The facts I keep to myself on these matters are mainly concerned with the fact they are largely a product of instances where I have business with others and somebody who had been wrecking my career to follow me around and make me work for them, turns out to be their most recent Bosses who did not like me, therefore I had to make sacrifices, about which I had a 17 year inventory of their insults and practical jokes which have not yet been redressed in a legal environment.

It is much the same story concerning the women, whereby they want to be a band of brothers that get into the work place to pay women less for doing the same jobs and the sacrifices I will make depended on outside influences in the careers of women, which their bosses did not appreciate.

Eventually coming down to the way that they make away with peoples careers, work and property, by setting out threats and making things happen very fast over strange ideas involving people who tried to do a lot of things they didn't have money to do, a disobedience they claim cannot be tackled because they were the stronger party and I believe all their problems concerning my person can now be solved if they make their comments about their own social life and follow, not lead, when they show up near my concerns.

I am informed it would be best to stop the issues brewing here but then again if people wanted information on how it worked it was a matter of in my case, there were various instances but the one that really stood out involved female journalists being the next best thing to Priests: this then meant that if people did a job where they did not have to lie to anybody because they were financially self sufficient and were doing a job that got them involved with factual events, they were the next best thing to priests and the way to make the most of their lives was to brew up ideas it was okay for people to be assaulted or abused in isolated or dilapidated neighbourhoods not long after, I got to support the female journalists and they got in league with society gits that chase the bottom in case some woman was standing up somewhere public to educate people about the affairs of the day, now its just a matter of lies and happy ruin. It is a main feature of western Media culture and I am not trying to stop it, what I need to do is to gain access to their careers, as it is clear they will not give me a break from their own volition. The reasons are that it is more a matter of when they had met up with the women whose social lives are just annoying and I could not explain why they were when I was younger but now know it is a matter of people beating me down with sex because the Military wants nothing to do with Celebrities and Celebrities want nothing to do with the Military, both Celebrities and Military which have nothing to do with me and they have never engaged with me on a professional basis but were simply addicted to my personality, becoming more destructive and issuing more threats to be close to and to access it i.e. the reasons it makes so much sense to get a grip of their career and leverage it as a means to ensure they listened.

The backdrop is that work on diplomatic arena was streamlined such that the no mans land between communists and democracy was policed well, so when communists captured British soldiers, did not know what to do and therefore tortured and abused the soldiers before releasing them back to us and running it though until they got information that they wanted. So the Media and Celebrity idiots have not only been running it off on me as well, they had gone as far as to get abused by the communists and return to run it off, so as to get people working for and giving up property and social disposition to Celebrities; this is the main means by which it will not give me break of its own volition. I have been informed the Prince of Wales was the main reason for all these woes which he is, a matter of what HRH has practiced for decades and something about a realisation of what the correct thing is, so there is a sense at this stage that I am helping him, whilst he had since solved the problem of people using his life to fight wars with a business of surrounding himself with deviant big brother characters and society ageists who put people to task, alongside narcissist who must abuse others to dress well, sell sexual services and insult people in order to keep careers. I am also told I am a pain in the backside who wants everything which I am not we know that I have a Bookshop and the problem was that people show up and then they leave because somebody changed my own narrative and somebody borrowed my public image, whereby this question shows up as though those who asked it were aliens before I am informed it was not an unusual matter at a Royal Office. As for being a pain in the backside, there is nothing here save social systems which criminals controlled being used to run my life and the idiots engaged with it living with the consequences besides which before I began the process of consequences and making sure they could never be free of me, I had it all under control regardless of how unfair until the Media onslaught, no explanation of what idiots with Media presence were doing with it, we know the abusiveness gets worse and there was nothing is it save somebody setting the stage to suggest bad things people did could only be resolved through a Media presence that helped victims run away from it at my expense.

