They do claim I had lost the fight; I could never make out where the fighting happened. What we know as a matter of certainty is that the famous idiots were the only people doing the fighting here and what I have done adds up to a process of being able to say that writing Books was a separate thing from the actions I took to keep them off my earning margins and my public image. If it were a fight, there would be many options when I got to tackle those stupidities that have been a result of their need to invite themselves into my concerns to a such an extent that we had since arrived at a crisis point where they are always shooting off their mouths at me, practicing distant violence on me and I am sore all over with a migraine and it would include a process of pushing them into difficult circumstances so that I might ask Clients to accept products on it as well. The singular problem with Celebrities has always been its need to steal other people’s property; it started out in my case with a process where I got to keep inventory on anything that they did with me lest I got sued for being me, now it’s just a matter of grabbing the work that I did, setting out those stupidities where a process of doing their own jobs wrecks my finances like an entitlement and being backed up by men that were bigger than I am like proper fame idiots. I do not believe it to be a problem either, it is an old story of the way that “fuck that” on one side and “I need more” on the other side starts and evolves of which it seems I am now the one doing both, as any attempt to move them on meant that they got to express the fact that they had men in their stupid lives to shower with insults but preferred mine. I do get told so many people find it very difficult to get past the part where they push people into difficult circumstances and ask clients to accept products on it but it is an old story and does not change the amount of money circulating in an Economy as such, the real problem usually comes when those involved with such activity decided that having a time arrived when they ended up employing too many Celebrities thereby depleting their profits, they needed my income to impress the Banks, then I will also want to push them into difficulty and ask people to accept products on it, even if the people were poor, I would pay my Bills too. As for the bone of contention with the famous gits on the other hand, it is a two part story where on one side it was a matter of the real me whereby I speak of industry trouble makers, society trouble makers etc but in the end they are part of a whole, something that are not separated from the work that I do for my Books and exist to mean that I went into a boudoir and wrote some Books but it seems that the real me had since met with the Media version of me that they created for practical jokes and it is all going really well. The other side of the story naturally is that people say they never really get information on the real issue with the Celebrities and it is as simple as the fact that they leave out of the story, the abusive and destructive business of an interest in my Books and my Publishers which adds up to a process of controlling something that is close to my heart, the purpose being the business of saying that I am in a better place than they are and they had built up readymade markets where anybody who claims to be me can be made financially better off at my expense – it has been a 7 year sermon literally on the reasons they needed to stop doing this and the damage they were doing to my finances but no fame idiot and no media twat has yet to comply, they were rather very busy engaging with the public on my own public image to build their stupid profiles. The part where they believe my Books ought to exist to serve them and while they believed that set about trashing the Bookshop, leaving me cashless and are not buying the copies available at the markets, to shoot off the filthy mouth later about the way it is playing out in terms of the fact they are about to bully me until they got it free of charge, is the one that sets of clearly that their stupidities are the only ones doing the fighting around here so far. We had since entered a stage where everything I did with the Office which is me, my work and my identity to engage with the Public by, is subject to this process and this tended to happen every day, the distance between us serving as the stage for the mockery and abuses that really make a serious statement about their wicked nature, so I think that the same way they complained about people pushing them into difficulty to hang about speak of the bad things women did, is set to be repeated by me on their family life and we can see that their stupidities had since backed themselves up over the matter on Men that are bigger than I am. They do claim I am a disgrace, but I do not think that I am likely to take self-care advice from a handful of civil goats either; they were better of stealing everything right down to my diet for Celebrities they wished to ensure were superior to me, than they were dreaming of me complying with their gimmicks.

