Government Business at The Office of the CEO as related with the Emporium is largely developing in such a manner as expresses questions about The UK and the EU, of which the position of the Arch Prince has rather been a simple one, concerning the fact that there are clear set out positions and parameters that show people who live in Europe how the Dual Citizenship of all who belong in the Union actually operates; the individuals who have banded together to drive for a departure from the European Union therefore largely consisting of the same who have lost their own Citizenship to their greed and desire to dominate and bully people and to that end wish to resolve the fulfilment of their desires by detaching the entire Political system from the Union itself all together. The other matter being that of Royalty in Europe making trouble and ripping up my Royal Estate and especially those of them whose activities are now causing so much exasperation that it is making folk songs in the US for example I have taken steps to ensure that they are fulfilling their roles properly and that every eventuality by which there might be a singularity and homogeny of society has been completely dismantled, such that they can always get rid of me for my Royal Estate but will end up taking up the responsibilities at the end and to which end they are now completely incapable of controlling Celebrities like their duties require them to and their Socialist and Liberal Politicians, speaking of the ones that attack me the most, are now completely incapable of taking over absolutely all I own and work for like we see them do as a form of expression all day long the rest however exist in a premise which suggests that they cannot cease insults that damage the ability to be financially successful, so that they might pinch my possessions to make money and cause me enough distress to dazzle me with it and then pinch it some more to make even more money that helps them gather up with Celebrities to desire my Royal Estate all the time the question emerges as to what it is exactly they are after, why it would be so amusing and what it is about my Possessions and Business Empire they love to rip up with Media and Government Office like we see them do and only one answer seems to satisfy this question properly i.e. I really need to learn to hate their guts, so that each time they are done with their insults around my finances and Book sales and this company with their Media, it will be what they have set their silly time for but when they do feel they are going to get around buying celebrity services made to abuse me to keep it damaged, we all get to find out how it ends as well.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland