Politicians have raised the question that there was more support given to me as a proportion of my achievements but this although the point raised is a valid one, is not the case what we are doing with most of the support, was a matter of a bunch of idiots fighting my wars and the way it developed into a process where they picked up security services jobs for the purpose of narcissism which will target some important figures, so they could get rich without doing any work, whilst also running my life for me using the social activities of criminals. We are here because the Politicians consistently stopped me from defending myself, suggesting that I am the person doing the wrong thing and also I need to find out what authority the Celebrities had to perform their own as well, arriving at a stage where they pick up my career publicity to put me to fools errands and develop a support crowd that will get some low lives that had nothing in this world to lose, share my personal space abusively, it is simply currently famous and entitled to feel privileged with it and I need to control my Bookshop by the deadline or I will ensure just as much as we have not yet decided what to do with this nonsense it stopped badly too.

They do claim I speak of comments made which does not make any sense; it is not comments as such but the comments are the means to putting labels on me which crashes my schedule the behaviour is a suggestion a riff raff like me should not have gotten anywhere near the companies that had outsourced work to me after wrecking academic pursuits and social life, so they build a support crowd for that and when they make money from it, should I pull the plug on their stupid contraption, I will have damaged a good business I could not build and in this way their stupidities who get things done with my feelings instead of their own, will have built trust with me. So they are the only people doing the fighting here, should my deadline run out, I will join the fighting with a need to shut down the finances sources for it and to shut down the social structures that keep it going, pursuing them all the way to local business offices and industrial parks to ensure what I want to do is successful. I am told that I had developed a reputation for fighting which was unbecoming, there is however none, does not make sense to discuss it if I also use the stage scene set for punishment purposes i.e. such matters as German society leadership gits having decided their abusive nonsense had extended to a point where telling others what I did for a living caused me more problems by making me a character that faced a risk of being attacked on account what I did for a living was too big and respectable for me, the British side was more a matter of idiots who do not waste time to jump on a band waggon when people put up with such nonsense and then they became the well dressed hoodlums who were paid a lot of money to arrange the popularity entertainment made from it on radio and television, building up the tensions with families and communities and then assuming that a need to run me down would save them from a need to commit suicide. We are aware at this stage that it was a group of people who did not pursue finances the way the rest of us did and waited for us to arrive at a point where we were vulnerable to them in terms of perhaps planning for a retirement whilst they had built a community that got accustomed to fantasies of seeing us without our clothes on alongside their Celebrities, hence I need not explain how in my case I could never tell the exact point that I became this person that connived with communists to attack American interests but they have been getting wealthy and famous from such claims never the less. As suggested, I am an Arch Prince and should possess a certain skill or ability if I needed to protect what matters to me and we know that they have been looking for characters they can share it with to get on my nerves, which simply adds to what I might do when my deadline for controlling global stage for my market runs out and I did not do so because they were still fooling around at my expense in this place. Eventually we have even heard that people feared I might want to change my gender due to the abuses I tolerated which does not apply at all; just another example of the insults which make sense of a stupid lifestyle at the background, that it took heartlessness to hurt another human being and if you worked so hard to get rid of a destructive ageism that improved lovers sex life on areas of younger generation prospects and activities which the older generation had not enjoyed, then younger millennials and Generation Z will want to have it in order to make money avoiding work, at any cost so the idea that I might conduct a gender change tended to suggest instead that they had done to such an extent there were no more gender types to change for at this point.

They do suggest that Men lied all the time and so did I does not make any sense as we can all see it is easier for Celebrities to say I am Royalty and they want a personal relationship even though I had nothing, than it is for a poorer person to get into a relationship with me because they had to negotiate past and explain to their parents ways in which our lives existed to serve the cause of the State but it is the Celebrities that had taken up the extra measure of building a support crowd to say that I am a low life who spends a lot of time trying to rub shoulders with them. I do not pay too much attention to it, just the part where the men believed they were better off with women that took a liking to me and the women crashed my personal relationship with insults, abuses and endless need to berate me on media because they were lesbians seeking female lovers they do not stay in the marriage which if they did would have rubbed off on my personal life as well, and never stop pursuing my public image to get rich fast, so we had since progressed to the point of stopping my personal relationship meant I stopped their own as well, especially with respect to the Celebrities who would get in league with criminals to spite me because I was unhappy about the destruction of my career finances and my crime control publicity, making it easier to crash their relationships when they stifle mine. As such, they have not taken the price for best narcissist in the category either, complaining of the way I supported male narcissism, that was entirely separate thing, involving a bunch of idiots who build communities where they make decisions to send out some low lives that had nothing to lose as persons that will share my personal space for the rest of my life, of which those who practiced the violent aspects of their abusive discrimination did not fancy the way that I too showed these sorts of individuals uttermost forms of respect in preparation for a time that I too will fuck that stupid society of theirs they claimed was the look of their civil rights as well. It happens like this every time, same pattern, same process sometimes I even set out a period for it, say a decade and in that time it would announce it was a manly man to such an extent if I fucked it once the way it gets imagination around my private parts everyday deciding how my existence should be used, never have I seen their gimmicks stop on their terms, talking nonsense about how much I was hated whilst it seems that Royalty had become trader and traders had become Royalty, everything it had done its entire life will come crashing and then it will get on my nerves over ways I should be used, picking up every little details as insolently as possible, to such an extent that I got to respond, when I do, I begin to feel sorry for the results which brings to bear the fact that not all men behaved in these ways, that it was all a matter of personal choice it is not just an idiot, it is also an evil person.

