I am said to be this character people considered to be intelligent, but I am really not intelligent at all. I could never make sense of the rationale behind such conversation for my part anyway, what I do know is that they were discussing my intelligence abusively which indicated they had a real problem with their minds. That said, the response is that I am never free from a sense they can do anything with me and the insults developed for such nonsense is the main cause of losses for me at the Bookshop, so it needed to make its comments about its own career and cease handling me. Further details would include the way that it was first about living in fear of somebody suggesting I was trying to make a writing career from a Royal Hermitage which made the most of the way other people’s enterprises affected the world, I only progressed from here to finding myself hurtle down a rabbit hole to show up at the backyard of their companies, preventing their idiots from trashing my career, so now that it is punishing me for current responses to its gimmicks, I am at a loss as to whether the problem had been solved. It is not really an issue, firstly I am not the victim as such i.e. this is a generation of idiots who have never once allowed anything to progress as nature intended because they envisaged an opportunity which existed on account I was morally successful and they could take advantage of me because another group of fools spent some time at the work market and had a good amount of savings – those of them that cannot refrain from what is near physical processes of handling me had since ended up in a condition where they dreamt constantly of tackling me in terms of me being a character who ruins young people’s lives, since they chose to spend it on me, I now wish to extricate the same process with the Celebrities as well, the Celebrities who never stopped trashing my finances because I denied them an opportunity to serve them as a security guard, claiming I needed to do something brave enough to deserve my career before I could have it, like a bunch of idiots who only understood extreme violence. The one barrier that I face is still the celebrity business of getting me to respond to everything that had an opinion about me, especially if it happened in a part of society where such a response would degrade me, while clinging to my earnings with a gimmick as stupid as the fact they had money in their bank accounts which had an effect on me, such that they handled my Bookshop and did not pay for products – it is a gimmick that needed to end after 6 years of complaining on both sides, it needed to make the comments it enjoys making alongside its media idiots about its own career and refrain from deciding what became of mine. The part that the Politicians played involved making a mess of it for me every day which they complained about more than I did and they needed to spend more of their time on their own career instead of mine too. The problem with these gits is the strange ideas they had about how to make use of my concerns; whilst the society gits thought it was the way to feel good about life and the professional idiots who think their extremism was hidden thought that it was an opportunity to work unfettered narcissism on me and my career because they worked in public security, the Celebrities thought that the rest of my career ought to be destroyed because they needed to be served by a part of it which engaged in intellectual property administration and have since become more daring famous idiots in addressing me with respect to the idea their stupidities needed it so much they were going to take it from me with a big mouth – it is becoming a clearly set out fight with the famous at this stage especially in terms of the only problem being the issues that come through on my Public image whilst people were trying to engage with my Books, either because I am being bottom whipped by stupid mean cunts who considered themselves feminists making a smell or Celebrities were ripping up my career and finances to steal the part of intellectual property administration that will cover their arse while they kept their incomes and replaced the process of reading Books here with such a gimmick, therefore I am sore all over on account I am supposed to respond to everything that happened on the street curb to get into trouble with the Police and become brave enough to deserve my career; we have done 6 years of this nonsense with their famous idiots civil disobedience getting worse, so I think I want to handle their careers and then the careers themselves will become the means by which I made them listen – so this is the retarded part of how this nonsense is set to end badly, beginning from the next time I got pushed in such a manner (there has to be a reason I am sore all over all the time as such and their civil insolent disobedience could not play with something else instead of getting addicted to my person). As it stands, it is not that they plugged their gimmicks into my public image to get paid for being popular, it is just that the access to fans meant that my public work was spent on themselves in about 2 minutes every time I did it, leaving me to lose everything while it became increasingly amusing, so I shall begin by gaining access to the fan base.

They do claim my talents could be well used at Politics which I understood entirely, as the executive Government helps them to make the way they wanted to live their lives into social norms and they spent time trashing it, so we ended up with a situation where everybody had strange ideas and they had done the thing again where I was lamb to the slaughter but upon being saddled with such hateful nonsense I could not be left alone. It is now getting to the part where their stupidities were stuck between a rock and a hard case and were poised to tackle me over it as well – so we know one group wanted to rip up my personal and social life to feel good about their own existence and if I dropped out of University it was not so bad, another wanted me to suffer because its stupidities always got people into Hospital on account it was trying to make money, the third was a stupid feminist and if I am not going along with any of these during the dispense of public duty, their stupidities were cleverer. They do claim it is a matter of extremists taking an interest in my career but the problem is that these idiots are ignorant but they were certain that they had an entitlement to call the shots on matters they knew nothing about, the Celebrities that cannot keep peoples fingers off their bums are now making you as fucked up as they are instead of reading a Book you wrote which brought it all on and they think that the way it makes you annoyed was amusing; it needs to make the comments about its career instead of mine now otherwise when I do get my hands on the career will see it for the last time too. It is not really a mystery, it is a matter of making a series of decisions bearing towards a statement on people having fantasies about you committing crimes with work you already had in had or talents you had which drew public and work place interests – I mean people do not know about this most of the time it’s a matter of parents having deadlines for when they did the things they had to do with their careers but at the Monarchy it did not matter which career or which wealth, you were required to delve into it; so Celebrities have actually gone the other way, decisions and statements about fantasies on their careers being used for crime have never been done, they have gone into the negative to make statements that endorsed criminal activity and tackle the Police on behalf of those who had careers they envied, now it is ripping up my Bookshop to extricate the part of Intellectual property administration that will keep fingers off its bum, sends out community low lives to finger my bum because it thought its money was powerful and challenged me everyday for the mess it makes of my public image and my Bookshop every day. It has nothing to do with me that these idiots had careers where people got imagination up their bums but it had since become the main reason my Bookshop was a mess and I could not stay in employment for a long time – it needs to take the exit and make its famous comments about its career and cease to discuss my intelligence. They do claim it is to do with the way I make use of their society and media careers for free as well which does not make any sense whatsoever and the idiot(s) that keeps fighting my wars has not yet learned that its gimmicks were developing into something that will secure a grand response on my part – before then we know it was a matter of finding out if by using their media career to decide what people thought of others, they could persecute people financially like the same powers Politicians had – it has been a 20 year career mess for me and if their stupidities were complaining that I provided it with a response and they had to get on with the job that got to their heads by appearing on National media thereafter, it might want to take the exit I have offered, keep its hands to itself, cease addressing me and make the comments about its own career.

I. Uno I

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