They do boast about having made it impossible for me to control the abusive narcissistic media need to damage my career and finances for self-improvements but it is not really a failure – they have always done and since arrived at a stage where they got to suggest that they had laid off the racism train for reasons of having found somebody big enough to pick on as will allow them to stop abusively handling ethnic minorities – the ethnic minority bits was the years of insults that eventually built up to a question of whether they had dug right up to the issues which suggest there were areas of peoples lives of concerns that their civil rights did not give them an entitlement to handle. All together, they would comply with the business of getting involved with my concerns professionally, since last it was obvious that their abuses and insults got worse, the more important the people I got involved with, but they have already made this nonsense an integral part of the careers that get to their heads and do not wish to run the stupid careers another way, whilst complaining about me. The society bits involved big mac fighting my wars and ending up in a bad way, so they decided to groom me into a position for distant violence which facilitated a means to say that I was to do something that got me into trouble with the Police to deserve my career, whilst their view of the career was that they were the idiots who wanted to do it, so I lived in a stupid environment where my career just stopped without warning one day because a bunch of idiots wanted to be the ones to do it – the main crisis being that they can rely on Washington to spend money on every fool that takes part in the stupidities that have emerged from such activities and are therefore currently running their course, not received a response yet, it fought my wars and ended up in a bad way, just as much as we know that if I am always feeling sick from the abuses and yet there were thousands of people with marketing degrees in the Country, they were a group of people about whom I can never feel good unless they got physically attacked over it, in short given a good beating for their stupidities – so in light of which it needs to watch its mouth and show up here only to read Books at the Bookshop. They do suggest I am a trouble maker on the other hand which is utter rubbish; we are talking about the need people had to put products on my personality which they claimed was a better option to an outcome where they got a job, building up to a result where I dropped out of University, it continues the same behaviour at the end of every crisis that brings about an intervention from the authorities, so I always ensure it knows what I know and put the words in its stupid mouth when it opens it around here but then the media built it a bubble for abusive behaviour because journalists wanted to befriend the wealthy, so it is not clear yet why the famous idiots did it, we know however they have suggested that I am a trouble maker; so I do not care what they want to stop doing anymore at this stage or indeed their schedule for it, if it will not stop attacking my employers or running its media and celebrity career to damage my Bookshop, I am going to burn it, I am going to work towards the outcome where they could not keep the salary too. It is not unusual mostly, it likes to think itself a queer twat that could make sense of black civil activities more than everybody else did, so it has pursued me over a decade and a half to trash my career and perform this show that suggests it tried to fix it for me but I was a lost cause and therefore gave me up to the civil service, my one will therefore occur when I was cash strapped, while their own will when they had it all.

I am told then that I have not actually found a way around these matters because I cannot. It is utter nonsense as there is no way around what is really a bunch of incredibly stupid individuals who set a stage for abusive activities, to say that their understanding of my career was that they should be the ones doing it, so that my source of supplies and finances just unexpectedly stops. It is an indication there were people so stupid that the only way to deal with them was by means of extreme violence, especially if considered in terms of the fact that it builds up to a process where it was maintained with a narcissistic happiness that was built from a need to access things that I would not make available to them, to say that the way I responded to being so abused was exhilarating enough to build a community that enjoyed it well enough as to buy products from them when products were set out on it as well, despite the fact people were paying thousands of pounds to secure degrees in the Universities from the discipline of marketing, if paid, could sell anything for them as such. This was the original state of affairs, the cause of the problem since it does not bother me in anyway, claims I had little respect for women all good, but those who judged me for Harry and Meghan, can make sense of Beatrice and Mapelli, if it had since grown into a process that involved stupid men spending what they claim is a part of your social life that allows you venture into areas of town they were scared to, via insults and very bad behaviour, then share your privacy with the boys from the neighbourhood and mental institutions, to say that you can get the career back when you had done something to get into trouble with the Police in order to protect their interests – it does not really cause me any problems, except the role that famous idiots and the Media played in it. I have shown this latter group how important it was to make comments about my career when they were reviewing something they paid for at the Bookshop, but we have also seen my social Media, even the website here, the amount of work I had put into a process of finding alternatives that did not involve attacking their stupidities. What I am now dealing with is a process where I am cash strapped and any persons I got a job from would be attacked by them once it was discovered that I had gotten a job etc, so it does not think I am perhaps clever enough to see this as a threat that should be answered in terms of a sense that its need to enjoy my financial problems had to be matched with my need to enjoy its own – so I have now had to begin a new process where attacking my employers and a need to continually run the media career in a manner which damages my Bookshop is set to make for a very difficult future indeed as it were. They do boast that they had humiliated and brought me low which is utter nonsense; simply a matter of the fact that if these gits ended up in a situation where intentionally or not, I had allowed access to a huge area of my work, so it was possible for their stupidities to build a community that will help them enforce anything they said and built up about a sense that their understanding of other peoples jobs were that they should be the ones doing it, such a social disposition should have been enough to deter the Celebrities and the Media. Then there is the black people who continued to cling to my earnings and build threats from communities that will believe their side of the story when it was suggested that I had damaged their livelihood, not yet living in a world where all my efforts at public control was spent on them, currently looking like they had a means to stop me and if I had finished my activities, I would never get away with it. I do not think that overall, it was such a difficult matter to deal with as such, the reality of it is a simple case of the fact that they all had a way to make statements that involved providing support for criminal activity and the one in this matter was to do with a sense that the Police investigator who solved a murder was the person that had done something wrong – playing into a process where it took up the way I engaged with their violent orthodoxy up to the point where there were rogue characters getting involved with social activities of politicians, to make me a character who was a big softie and people fingered my bum as an answer for all their stupid problem – the famous idiots need to read a Book when they show up around here, I have only spoken of it as a matter of addressing fears that I may be sleeping with the problem which I am really not. As for the idea they were a difficult thing to deal with however, they are not; we have a scenario where somebody builds partnership with consumers to sell products, their own involved somebody that was easy to hate being a target for happily and publicly displayed narcissism that will make people forget their problems well enough to buy whatever the idiot who created the atmosphere was selling, builds up to what they claim was European and German influence powers, runs down to the short insulting videos they claim was the way advertisement was done, looking for an appropriate response – so this is how people stop them for those who might be interested. I am told I never tackle these matters even though I knew what to do with it but there is no need to tackle it if there were people buying products that were being sold in this way, regardless of the obvious evidence that such an environment was held together by some form of borderline schizophrenia based social immorality, that would have been prevented from making a mess of somebody’s concerns by law enforcement one moment and 5 hours later was selling products to a crowd on the basis that they either did or tried – the products are being bought by idiots who had money and could buy anything, they were being bought by twats that attended school for the wrong reasons of knowing their social disposition for the purposes of running others down and never stop handling people until victims ended up in prison, they were paying for it therefore I will do nothing about it.

I. Uno I

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