The boasting endlessly is that this was all a product of an attempt to accomplish something I clearly cannot achieve in the first place. I could never make sense of how it was something I could not achieve to see people refrain from stupid statements for popularity support crowd which suggests I am not the one doing work that is outsourced to me by companies. What I do know is that I have days until the deadline for tolerating them runs out timeline is 2004 to 2023, behaviour started at university and they were not there as A grade students, Part Animals or people who knew their culture better than their stupidities did, such as myself, they were there to finger my bum because they had a society. People have wondered how I was ever going to get myself out of this mess but there are no proverbial hills to climb here; a simple matter of Politicians showing so much disrespect towards my person and career because it was exhilarating and making up excuses as they go along, which created a sense I could only keep the career and finances if I had an ego and not a matter of whether or not I had enough of them as well. I will in the same eventuality get to find out what authority the Celebrities had to do some of their own as well and I hope that they are not screwing with me with respect to my need to control my Bookshop market, as it were, lip flapping things people tried to do concerning which they could not, when we know anybody can gather up a group of friends, contribute a thousand pounds into a pot and set about pursuing the personality of somebody who had a good life ahead of them buying shares with companies the person tried to get work from in order to be a bully but I believe I have made my point and I hope they do not get to see the side of me that they had not seen yet too - current state of affairs, even social security has had enough of providing support.

They suggest that none believed I had the capacity to handle these matters which is not the case either, only a simple matter of the way that none was asking German influence women for an opinion about my existence if there was an environment where a bunch of idiots contributed money that was given to a handful who went into the city to buy shares in companies in order to give them control of the lives of people they would love to abuse to such an extent they made money doing so, which would make sense of their social situation it was one of those issues which expressed itself in stupidities mentioned about the way I am a small man that picked up achievements that were so big that I could not protect it from bad people, whilst it had no history of stopping me if I thought that stupid community was a threat and not its civil right like it claimed; then it gave way to a process of saying that culture was an abusive social contraption and with that mentality they will work for the security services to earn a right for sexual context abuses that can be targeted at me, leading up to this gimmick where parents felt safer about putting their money in the City centre and they took up the security services narcissism as a matter of my social life and public image because of it: ultimately we see that the idiots now believed that public broadcast advertisement was made in an environment they were supposed to dig deep into their own feelings to find sources of happiness that will keep customers comfortable, by means of short insolent narcissistic videos that allowed them to make people comfortable with some peace and quiet that existed in my personality, shooting off that big mouth all over the place considering the history it has of preventing me from doing anything that I wanted to do as well. Hence now that it is in my hands, it has always been a simple case of the time we were at University; some were A grade students, others were Party Animals and I was one of those who understood their culture better than they did, I underestimated how much they and their Celebrities took their stupidities because the University was an environment in which a professor of engineering may have made enough money and since he did had no idea what to do with the extra time, decided to try his hands on studying Medicine, hence it does not apply that if you are in your second year, your IQ was higher than somebody in first year, thus you needed to chill it and go there to do whatever it is that you wanted to do, they were there however to finger my bum and did not chill it once, I have not received an explanation from the Celebrities who spend their money to make out work companies have outsourced to me was a tool for self reinvention and have not taken a hint about threats I will pose if their stupid money hurts me one more time, considering they have not explained why my Bookshop had stalled because they liked my Books and my personality as well in the first place, have not chilled it since and I will not spare anything beyond my deadline which is about to expire in three days, year date 20/4/2023.

In the end we know the root cause of all this was the same story as usual Queen Elizabeth had provided leadership and made a statement on the matter for 5 decades and we are still here in the world where her successor was Champion complainer where it came to Royal duties, about which they had made such a mess of public security work that we ended up with a crisis, to build a hole on Media where they sit about giving signals for their low lives to steal my career for them as well. I mean I do not complain about Royal duties myself at this stage, except when I wish to do something with the complaining all together as it were. Besides, we know the claim I complain about my duties is fabricated by ageist gits who never stopped handling and abusing me to put me to fools errands and trash my finances with social disrespect, so I had their bit under control and the Celebrity one putting up a hole on media where it gets to ask its idiots to steal my career and get low lives sharing my personal space to make me pliable has no workable history here yet, it could be said I am not necessarily the innocent party in the matter but none had told me why my Bookshop had stalled or the reasons that what people said I was is not what I see on the mirror either.

I. Uno I

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