The bullying of socialist and liberal parties in parliament had taken their toll on my income until date; for the socialists it is about big uncontrollable and unfathomable insults that are fun to them until they start being lucrative with the spending of tax payers funds, for the liberals it is insolence on the basis of their racism and other people's academic competence. on 26th July 2011 the treachery of David Cameron's conservative party finally begins to take shape and they have my literary archives which they stole from me as i tried to study and research its facts in university in order to make myself a competent writer with my first degree to make a living and therefore contained detailed information about my work and everything I own which enables me to fight for and create the securities that i do to earn a living with, handed to Americans, who had been stifling my finances looking for a scapegoat that will be blamed for economic problems with claims i am a threat to democracy, while they bitch around showing the underside of their American insolence which also suggest they do those things they do for destruction and because of my insults and therefore do nothing about the economies of their country-telling me black idiots are calling on me to join their loutish life for a living as the one that is trying to kill everybody and needs to be controlled. this has led me to update securities here for intended purposes not because it is a matter i consider to be a threat (I already have those stupid secrete societies where they will not be a problem for me and they can have it back if they do not make it a problem for me or plan to have it back in a way which instigates blasphemy), rather it is important to do something with respect to what people think if i must get rid of market place bottle necks and have my books sold. the way i do my job does not encourage any extremism, I have them all in a place where they will have no academic work done and will not be able to get jobs which even if they could would make no sense and make no difference because they are to be doing that culture thing which I pushed them into as well for me for the rest of their lives, while I choose self improvements from claims I make based on how i want to spend their lives and property somewhere too-hence I can say whatever I like about it. besides which getting their hands off of me and my property especially my earnings and rich peoples daughters they sleep with, will soon have to be done with the process of taking and handing everything they own to the rich-access to whom they think the route is my personal life.


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.