They do claim they found me very irritating, but I have not seen such a complain progressing to the part where they stopped making a mess of my career over a need to make the most of gimmicks they have built up to say that everything I did ought to become an excuse for causing me harm either. My history concerns the sales industry, security Industry and the Media so the sales one began with pyramid gimmicks set out for my social life as I attended University, which was the best place for such civil and criminal disobedience the security one was a good case for an inability to live in their own social class, hence I was supposed to get into a fight with people on their behalf while they built up a way to run my entire life using social structures that criminals invented and controlled the Media bits was the one that would run my life with systems that criminals controlled at any cost because they were very important and the only way to be safe from the criminals was through the Media which they controlled. We have done 7 years of these idiots trashing my finances because they were transforming not just a responsibility they had for their workers at the business establishments into a tool of abuse that will make them rich, but also the civil rights movements into a tool for tackling somebody with considerable social standing and therefore convert the large civil rights population into a tool for getting rich fast and it is all about my finances, yet they were the people finding me irritating with a big mouth while their families were blissfully unaware, like an education on the gangs and crime. I would like to keep it the way that it is i.e. they make a mess of my concerns and fight my wars and I had to wake up to that every day, no further changes but the need for the abuses that feeds their ego is now set to develop into something of a process where another push will cause me a need to find out what they were made of as well. So it is currently still the same gimmick Military does not want to get involved with Celebrities, Celebrity does not want to get involved with Military, the idiots were in the middle ripping up my career and finances to get involved with the two careers build communities that finger my bum, run off sex trade that will affect military personnel that are captured by the enemy and run me down like so every day.

I have been told that my work was very confusing and none could tell what I got up to which is not half as complicated as they have made it telling endless lies either - it is the Books I write on Intellectual property Administration and the business of making sure they knew that I was doing something with the career every time that I did something with it on account of what I have suffered because they had an interest in it which took such a form. The rest were the gits who made a mess of my concerns to fight my wars on one hand and Gold diggers who dig me and set about trashing my finances to prevent me telling people how they found their fame on the other. It shoots off the big mouth endlessly about the way people did not take into account its feelings concerning my existence but none knows what the part their stupidities played in this matter really was, if I were to eliminate the simplicity of just trashing my finances to make me use private security industry to fight for and make them feel important, which they found exhilarating, quite incredible that we have spent 7 years of my time and resources trying alternative ways to make them stop.

They do claim I had exempted Politicians from it all which I have not they were at the top when it came to people making a mess of my daily concerns so another group of idiots got to build communities that get imagination up my bum, wreck my studies and work prospects and fight my wars on the other hand were the celebrity gold diggers complaining but have not stopped making money off my Public image to spend it trashing my finances in a bid to prevent me telling others how their stupidities found their fame, which is what this is all about: needs to stop addressing me, needs to make comments about its career and when it gets involved with the wealth equity uses for exactly stated purpose or I get to find out what they were made of as well. Its as they say that it was important to spot the signs of extremism, whilst we know it was all spiritual wickedness, since Hitler for instance and the so called ignorant German public would have been satisfied killing 100 persons, there were many opportunities to be all the way to the millionth person that was killed, right up to the legendary numbers of the extermination camps and it is the same stupidities we see exhibited on my career now, when I rise above their evil, talking rubbish about education and whether or not I got to spot the signs, never mind the fact that everybody is putting their best face forward at the International community while they wanted to be the people to decide who would lose their lives should such persons be found in certain places. We know that black people do these things as well, my history currently is that enough had not yet died, it makes a mess of everything here, I cannot pay the bills properly and feel nauseated from the financial complications constantly while it clings to my public image and never keeps its fingers off my bum in like manner, the way that their black people insults get worse the more important I got as the people it affected became more and more high profile, I cannot stop linking them up with racists, so they got to run into each other regularly fighting my wars the deaths door stupid, not enough had died yet as it were.

It is nothing unusual, only arrived at a stage where I had to respond and the main issue is that people at Government and Monarchy thought they were not good for me, stuck between the Military that does not want to get involved with Celebrities and Celebrities that do not want to get involved with the Military, while the money mad idiots found a way to get them friendly and in a state of infiltration into peoples personal lives and concerns at all times, talking nonsense about the military powers of their Countries which had nothing to do with it but causes a lot of career delay and confusion, to which effect, if I collected my Entertainment Assets, ensured they never made a variation of it and built it up as a tool for deciding how I slipped my remote control, I would still have maintained my superiority to them. For now they claim the unthinkable happened to me and they were happy to run the history on media but it never did, simply a process of stopping their gimmicks half heartedly because I needed some things to happen for their biggest fan that was the Prince of Wales who was then going to fall more and more in love with it (I need get off state unemployment benefits my making sure an Arch Prince does not have to find a job, inflicted by idiots with a sense of convenience making trouble for me and taking financial revenge when I moved them on, painfully, I suppose).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland