I am informed that the main issue was more to do with the Politicians, the Media, the Celebrities and the business world making it clear to me that I considered myself indispensable in many instances but am just part of a whole of what belongs to somebody else – it is utterly annoying as we know that such a disposition should not have had an effect on my career and personal finances. Then again we bothered about the details as well, then it turns out what happens is that I picked up a bad neighbourhood to help me write some Books and they have been using it to take advantage of me, running my life with social systems criminals invented, clinging to my finances and issuing threats if those issues affected their stupid selves – the point I suppose being that they could not take advantage of me in their well off neighbourhoods, so they had to wait for me to devise the best process for my career in order to do it, leading into an effrontery to pick up my service processes, ignoring distress they cause my Clients to build me a fight, then show up in public places to mock me over the way it affected me and what I did to correct the mess. So it does appear that this was all about insults and vandalism, therefore I needed access to their stupid careers as well if I had to live up to the threat to burn their world too. We have so far done the question of whether I can burn their world with those gimmicks where it was amusing to pick up my work and earnings running my life with social systems criminals invented, next stop will be the part where I handled their careers and then their bank balances thereafter as well, like it loves to say that I did what I did because I had support from the Monarchy whilst if I were doing it on a private basis, I would have linked up all three a very long time back. It does not imply that working for government makes people worse off, it does not; when you work for Government you did not have to worry about providing public leadership on one hand whilst keeping up with what the rules those who actually provided public leadership had set out to accomplish, so it is usually better for the health but does not pay as much as the private sector does. It is a simple choice of career preference.

This has always been the problem, never a matter of Celebrities making money, since we know people loved to give Celebrities money unnecessarily, so that they got about deciding what the Public bought and sold at the markets but it is always this process where they leveraged their money to support pyramid schemes run by men’s sales job, to basically launch an attack on general public finances, as would have effectively allowed them to develop a tax system for the private sector, to secure their finances any time that they wanted. They then suggest I spent a lot of time thinking about how others spent their own money – reality on the other hand is that even the banks could not stand up to them as long as they provided evidences that they were making profit and we know that this behaviour will inevitably crash the National currency itself. The details of this being that big businesses do not change much, besides which a change of 1% in a business that earns £2, 000, 000, is a £200,000 income but for a £5,000 business to make £1,000 more, it will need at least a 35% change in its operations, we know that the stage at which they began to keep their “googly” eyes open for instances where big companies were too big to provide specific services was the engine of growth, the definition of innovation, the only means by which the Government can say that if they had £5,000, 000 in the kitty, they could make £2,000,000 more in a defined period of time i.e. by talking to and working with them – whenever celebrities had some money which was never the problem, they start and nobody can tell why they do it save the narcissism that Politicians copy to run me down all the time and put labels on me so their children could abuse me on the streets when it had since not developed into a gimmick where I got to ensure they did not pass their exams as well. Then there are the idiots who pick up what I did about it to make their lives easier with, never stopped even when it is complaining that I set out my career in a way that causes people to take risks with personal safety when messing with it and that people had died, it continues to do that and its popularity idiots continued to get the fingers up my bum, to issue threats, about which I think that when they do live up to the big mouth of attacking me because I smelled as well, it will set the beginning of the end for the stupid practical jokes around here as well in a very big and violent way too. I mean we can always begin to talk about this issues where people had died, even if we had to make first steps from a process where complaining about women meant that their stupidities were in charge even when they knew they did not have to walk into a community of women and inform the women there that the person in front of them hated them because it would have been another person’s job, never clear what it is exactly they were in charge of in this place. Eventually is the claim then made that people were fighting my wars which is all good as long as they may control the Celebrities once finished living in a civil disobedience where they did not get to play with their mates and find fun there instead of my career and finances if they were complaining but the next time an idiot says I needed to live up to my hype, I will be very likely to ask them to set a date where they will be prepared to prove themselves to the State provided security, otherwise, it needs to stay away from my Books and make the comments, stupid media and celebrity comments about its own career.

I do get told I allowed it to harm me before I responded to it and that I was an attention grabber but I am not an attention grabber either, what happens is that these idiots wrecked my University studies and I am trying to rectify the mess while the gimmick about how rich they would be if they had my personality continued to get completely out of hand as disobediently as possible – then we ended up with a situation where it loved to take advantage of me and I loved to inform them about my career along with what I did on it, so that they carried it along with their career all day and hated my guts for the effects it had on them, about which it was never clear the role that Media and Politicians played in it, providing them a platform to claim what they knew about me added up to a career that they stole from me but we know now being the part where they got to suggest I allowed it to harm me first before I did anything about it – the part about my hype being stated above. In the end being a simple matter of the fact if I get a job from people, I was never their responsibility to such an extent that they had to deal with interests all the way to the top at the Monarchy and yet the Bookshop could always pay the Bills around here if people were not getting fun from the way I responded to harm and I think it is bearing towards outcomes where I will harm their famous stupidities badly for it as well. Like the Industry ones who jump on this band waggon about me being just a part of a whole and we were back where we were years ago, the instance where they owned the big businesses but will not go into an Office and do the job for it, so they needed my income margins as a matter of profits they claimed was a product of making something from the way their businesses affected the world and so have I issued that warning in the past, that should I end up in the backyards of their companies to prevent people doing my career again, I will pick up a qualification through which I will set about making sure they fought for whatever is left of their career to the death. They raised the point about making trouble for others, spending money on the poor people to use them as tools for destruction, so here we are raising standards by showing everybody how things really worked, while the Government allied to them had become so unable to negotiate the interests of the general public to such an extent that we had ended up with a real living cost crisis (I mean a crisis as in we cannot work our way out of it as doing so would make it worse, so we needed to find a way to get accustomed to it - for what was a simple as evidence that their relations in South America is now worse than it was after the end of the 2012 Olympics, knowing that there are a lot of pharmaceutical Companies operating in that part of the world, so if we were unable to get in there, we would end up paying more for the NHS - but then again we were doing it well by ourselves before they and their American friends wrecked it all on account they wanted to be in charge).

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