They do claim I am an alarmist but an example of alarms I raise will be the part where people claim entertainment was used to widen wealth and social gap, so they trashed my University studies and my social life to make sense of this, after that they set out businesses on it and drew up publicity for criminals while building a version of me on media that they would be comfortable with, saddle that version of me with the consequences of their personal decisions and build a crowd that will force me to fit into it, thereafter, built another publicity that will demonise me. At a time when I begin to think that I could single ignore it, we find them turn round to a Crowd and tell people that was the way to keep a business running. I don’t think it is a crisis either, just settling matters on me being a race and self-seeking alarmist – I can always ensure that each time their continued interest in me damages me or my concerns, they got stuck with and in the gangs, normally I would want them to get stuck with the security services but if the judgement is that the system is becoming overwhelmed, I want to get them stuck with the gangs by building publicity to say that I am not responsible for their personal decisions and I did not have to be neutral about it either, so that somebody gets killed thereof literally. Getting the Celebrities stuck in the armed services always works because of what they were interested in – a picture here and a self-exhibition there, on the work that civil and security services were doing, their original interest in me was that I had to give up my career to weak women and be forced to find myself a real man’s job where I got into a fight for people who were rich and frail, wrecking everything here for an insulting sense of entitlement that is now a source of so much abuse and insult I am becoming convinced they want a proper response for it. eventually it plays into those gimmicks where they ran around the city making a mess of people’s lives, handling it to get in touch with rich people, make things happen quickly and get rich issuing threats – the main pressure point becomes their bigoted ideas about what their lovers ought to look like which then relied on me, the part about what my lover should be like meaning I had none at all, so we get caught up in an environment where I am seeking somebody that will want to marry my Equities, expressing high feelings over nothing while their stupidities were the only persons making sense of it. This is a short story of 15 years of my time given to tolerance and now I am told I am an alarmist. I do get told that the way I worked my concerns made it impossible for me to be protected but I do not really need that much protection on the whole: I used to think that after spending 3 years of my time handling my Bookshop service processes to build a version of me they would be comfortable with, I had seen the worst but clearly had not, as they are now third parties in any thing I did with business entities and individuals but do not see themselves as uninvited third parties, instead a handful of idiots who got me to work for them and will need to do anything necessary to keep it going that way, hence I need to ensure it ended very badly. They do claim I am not necessarily in the right but it has nothing to do with idealism - the original problem was that security service staff were disrespectful in saying that they were fighting peoples battles, after years of hell, they are now deciding which Celebrities spent my public image getting paid for being popular by claiming they were bigger than I am and were fighting my wars which is exactly the same thing but the security service staff who had legitimacy were wrong and they who do it on a self-appointed madness were not, as long as their own stupidities do not rely on them and I have had enough of it.

They claim people like me are always in need of the security - an old story about seeing City centre people who go out of their way to assist others they do not know, especially people who had problems similar to their own, as not being able to concentrate on work, means less money and less money meant more problems, then I see them, so we can understand how it plays out that they have had it for long enough, especially as the smell issues look better of them and they never stop making a mess of my work, an example being what I have done with my equity to an effect where they can carry on with their concerns even when there are people who want to discriminate and become racists, which they wrecked, set about clinging to my earnings while building communities that get imagination fingers up my bum, complaining about it and I have had enough of them as well. Now I am told that the world had left me behind. It never really makes sense as all these are a product of media bubbles for career abusing practical jokes. What happens mostly is that after 5 years of insults and abuses from the Men, I had ended up in a situation where my Clients and Brokers were affected and they were now the ones looking to offer me intellectual property administration solutions because of the way they have been affected, about which it is now shooting off its big mouth at me and the real men Muslims that have to lead from the front like something criminal backyards have been waiting for all this time, wouldn’t mention their stupid activities, rather like to try and test me regularly, to see if there is more to damage and massage their perverted pricks. It’s all the things that I hate – election rigging was a terrible idea, market rigging can become a global phenomenon in a matter of months, and it shows up here, black people doing this the most, as if we were joined at the hip, every day to seek it, some abuses suggesting the fucking idiots were making me into a real black man, usually the way it works before the murders and manslaughters were have to listen to. There is no way that I will regret setting out structures to ensure information from my Books were out there before I published them, if I thought that doing so would help people; it is a world where successful City centre people come to my aid if they thought my thinking pattern was similar to their own and problems I had might get out of hand and affect them, especially those that had been in my shoes in the past – we know what this is about, we know that the only group of people I cannot get into a relationship with successfully were Celebrities, we know exactly why my finances and my personal relationships have simply stopped, it needs to stay away from my Books and shoot off its mouth where its own career was located, stop getting on my nerves and fail to recognise that stupid community it builds up to get imagination up my bum, was the threat that had to be eliminated. So here I won apparently, and they would do much about me if I did this every day.

