That I had a hold on people which I needed to relent is utter nonsense – I am in my 40s staring down a financial black hole caused by unusual interest in my affairs by people so stupid that they have done the damage they had done through practical jokes that communicated the idea I looked like a character people could step on without consequences, I suppose then the message is that whether or not I looked it, people should not try to do it. The details are that when paid to do a completely different job it spends the paid time on that job and uses the job as a tool to work towards this nonsense, having ended up in a situation where it needed time to adjust its social life so it may continue to keep the job, we can only guess whom it requested the support from, if it is not the person whose career had suffered due to their stupidities all together – this was the amusing part which matched their need for shot insulting videos that suggested doing things with other people that victims did not appreciate was the look of their civil rights and people were willing to join in because it also involved a gimmick where my career was being trashed to make people important, who shared money with them, whilst complaining about injustices in the world, no chance then if complaining that it would stop the American, German and Italian influence insults perform this nonsense on my affairs with public and social media then. So I am staring down a finance black hole in my 40s and the wars that I was roped into by media pricks over course of 20 years, not a single one had achieved the set out objective and their government involvement idiots on the other hand had also started something new where it did not matter that government affairs had according to each capacity to be handled with uttermost competence, the part where it is all my fault due to my selfishness had not gotten on my nerves yet but I suppose it understands what I am saying when I issue the threats compared to the stupidities they lip flapped on public media with the lies and fake news gimmicks.

I am told it was traumatising to watch what people did in my direction but to allay fears, I should mention that it does not traumatise me at all, it is a simple matter of other peoples habits meeting up with my work ethic, is one wins I enjoy financial freedom, if the other wins I faced difficulties – the complaining was apparently the product of a sense that I am a character people could step on without consequences, supposition being that we ended up where we have as part of a revelation that people should not be doing it regardless of whether or not I looked the part. The details are that it had progressed its need to make a mess of peoples career and finances, in order to make the most of criminal methods around social and public matters, to a point where the actual business of getting into an Office to work had been affected. The more serious details people think I keep to myself, is to do with its insistence that its civil rights involved doing activities with my personal and social life which I did not appreciate, built up to an outcome where it picks up on anything I may have procrastinated and at some stage builds it up into a history by which it works my temperaments, even health and finances, at the same time suggesting it was a victim that should be supported by people and entities that were stronger than I am for benefits associated with respect set out for financially successful people each time I lost something important, hence the reason its entire social activity was to do with resistance to my financial wellbeing as I have proven to be quite the handful. The idea that I am dead and buried is utter nonsense naturally, we know it to be a product of the idea that I considered these characters to be a collection of various kinds of people, whereas in my mind they are one and the same, performing a gimmick that involved making me appear to pull myself in several directions trying to catch them all, in order to facilitate abuses that will help them recover from the fact they had failed to tackle me in every way imaginable, which when I mention gives them an impetus that will cause me to build myself a history of doing something unusual about a society they liked to claim was never a threat as much as it was their civil right. On the matter of increasing world instability, it was a prognosis associated with the difference between the fantasy world the wanted to live in and the real world they actually built – such that there were a huge number of criminal and desperate junkies in the USA just waiting for others to adopt a mentality which suggests that other countries owed their country a favour, only for media idiots and celebrities to say that my operational premises were never safe because I was not seen getting into a fight with everything that moved, whilst their society idiots built up an open secret over my career publicity and shared my privacy with hoodlums to work such a gimmick, at the same time picking up my career publicity to make out I had to earn a living by fighting Russians for Americans – specifically on the matters of the need to pick up my public image for something else, my career publicity to make me do their bidding which is not what I am doing for a living and claims I am a coward because I am not attacking society idiots who kept open secrets about me and sent out low lives that had nothing to lose to run me down every day, I have no idea what I had to do if there was a global level complain about the way I have attacked the stupid show business so far, I have done everything I can to avoid being like them, it appears I will need to do a little bit of it, where I got my hands on the privacy and jobs of the insulting Celebrities and their influencer socialites who had a history of making people do the worst possible work for career and academic pursuits, to show up here solving problems by alternative means and then somebody would have to peel me off it, whilst the rest are currently looking like it really suited them when the disparities were drawn up between those whose lives was a party and their own that was organised in such a way that anybody who wanted to work wealth and social inequality always got the better of them. It is on the whole not as much of a crisis – the American criminals in government buildings besides their friends who were suffering more than I was because they were the people bankrolling most of the nonsense I have described here, first decided that British security processes and sensibility had to be shared with Islamic friends who possessed a lot of crude oil money, seemingly what was not foreseen was the extremism, that got the better of them all the time because they had a history of beating the British last we checked, then there was the need to make a mess of work that is done to protect the public from terrorism and show up here complaining that a group of gits who always got other abandoning the family and career to get into a fight, those who did it would not do the career and those who didn’t would have no time for the career, had access British mannerism of getting things done and they had no idea how to get the idiots under control. Then there was my personal favourite involving a large Slavic country in the east of Europe called Russia, that they had a problem with and are not fighting with anymore, as much as they had a need to pursue my Royal finances instead. In terms of taking it as seriously as the diplomatic problem that it was, they have always done this – the Italian influences and the German influences, once not nearly finished with making people do the worst possible work for academic and career matters, they were off running people down over ideas on whether Russia or the USA existed to make money, their British friends seem to have made an enemy out of me which they had not studied properly, so had failed to notice that each time they showed up here abusing me, there was always some women who did something with my personal and social life for it, so I ended up with a Court which was meant to build up to settling down in matrimony which they wrecked and have not yet noticed that a need for them to pick up my career publicity and crash my business premises with gimmicks about getting into a fight with society gits that had nothing to lose, leaving me to haemorrhage the finances and assets like they were at the top of the food chain and always took advantage of others to make money no matter what, the propensity that I will rip up what I have not yet damaged of the stupid show business was a real possibility – it has now found out what I thought about the fact it is doing nothing about Russia like the large Slavic nation its had a problem with as professed, but instead loved to show up running me down and chasing my finances, therefore does not want to keep the insulting well off neighbourhood and the stupid society in peace. First time around we ended up with a series of activities from which we are still reeling because I decided that if I wanted their society to listen to what I had to say, they were going to, this time I think that the need to get up on my Bookshop, crash my finances, create me setbacks, to cling to my income margins, look like they loved the work place at everybody else’s expense, become bullies when they make the money and mock me on National Media over my responses, is set to create a result in which I had to respond to questions concerning a rationale by which I put it to market, just to find out how badly their gimmick will fail them once they were done boasting about their prowess as a matter of my so called cowardice and helplessness.

We are all aware that f we analysed the explanation given for their activities, it would bear towards a problem they had with the Law because I did Legal studies, and that if I studied something like Architecture for instance, then would they have suggested it was a problem they had with random buildings, so I believe my response has been good, the time and resource waste narcissism of the celebrities required an appropriate response, one that will make it less amusing.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland