rogue landlord and corrupt private security industry with a need to extract sensations of security free of charge from my career by making out public problems that were my fault with the help of their German influence idiots, which was done by getting other tenants to complain about me whilst they fingered my bum and drew a crowd for it but it has wrecked everything here for the last 6 years because of the Celebrity involvement with it, hence this will actually be the history where I got a place a handle on their Celebrity culture to make it manageable, especially on the basis of something that actually belonged to them, of which when they possessed any sighting of me was a threat to their popularity and so human beings were this stupid, so they became so abusive I could not carry on with my own concerns. Needs to take a hint, doxy society was all about the narcissism and an ability to accept any form of attention as publicity. The concern raised by Politicians is that I did not control what happens but I do what has happened is society gits getting their hands on a storage devise that I misplaced, it contained everything I had written, relevant and not relevant to market but part of my archives, which is not a problem for me because I already organise my public life on the basis on their madness and the vandalism of the famous, the problem being that the famous got off building a media presence for them whilst they were pushing for instances in which they got me into a social disposition and a mindset in which I would not interfere much with instances where their stupidities got to deploy it whilst running me down on the streets and teaching their foolish children to call me names, hence my public appearances was always an affront to their popularity. We have seen the way I got about making an arrangement for a time frame where their famous foolishness will cease to hang about in public places telling me what to do and if that time frame is not respected, I will replace Celebrity culture with something else that would allow me enjoy some peace. I mean I am told that if people gained access to my achieves in such a manner, they would always make money from it even though they had to do so via controversy but they would, the point is that these fools always got their Politicians claiming they needed to share my career and personal space to improve crime levels in the neighbourhoods, now we can see that if they were able to pursue jobs on the basis of making me feel like a complete nonentity, the idiots would be happy only then to get a day job for money. Then there is my party piece where I am getting publicity for the Bookshop but it was the wrong one, so I could not take a holiday away from it.

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