They do claim I have been done by the German influence and it is utter nonsense, they feel they must do the abuses and when I start turning it on them, claim I had gotten into their communities to count the men there as if I was tough enough, while complaining like that it never stops still. If I bring up the point, it makes a narcissism statement about its culture and society having been changed and I think that the gimmick distracting me from what I am doing is set to develop into am reason they saw it for the last time because I set my eyes on it as well. It is an old story about people being selfish, evil and wanting to blame others for their problems but some people take it to a point where they had built themselves a crowd and had decided how another person should be handled, these other fools on Media and Celebrity culture who think their stupidities relied on me if they felt unsafe, then took it to a stage where each time people had something they didn’t they set about calculating such persons into a point of fighting where they had the advantage and will never stop complaining if I calculate their own as well – my point is that it continues to bring up this issue and continues to make a mess of my health, finances and career, over gimmick it can perform on the time I wanted to sort out my financial matters and how its stupidities had built up a statement on Media to raise questions on whether I really can, then it will ensure it steals and spends all I did and the process solved all its stupid problems, backed up by a crowd and will not stop until it destroys everything in this place, about which they have run out of time and I have had enough of them, so statements need to be made about their own careers if they were making it as it were, an abstinence from telling me what to do, a matter of prime importance. Should I start getting their German influence stupidities complaining about me again, I really am going to stop as it were, while the British ones believe they have got somebody they can abuse to make their lives better, both were supposed to work on a career not work on me, need keep their foolish hands to themselves and away from my private parts or I too will develop a habit where seeing their sexual activities will ensure they felt me, same applicable to their popular culture and corrupt Royalty.

They claim the issue to be that they were quite certain there was nothing I could do about these matters, but this is the residual problem, the sense that I cannot do anything about it being the motivation, which I could really do without, a stupidity that can be profitable whenever they wanted it, at my expense. What really happens is a case of the whole nonsense being led by real men Muslims that led from the front to create the original problem i.e. destruction of University studies, alongside stupid white women travelling overseas to find black guys that will show up and get imagination up my bum to work me for them and of the places they could do it, the University was the best there was and the problem is that they are still doing it, backed up my Asian idiots with money on the mind, who soon make some, buy suits and get off clinging to my income with media controversy, shooting off their mouth at me to keep the resulting income stream going, the Celebrities being the reasons, the only reason I can remember, consequential to a process where people were able to build communities that got imagination up my private parts and groomed me into a state of mind that will feel it, the destruction of my studies aimed at making sure that my personality was available until the whole process was brought to bear, the question that needs answering now being where they believed they wanted to stop it as it were, no such thing as an existing inability on my part to do a thing about it. We then get caught up instead with stories that I am irritating because I am untidy, while their stupidities engaged in a business of running off this nonsense to make sense of my Public image to any person that mattered in society, builds up to the stage where it was clear they are always filthy on the inside making people feel like vomiting because they had to build up the culture insanity and get to a stage where they can tell others how to exist as though it was the Law of the land, besides which none asked them a fucking question on whether or not I was untidy, the big mouth flapping about what will happen when I showed up where it really mattered being largely a case of what they might do when their stupidities were mad enough, the state of affairs being that there is me and my public image and I cannot meet anybody for any career or personal reasons because of their interest in the public image, shooting off the dirty mouth about violence and I cannot remember any asking them a question about untidiness either. The wonderful thing people say exist here being that it’s not clear how indeed I ended up in such a position but I have not ended up anywhere, it is all fabricated while the root cause of it is that of the fucking idiots having a need to address me and tell me what to do, what I am being told to do concerning matters of violence – they claim the authorities act the same way just as we know that they would not find jobs, they preferred to tackle me claiming I interfered with liaison they were supposed to enjoy with men that were bigger than I am and cannot stop seeking their Celebrities and fashion exhibitionism around the work that civil service and security service staff were doing. The rest of it is a matter of the work I did to prevent them building a media version of me that they felt was a form of my existence that they could live with – so it has now met with the real me, it says I want to run away from the culture and society madness for instance, the real me says the culture and society madness was an atmosphere in a boudoir that supported my writing career, even though I was happy to stuff them with it so they carried my career around like PR that I did not have to fund. The work I had done to prevent them building it up had since gone to waste and it’s the same story of what happens with friends families, with my family and so on, the violence that has brought bad reputation into the family because the scumbags have to damage peoples careers, build communities that get imagination up peoples private parts, pass around Office space insults and get up on media to pick up all their victims did for recovery, as a tool for self-improvement and for product sales, they could never stop doing this but the problem now is that the famous idiots who consider themselves Celebrities think I am so inexperienced, they were at lease to do it every day at my expense, whilst on the positive side, I can do their own on social media as well, the negative being the violence; mostly it is talking rubbish, flapping off the big mouth in public, there is really very little its stupidities could do about me if it kicked off.

