So in terms of getting into trouble with the Media the scope is usually within a certain range; from the part where tens of millions of people died about 100 years ago due to decisions made at Government office about people abusing and degrading other people, while in a world of masculinity and war, there was no general way of responding to such things i.e. the way that the world wars were made – hence nobody needs a sermon on how to behave when approached with an offer to be a racist or how to behave to avoid racism from happening but we find these idiots first want me to behave a certain way so racism does not return and when I bug them off, they become determined to secure an outcome where I died and my death was enough for everybody and after that simply will not keep their mouth shut and get lost so I might get on with it as well anyway. The same behaviour that applies when you think about the fact you have friends and allies and people who care about you at work, people whose jobs depend on you doing your job and the fact those insults and abuses you do not respond to giving way to the scum thinking that you are prone to eternal bullying goes away and you can walk around like an adult, it gets taken from you by media idiots talking nonsense about how whatever it is you are doing is what they were supposed to be doing which has no meaning whatsoever, of which nobody knows when the idiots think would be a good time to stop clowning around in such ways. Then there is the part where I am stuck with them because they were responsible for poor grades at school and are building a history from it, to tell me they were so successful I need to move left and cannot keep their stupid hands to themselves before it gets them into trouble as well all together. They always love to say that I am a coward who has everything sorted out lest there is an incentive for people to carry out violence on me but we all know if somebody does that and goes after the violence anyway, the violence would be the only thing he does and that insulting need to get me giving away codes by which I live because they are bigger in size than I am and can be important with it will not suffice when it gets as bad as their big mouth appears to want it to be as well; we are here by the way not because I am the one with supporting communities of insane people who want to have fame and fortune, we are here because the Media is in possession of such things and cannot stop threatening me and wrecking everything around me with it, I mean my life was toxic and I had no criminal records or bad reputation in the neighbourhoods to begin with and we hear those stupid threats coming from them all the time after botching my academic work as well and it will in my view result in another complain being made about me on a global stage by them as a community. We are here because the Media wants to fight me, we are here because they have got their wish – I do not speak of the insanity because I think it is insulting or derogatory as such, these people who support them and dream of fame are clinically insane but they also love to wreck my life by getting involved with me because their media goons are really good at building publicity for me where I do not need it, so when I have anything public to do it becomes a struggle, the means by which their only purpose it seems is to praise themselves getting on pedestals to beat me down and make me smell like my loo every day without reason; nobody has a civil rights that looks like this as it were and yes they say its indications they are getting rid of me as it were, which is utter nonsense; they would if they were talking from their own rights as I have never seen ego like this in mine all together as it were; if I am not going to get into even more trouble for dragging them back to get the job done each time they make a mess of it for me.

So, we hear their minders say I pass myself off as Royalty when I am not and this is what provokes them; the truth of course is that what I pass myself as means nothing, what has meaning is what they want to make of it i.e. those who have always known better are now out of their depth with respect to these individuals that are part of the Monarchy whom the Queen wants nothing to do with as such. What it does with itself is go off and find some local community trouble makers and then while those chase peoples bottoms it is making stupid statements in public about how I provoke its stupidities by laying claims to what it was trying to become and then time and again it will send out a criminal fool to check me out which comes with insults and abuses I do not respond to and progresses to some form of bullying all together looking for more as it were. Then there is the bit where it passes itself off as this character that has some secret relationship with the Queen and when stupid community croons wreck my finances and academic work because they want to be treated like the Queen over the insults and access to me and I had that sorted, ended up looking like I have a relationship with the Queen, I have done his stuff and it racks up a gear blabbing nonsense all the time and I end up getting into trouble with ego filled fools on Television every day, right now of which it is now past its sell by date; heading outside of what they want to do with their time at other people’s expense endlessly - looking like they have got their own Royal Court and place in society for it.

We find this case where time and again I am caught up with Conservative Party Ministers of Parliament, the case always seems to lead to one where everybody frowns on an appalling behaviour of setting a stage where I got to fight my own battles while it ran away with my public image and earning margins; I would not know if Tories meeting with old friends from school that used to have strange ideas about ethnic minorities, who are also connected at Industry and can plug them up somewhere to make some quick money, generally means as they have claimed, that they have shown evidence they seek co-operation with me all together – I have no idea what makes them think these friends of theirs have any ideas that will make them rick quickly, without wrecking my Book sales and pillaging my Public image to make a profit on what they have invested anyway, so I have no idea why the business of Tories looking like the ones that are cooling off, for the purpose of attacking me when they need to the most seems to make sense in terms of being well placed to win election or that when spending their time on instead of running an effective government or opposition would means that they have built a better Politics for the future.

