It is said that now the dust had cleared, it became more obvious what I had to deal with was utter nonsense but it always was, it was always the reasons women hated these gits – that when it came to other people’s career, wellbeing and personal finance matters, nothing got done in good time, as far as these gits were concerned, it will devise that nonsense spot me from a distance, pursue me and apply it, so I had to build up my own history as well, beginning from things I did to people who did not even know what my name was because I had not introduced myself, right down to the parts where I too pursued them from a distance to apply what I want. The problem we now faced was that the famous had hijacked it and turned it into a battle of the sexes, so added to the fact that the other thing they achieved with a job that was paying them to do something else, was to decide how my career should be used if they galvanised a crowd to engage with a gimmick that suggested I am the cause of public problems whilst criminals were fine but failed to live with the consequences of such decisions, was the last of their abusive gimmicks I was willing to tolerate, this has set the stage for me to do something with a job that is paying me to do something else entirely, as will ensure that their continued interest in the use of my person whilst they showered me with abuses, developed into a response on my part that will provide their families a necessary feedback for it. Where it was all a joke currently being the part where it had built another crowd that will make the most of such a response whilst its idiots got involved with security services to fight my wars and show up here with rights I had to agree to or I was set to get into trouble that their popularity society would implement, so there is now a response of practical jokes that will work practical jokes on action I took to end previous practical jokes, garnished by gits at the backyards of government buildings and the Monarchy suggesting that they were fighting national enemies on my behalf because I am too much of a coward to do it myself, giving meaning to their families getting a feedback for it as stated above. Eventually they claim that the way I talked was the cause of all my problems but apparently it would mean they hated their gimmicks being played back to them which is ironic as they rather loved to pick up my personal relationships and love life, to play back to me whilst stifling it for their celebrity gimmicks as though it was news that their famous stupidities hated commitment, likewise picking up my career publicity to do the same thing and it is the way that their practical jokes allowed them to rely on macro-economic factors in my career, up to the stage where their addiction to my personality whilst heaping insults at me was good for their health as it naturally would have been if I was working a real career, the practical jokes which they have now worked alongside their society gets to get addicted to, hence the problem we faced but I am done with it, needs move on, keep its comments to its own career and fool around where its stupidities were appreciated – they do point to the fact I am in this mess because I suggested I did not need the Monarch of which we know is indication my career had been put to patriarchy nonsense devised by a King who was always such a problem from his training period as Prince of Wales, wrecks everything and claims there was a promise on my part to fix it etc whilst there was a criminal community that did not keep its imagination away from my anus for a single moment in the making. They do love to boast that it will get me no where to behave the way I do, we all know they will feel me if I put it to a marketing process.

They do claim I am complaining about what is not my right which is utter nonsense – the only thing that is not my right is the business of letting them run the abuses and practical jokes up to the stage where my best response was reactionary but it had to happen, these idiots needed to get off their professional leadership, interest groups leadership and public leadership to run me down and make use of my personal space abusively, to an extent where they were seduced by the way that criminal gits mandated by immoral society got things done, then ask me the stupid questions, so that I may respond. We have seen it play out in terms of Royals looking for insignificant people they can throw to the dogs to get closer to top authority targeting me all the time to build up this sense I am a trouble maker which I am not and the other fools looking for opportunities hated when I dinned as I devised my diet to cope with the stupidities they threw in my direction as per choices I did not have because of the specific type of government that they wanted to live with, hated when I dinned but only had the right to tackle me for it if they were bigger than I am, just as we have seen the Politicians never stopped undercutting me at Industry but the Celebrities were incredibly important people engaged in the sampling of desperation – it needed to happen and the only reasons we are not facing the worst consequences at the top end is that I am still caught up with them, it does love to lip flap that I am better off dead and it is not the first time I have had to listen to such nonsense, usually it developed into a process where I went away and they followed me to decide how death came to me and an ending about which I had to tell a story. They do claim I had difficulty coping with governmental matters whilst we know they trash my career as per self-organisation was something that celebrities could commercialise and get rich selling it to every person that was unable to cover their backsides, so the famous idiots did precisely that – had since drawn up the idea that I was the cause of public problems and criminals were fine but failed to live with the criminals and showed up here demanding access to my personal life if handling my public image and making such a massive mess of it was so messy the government thought I had no control and even they were affected already but handling it felt good, in any case of which I did warn them of a continuation meaning that they were practicing a series of activities from the stupid abusive well off neighbourhoods which suggested that they were at the top of the food chain and my Bookshop was set to become the stage for its undoing. These people were always free to sign up to the security services as a tool for targeting me last we checked; the problem with damaging my career and finances has always been indicated to be that they will first complain about the effects and consequences and then I will provide them with an appropriate response. The idea I really should be afraid of them but am not, is built on the premise that they were unaware that we organised ourselves for government the way we did because culture is enforced at Government buildings and we should be able to return to our families, therefore if they wanted to sell it to every twat that could not cover their backsides, had the right to get rich and famous, they do look like the point about my lack of fear for them was based on legitimate concerns when they did not mention that Americans who generally ran off practical jokes over my career for years, to end up in a situation where the best career organisation for me was my Achilles heel for them to do as they pleased, fed into the mystery of people bearing arms in their country. In essence there was nothing preventing me from running a PR campaign with a vision to see them without their clothes on and make a public matter from it, so that when imagination gets into my pants it would really make sense for them in a huge way but they were so stupid that the reasons for these abusive activities were a gimmick that were meant to make me lesser than they were and I would need to run my PR with this in mind – always passing abuses and insults at other people and in my case, it was a simple as a process where its stupid well off middle class neighbourhoods took an interest in me to read a Book at the shop and for nothing else. To recap, it has been a two decade career mess, beginning with a need to claim I picked up a career that was too big for me, their insults have eclipsed the fact they are nothing but middle management pricks, their stupidities have now eclipsed most main civil activities whilst they clung to my property as part of the suggestion that I possessed something which when consumed by others would make the problem go away and therefore am to blame for the existence of the problem, the idea was to set out that they wanted to take my clothes off and do things with my private body parts because of it and have since enrolled in security services to perform activities that provided National security that cannot be denied in order to do so, none stopped them and so I should not be fighting for my Bookshop too, same as everything else that had occurred in between to arrive at this stage where they will do nothing else for a living save work with their famous idiots to pick my income sources, up to the stage where their middle east friends were picking up my career publicity to do their own business over a continued gimmick that suggested a prevalent superiority that they possessed.

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