They claim that mine was an unenviable position but there is no position whatsoever, what has happened is the idiots building a crowd as they get imagination up my anus for renting a space with them and thereby facilitating access, with this they set about working the community that built up on such stupidities to stretch out my personality and so called aura and get people who wanted to be rich quick to bang doors and hit walls on it, get fingers up my bum and make a mess due to which I will be attacked violently as well with a big mouth – their Celebrities are now making the most of it, so we had since ended up with a three part story where they could have taken advantage of my work without damaging my Books but it was not an option, they now want to be able to do what they like with my concerns since I am able to carry on never the less but it is not an option and I am just fed up with all of it. The big problem since had been the need to cling to my public image and my earnings, showing up to decide which career I deserved based on how brave I had been and I am not getting into a fight with anybody, if it was easier for me to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes and teach them lessons, they will never forget with their fame idiots as centre pieces for it. They always bring up this point that I failed to talk like a Politician but we know that what people say to the public to get elected was just part of the career that they wanted to repeat several times, not what they do as career Politicians which is far more complex, so somebody is a Politician when the person had been groomed to be one for as long as I have been groomed to be me, so the real issue here is the question of the reasons these idiots never stop handling others. Eventually the part people want to understand is that of what they wanted from me but it is an old story about a perverted culture which purpose is sexual context abuses that ruins the lives, health and social life of those whose life, health and social life was something attractive but their stupidities could not handle to get paid for being popular because the person never allowed it or perhaps more – so it does go beyond wrecking peoples careers to pick up what victims did for recovery as self-improvement that facilitated sales, shooting off the dirty mouth on Media all day long, especially the radio waves, it develops into something of a need to get on those cultures and expect others to get along with their gimmicks as if it was the Law of the land; for it they turn out and make demands after demands, somebody attends Church they will demand Politicians allowed them do evil things as it clearly did rely on Politicians, to bring about balance, the Politicians that did not comply will face the wrath of their civil goat insolence forever, those that did will find out they were unable to decide what should become of immoral democracy etc – I am not saying it is a crisis, I have been making demands of mine as well, to such an extent that the stupid culture does not move into the right hand but hangs about with them everywhere they went, allowing them to expose themselves to the public endlessly – the outcome is that their stupid Celebrities always wanted to pass off work I had done at my Office as something that they could gain fans and improve their profiles by and when they trash my Books and finances to do so, we can tell what their famous stupidities were really doing.