I am told I always omit the part the Prince of Wales plays in these matters but I do, as it is a classic case of my career being driven down to the ground to make way for things that men like, such as the lifelong fools errands as a matter of the money in their bank accounts, the cost of the process which was mine to bear because I had no choice but to pursue my career. It builds up to the same things that it becomes when it is fully developed i.e. instances where you get to tell the fathers to control their minions and keep the fingers out of your anus and it became an official social standpoint, while they began to dream of what they wanted to do about you at that stage, on account of responsibilities incurred. I would say at this stage it is a simple ultimatum concerning the stupid comments about my assumption that I can take them on, I think two more comments and we will find out if they will not be made to spend more of their time with their mates and make their comments about their careers, should I explore their civic duties and body type as well, hopefully they got to control that community that fingers peoples bums all day or I got to use it as it were. I do get asked why they loved to tackle me and in this case it is a simple process where people were unleashing their sales armies on everybody, effectively a tax system for the private sector claims are that the tax system gets the better of me but I am not the one complaining about consequences of showing criminals that if they paid attention to another persons affairs they could get paid by industry idiots and famous fools and I am not the one wrecking peoples careers to make them cover my arse for a living, when I am not laughing at my victims and running them down with Media. Here it is suggested people were picking up the cost for mine and it is not necessarily the case the reality is the claim I was not seen getting into a fight at school, so they picked up my Bookshop and I could have it back if I did something to get into trouble with the Police, did this 2 years after their gimmicks chasing me around got me dropping out of University first of all, so we are getting to find out, the complains must have indicated an instance where they were usually stupid enough to start and never clever enough to put an end to it when they needed to but it had not yet taken the exit I offered, where it and its celebrities kept from my Bookshop and made comments about their careers. We hear about the part Americans play in the matter but specifically on this point the part is not consequential but the actions of media and celebrities was the cause of all trouble i.e. these gits will hang about at Industry Offices, saying a small business or somebody who started something new had arranged to make money on the way their businesses influenced the world, fail to work on the businesses, pick up profits from existing markets and set out those profits compared to the small and new businesses they were making a mess of, as the place that everybody wants to be but the problem is that you pay all your attention to it because you have been so abused and attacked by Media and Celebrities into doing so, before the same famous idiots decided what they thought they hated with a big mouth so it seems that the original process being their need to get involved with Government and make the most of instances where Government set out projects that caused it to behave like a corporate body, in order to get rich fast, due to work I have put to the process, gave way to claims that to get out of a recession they caused we needed more respect for those who had money to spend on it, beyond which should have been the part where they got to behave which never happened because a bunch of idiots had media presence and were famous, hence technically Americans had succeeded in draining the Political funding swamp as far as they were concerned. The part that causes the problems are that the idiots were not small business investors or independent innovators, they were scum who worked economy fraud to get rich fast and had a problem with everything everybody said, so when they throw a prerogative at the White House it was accepted with open arms and the swamp was back and then had to be drained again. This is the part that created problems the economy fraudsters and their insolence, working alongside Journalistic twats and famous fools to handle my Books, they are complaining but do not believe I will end it badly. The assumption is that if I took over entire Industries and developed a PR to handle their jobs and careers for it, it would have been what I wanted but it isn't, just new PR that played into the fact I will burn their world for my Bookshop - the Bookshop was the thing they were supposed to show some respect for the way I showed it to them and the careers that get to their heads.

They did go on to claim I am a coward and I reek of fear, so we know I offered two opportunities to make comments about me and they have spent one, so we await the next to clear out that nonsense they have built from my time in the private security industry, painfully. It is the usual story of trashing peoples careers, finances and social life to build abusive communities and decide which was not brave enough to own what they already did, such that whilst neither my career, public image or social life met with their bottom chasing kind anywhere, they were going to interfere if I got dressed up to meet somebody important so we know in my case they claim they had wrecked my career by building a Media presence for Criminals who paid attention to it, hence they are certain the criminals will follow a process that meant I would never be free from being targeted by abusive behaviour while celebrities spent my public image on themselves until I lost the career but so will the celebrities need to employ security that is big enough to deal with what I am going to do as well in retrospect which is a simple matter of celebrities picking up their own assets to make entertainment and only playing a part when involved with producers that picked up mine.

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