They speak of the young people all the time, who are simply a group of goons with strange ideas that follow up on these gimmicks about running off some bullying that is so clever they cannot be told off at my expense, such that their one involves a tale of how I have the body type that should be doing violent things while they had one that should be getting famous and it’s all set in stone, so if they did it and followed me around with it until I dropped out of University, it was never serious, hence their parents are free to continue with the abuses and insults and processes of attacking me at Parliament to get rich quick. We all know that some trouble maker at Industry spending money on them to put them up on a pedestal and arrange a show where people buy some music CDs off them at Popular culture canopies of narcissism is not necessarily the dictionary definition of fame all together and we all know I have made it abundantly clear that these industry goons are not getting the money off me the same way we find out I have been keeping an eye on the whole thing to ensure it does not get anywhere near National treasury as the outcome will be that each time people did that for them National income will be affected and it would stop only when the Country was burned to the ground or only when we had contended with each other to a stage where we had no wealth left and then the Country was burned to the ground after that, thus the business at Popular culture industry is supposed to be where it stopped as far as I am concerned.

Time and again every day, we find the Politicians make the statements about being in charge which gives them right and means to handle me and beat me down and teach me lessons and put me in my place to ensure they felt more important than they were but so are we aware what they are complaining about the most involves a process where I got the Community croons and society goons who respond to this sort of nonsense with distant violence and sex based abuse all day long to learn how their jobs work too – it has not even reached the part where all the abuses are meant to add up to a business of appreciating somebody they had used to boost their incomes without permission and then the threats were supposed to substitute the business of other forms pf physical appreciation, hence knowing that the insanity of their local goons are usually relentless, want to do it every day if somebody wished to visit it on them and beat them down at the Parliament as well every day, for each time that it had happened. Either way of which we all have our own problems associated with our races and ethnicity and I am only interested in whether they all bought Books from this place, so I had an obligation to deliver it to the address where they spent time telling most of their lies – which is one of the ways we may measure accurately which ones they are going to handle around here, as if such stupid talk actually does the job of tidying up the mess that they have made around here; the thing I am complaining about is still on every day and my response is exhilarating while we have not yet started doing the same every day with the ones they have complained about and they have already decided that it meant they were important enough to handle my person and do things to me in a physical fashion, that will make them more important and rich, like some practical joke they enjoy so much but cannot tolerate further each time if got serious.

Assessing their range when it comes to these sorts of claims and abuses, we find the blacks for instance spend most of their time addressing me and labelling me as their brother, having run off this nonsense to a point where their clever bullying which people cannot confront means my person and all I own has ended up in a place where everybody can do whatever they liked with, to show me that if they did not make money with it that will maintain their superiority and make them more important with it, others will and then they will be entitled to more on grounds I had the same kin colour as they did – they have done this, especially the Americans, to a point where addressing me has become an issue and the business of black people addressing me has become some problem that has to be tackled. The whites being the ones that are always pushing off some form of disobedience that depends on me all the time and then fighting my battles, complaining endlessly but have no wish to put an end to it. They have done it such that when their parents get off at Industry making trouble for me, bigger companies broker asset equity with me and I lose money, smaller companies do it which makes sense of my Business and then they get what is coming to them, the whole time general pretence being that I have not had enough of them and will be willing to tolerate more of the expensive threats that depends on them being rewarded for their laziness while I am cash strapped on account they want to be important.

When I talk like so they claim they got the better of me while reality is more a case of the fact these activities are a product of money they have set aside to tackle peoples career through popular culture with and so when it starts to soften me and groom me for it, wrecking everything around here with the Government Office it handles like private property, it becomes obvious I needed to wait for those occasions in which it started to get the hand up my Bum and then it will have to spend that money to get organised – when it buys a Cars and wants people to rally around and teach me why I should respect it and let it get what it wants or I will get what is coming to me, then we get to find out why the car is more important than God at this Hermitage. They always profess that I think of myself as a complicated character handling of which creates an outcome where people are saddled with multiple jobs, the part they have not done being when people think I should become their personal Jesus Christ that gets crucified to save them from all their problems, the ones they think makes me less complicated are the more difficult parts that gets them claiming I have taken or stolen personality that MPs should exhibit for making decisions which affect the lives of criminals.

I am also told that I attack the Monarchy and those who work for it when I am complimented which I really do not; what happens is that Americans for instance will buy shares in a Company I have gotten Published in, know nothing about Publishing and leave me in a fight for my life to earn some money by protecting a writers environment to achieve an outcome where it is quiet enough for people to read Books and the purpose of this was to tell me what to do and to get the hand up my bum for being my employers - it does mean I tend to keep an eye on the National Unity issues, which some do not understand but is the reasons the Scots are said to be prolific bottom chasers and we are wondering why and why not, never mind the fact that US President Trump as at 2019 has an ancestry that is Scot as well. Keeping an eye on National Unity issues means they bought shares from Companies that published me to employ me and feel important, I appreciate the fact we needed the money but working for them will be done only when they are willing to pay for what it actually costs to do so. Hence we find that whenever I am complimented I have people who get off attacking me to make a mess of it and make a mess over it, which is what I am doing - the reasons for the way I respond being that if I am complimented by Monarchy they know it’s a Ceremonial event that is linked to the way the State is run, so they also know their activities are meant to create the most amount of harm and that if they are complaining about how I have responded I am left in a corner thinking the whole situation was 100% avoidable - I mean I am unable to earn some money and pay my invoices if the idea I attack the Monarchy when complimented lingers around my concerns, as it tended to mean that I am not whom I have built my entire career on and this is an example of the effects their silly behaviour produces.

I. Uno I

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