They claim also that I had since picked up an issue to engage in which is too much for me and it had since grown into a public issue. The reality of course naturally is that none is asking them a question about it as such and none is preventing them from reading my Books for the interest they showed in my writing career, just something famous idiots did to ensure that I was seen as somebody that was set to take responsibility for the consequences of their personal decisions as they got through their incredibly stupid lives making as many mistakes as they needed to exchange social positions with me and some of those personal decisions I am responsible for involved a process where somebody took part in gang activity. When I describe them as famous idiots, it does rather seem that I did not have the imagination to describe their stupidities accurately, so I rather prefer to say that they think it will not end badly and I have been warning them about it for long enough as well, it cannot be that difficult for people to avoid what makes them complain every day, by making their comments about their own careers, instead of an assumption nothing will likely come off a process where they needed to set me out in such a way that each time people tackled them, they got to tackle me for it.

I could never make sense of the dynamics behind it anyway: are they meant to provide their own security as a matter of the fact the Government had provided one for the entire public; therefore, we ended up with this situation where they were going to decide what career people deserved based on how brave people were. Then there is the one that causes the need to reach a resolution on their famous stupidities all together i.e. that we have ended up with work environment being channelled and developed in that way and yet none had held it up against them, that there were things they failed to do, thereby indicating they did not deserve their careers – we have ended up all the way to a matter of a bunch of Government Office twats who loved their practical jokes as well. Here they claim its hypocrisy and double standards on my part while the reality is that they pick up fringe benefits of the jobs that are going at the Armed services while they had no business with it: anybody who said this will be at risk of being tackled over claims that they were encouraging Military and security service corruption, whereas the reality was more a matter of Military engineer upon finishing National service, had travelled 10 Countries and built a network of City underbelly connections, through which he may deploy his skills for other purposes, the risk he faces being the prospect of somebody turning up to kill him and steal his great idea. This is not the only type that causes so much annoyance on the business of people ripping up my career and finances flapping a big mouth, to such an extent they built a crowd that got to distract me from my daily concerns until I was no longer able to continue with it, claiming it was a part of their stupid fame career if they had not gotten the recompense for it as well, there are the other types where people had jobs in the civil service for a while and then they decided to improve their game and get jobs in media or advertisement; somebody who worked in Government as a Consumer interest and energy industry regulator would have as an advertiser, had extensive knowledge of what to do with consumer needs, so what happens then is that an idiot shows up to trash my University studies, get on my social life to conduct tribalism raids and get rid of him and we ended up with one problem after another for years, now what we are talking about is a perverted interest in me and a need to handle my person and property while they had come to believe their stupid civil rights looks like that. I for my part on the basis of what I have been fighting for since ended up with wealth equity mistresses who pick up my equity to trade and set out products they sold on the basis that there were rich people who hated my guts, we know that these idiots have been picking this up as well to such an extent I had to make a statement that I understood what the system did but its purpose does not serve their own.

I don’t think the matter is an issue, but we are having these conversations on points that none is asking them a question for while they clung to my income, simply because it was thrilling, then they were also bold enough to get fingers up my bum imagination if I had ideas about stopping this feeling from continuing naturally, with a big mouth. So let us recap the issue with the Celebrities which started in 2012; beginning from a process of building their own publicity for a Book I published in the USA, progressing to a stupid need to handle me resulting in publicity that made sense of any relationship I had with publishers and now ending with the destruction of my market and a reputation for being the person that bears the consequences of their personal decisions – it shoots off the filthy mouth about what will happen to me if I did anything unusual like something I would enjoy killing, on the stupid Media all the time while it had since progressed this nonsense to an abusive lasciviousness that people took part on, to such an extent my career, finances and personal life had stopped and their own is now being affected, while it was easy for the famous stupidities to make the comments about their own career so people got to follow them around for it instead. I for my part have issued the warnings long enough, have had enough of them and we are talking about it in 2021 which should indicate I am within my rights to say that they have had it for long enough as well. They do claim I think that they are not a threat to me but they really are; I wouldn’t know anyway, what I know is that they did find out what I am capable of when that gimmick about rascals getting paid for being popular over imaginations developed around other people’s public life, led to the sense that they can deploy my Public office to make money rather than get jobs if they wanted – think that the other bits about shutting down my career to make me into a character that bore consequences for their personal decisions while building communities that got imagination up my bum goes back to the University fiasco I suffered in 2007, I cannot account for any failures I have suffered before and after since which is not linked to their interest me and we have now reached the stage where they need make the comments about their careers or I will decide how this ends as well.

