So it is suggested that its not clear the reasons people allow me to develop a means to take up other peoples time, talking about what bothers me the most. The truth of it being that it does not bother me in anyway, save when I tried hard to make a good job of it - its only the new Politics that have been developed by people who work it without getting their thought processes around to what they are doing and the consequences of it. They claim is that nothing gets done for freedom and democracy if people who worked Politics were prepared to look that far ahead, the truth is that those who prevented popularity goons driving everybody into civil war did look that far ahead and we are not talking about those who founded new Countries, since it will only offer prospects for people to seek more conveniences. It is all being used to tackle and handle me, which process had since produced its own questions.

They do suggest that they were now about to make me perform my tasks every day until it was completely pointless, but I do not think anybody cared if they did. Their world is one in which I may have said my activities had public significance and make a case of where the authority applies with respect to the Crest of a Royal, but I would have said and or done something that implied the Royals did work for me in way. The insults they have gotten accustomed to being so exhilarating they will do anything to keep it, like the way they keep us wondering why they get caught up in drugs and gangs all the time, frequenting the life and Kitchen of the drugs guy to find out when Crystal meth is being cooked etc. The boasting suggests I didn’t have control of anything that happened around me while reality on white guys and Muslim guy is that they never stopped conveniently hanging about a CCTV to get imagination up my anus and get criminals to make contact with me – the idiots have done this to such an extent that my personal life, work and career had stagnated over the smell issues and their stupidities are showing up to talk nonsense at me a monkey on the way that I ended up on Universal Credit, to which effect there was a time that they decided to stop my payment, just to make a statement that I am still unemployed for instance and I owed them the one month’s rent arrears for a very long time, which made statements about how the rents are usually paid as it were. These activities therefore had a purpose and the purpose was to make me a character whose career can be grabbed by Media and Celebrities like their own can.

I have been told I still have not come to terms with how much people hated me which I have not because it was pointless to take their hate anywhere less than serious. They do not hate me necessarily, they are just a bunch of gits who suggest they controlled the City centre markets, the places that supplied the restaurants etc and what they make of it is a need to run me down abusively, find instances where I am set out as the person people bullied to get friendly with the wealthy or just bully and abuse my person on a provisional basis, in case somebody wealthy wanted to befriend and or pay them for it. The outcome is the way it stupidly approaches me on the streets feeling entitled with a right to tackle and abuse me because they were expecting rewards at the markets, I mean they need such huge social backup to handle me in that way but clearly nothing is too big for their stupidities – it becomes a real issue then when it makes money from the process and spends it hosting parties where it secured a taste for finer things while lolling at me. Needs to stop doing this, getting on nerves, play with something else and stop shooting off the mouth about what it hated. It is much the same as when people say they hated Americans whilst they really want to be like Americans, the problem is that Americans do not want to be like them, so Americans felt worse off – either way there were ways by which people could become Americans but it was always dissatisfactory for them due to a sheer need for practical jokes which saddled people with insanity, in the mean time their interest in American roused the interest of criminals, so they had a problem which the American Government felt they had also exacerbated.

They do say I played a role in the matter which I had as in the wealth equity that was built up to allow people mobility and facilitate some popularity culture activities which prevented industry trouble makers and criminals following people around to make a mess. What we have ended up with being the confiscation of my wealth equity by American Media and entertainment idiots who are now trashing my career to spend it on themselves, if the gimmicks had not yet ended badly. I mean none paid them not perform the other part where I spend time trying to rub shoulders with celebrities while even criminals were better human beings making money to buy show business, following up an unprecedented manner of career vandalism here, to say they had spent some time in the workforce and built up more personal wealth than I had, therefore needed an alliance with the younger generation to attack me every time they wanted to make use of my products and services.

The Politicians have said that they wanted to access the wealth equity as well, just as they say there was a fear that I might never recover from their gimmicks and it could take up the rest of my life. In terms of the latter which I did not think it was possible since all they did was show up here the usual three part story – one was other peoples personal god but when they meet Royalty it turns out that they could only settle for middle and lower class social status, the other was the one that could get nothing done without getting other peoples children into hospital on account it was trying to make money, the third put themselves in charge so whenever I did a thing about anything, I had to back track and carry them along so that people could show up here to rip up my finances and make me penniless – it is all now about to give way to an outcome where the main leverage will move from showing their celebrities there was not enough money in the world to trash my career and turn up on Media performing some talk to the hand routines at me, to one in which I took hold of their careers and finances as the leverage itself. With respect to the wealth equity, it is a method of saying that I had done something to manage what poorer people thought of me as a matter of what wealthy people thought of me – the biggest issue being that the Celebrities wanted me on their side because they think themselves saints but we know that they perform unusually abusive gimmicks that keep people off the career and academic pursuits and gets people caught up in crime, and we know they cannot do without it as it is the main way they got to feel important, so I have this task now of making sure they understood that they needed to play with something else and cease getting on my nerves. I am still working my wealth equity by the way, just that none paid them to perform the other part that had left me with an 8 year career mess, where they ran me down with social structures controlled by criminals, to say those were nice people while I spent my time trying to rub shoulders with them and what they were stealing from me did not really exist.

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