I am told the mystery around my character is also an issue I must address but there is none in a real way; what happens is the same things we see with respect to culture and society gits, where there was a space on their right hand side and it was a phenomenon that drew people in to be trapped, they also had culture there that could tackle those that did not get drawn in until they had their way as though it was part of their civil rights to expect that others complied with what they wanted as if what they did and did was the law itself. In this case it is more a matter of being pushed into a certain corner where nothing I did about them affected the money and that had built up into an atmosphere as well, the question now being whether they realise it is something I had done and not something they had achieved but I wonder also if when I say its famous stupidities, I described it accurately or perhaps I needed more imagination. The question most people ask rhetorically is that of the reasons I was not afraid of them but I am not afraid of them as it is largely a matter of fact and how I approached it, not a question of indulging fears – so the issue is that I worked on those gimmicks exhibited by ageist idiots who thought they were born into the world first and had enough time spent in the work environment to build up savings that can be used wreck my life and career, if they wanted to boost the savings with it as well, following me around to make a mess of career and studies for a loophole that gave them an advantage which the self-seeking popularity idiots were happy to provide them and pretend if I was not a murderer, then I was inexperienced when it came to their gimmicks – so the fact that I brought the matter under control wrecked the career itself because Celebrities and Media idiots then decided how much money they would make on advertisement and sales, by selling me out and it is not the first time the idiots have organised their career in such a manner either, just the one that has gotten me thinking of responding my finding the worst possible consequences that I can respond with. The ageists were never a problem as their stupidities give me ideas of my own as well i.e. I was born into the world after and they will retire before I did as such, now they had to suck up to the younger generation because of discourse which suggested I would have access to younger people if I co-operated but when asked if I can access their children, discrimination lip flapping gimmicks takes a new turn for the worst. We had to listen to those stupidities, that it all happened because I was praised even by the Monarchy for being able to pick up my career in difficult places, as if I wasn’t. They eventually say that this went beyond male ageist misogyny and gimmicks about careers I deserved for being brave enough time, resulting in a hatred for my Books, now followed up with Celebrity abuses which is set to end badly so I can get my life back. They do say instead that it was a matter of civil service misogyny, and it is an old story claiming I ought to get off welfare as such while it has been 11 years of hell because they claimed they could do it, ending now in gimmicks that expressed the fact they were working the DWP for Celebrities – where we had to deal with the problem being the results that somebody else had made a decision too and it involved the way the Government decided what security meant, if the only way to be successful as a banker was to meet City centre women and the only place to meet them was during Holiday in Cuba and the Caribbean etc. Then again if what support I have gotten were quantified, it was a very small amount compared to what those who needed to live on it got; during which time University studies have been destroyed and any attempt to get work and learning sorted while in the jobs market is ruined because my jobs market prospect had been turned into a joke. It is a known phenomenon that those who were keen to find the employment and career were subjected to the most vicious of their practical jokes before they realised there were some dependants who were ripe for the misogyny that is. The outcome is that I now want to do it myself and that meant I had since set out a disposition to ensure each time I had to deal with their practical jokes, I showed up at the doorstep and asked their families questions on it, what they really want to do is the civil service misogyny.

I. Uno I

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