I am said to be completely oblivious to the crisis at the Monarchy which I am not – we simply do not have two Monarchs and I had no idea what it meant to have one Head of State and then another in waiting, it has no meaning or purpose, the only group of people who control the sort of dynamic were criminals who needed to get others making sense of their crimes. The crimes are usually very deeply disturbing activities that are hard to forget, so it easily substitutes career advancement and a process of learning something useful – supposing somebody could wear a suit and say he specialises in making sense of crimes committed by listening to criminals. The other part of this story being that I never cared about myself as such; which is utter nonsense as the main problem here is American corrupt feminists forcing me to do something for women, picks up my concerns to plug its gimmicks into my public image and get paid through a product by an idiot who never stops spending money to make a mess for me and then I had to struggle with commitment to the Books I have written because it continually picked up Client relationships to build a version of me that its stupidities would be comfortable with and therefore an existence that would be more tolerable to them, giving way for every television personality twat who wanted to be the ones that wrote my Books, alongside fame idiots who think they are celebrities to stifle my Bookshop everyday and it is the need to keep it going because the Royal life apart from Complicated State matters is incredibly lofty and none wants to give it up, so what is actually stifling my career is gradually entering into a phase that would be protected by private security industry scum, yet when it plugs its gimmick into my public image to get rich, it may not attack my earnings as well, to prevent me undoing what I had done for a woman with a big mouth. So I want to start with a process of getting them to find out what I am like, once finished, I will ask them to keep the money in peace or chose the alternative.

They do claim this was all an inability to speak or understand the language of love for my part which does not make any sense whatsoever, like we hear them claim that we Libras do not understand Loyalty. The truth of it on the other hand was rather that they managed their sense of relational wellbeing by seeking to live in the personal and social life of a Libra and will ensure that Government power was brought to bear, so their stupidities could acquire it. I see them get into relationships with Libras all the time and they knew we had few flaws when it came to relationships but it ends in divorce never the less, not least because they got off cheating, so we find that the very reasons that our lack of flaws in relationships did not counteract the call of divorce was the good sex, which is an expression of the real state of their stupidities but they really enjoy wrecking libra lives, which is one of the reasons those gimmicks where they kept us from the Geminis needed to be trashed and burned up as well – for my part I think that I am likely to do it to express the fact I am not their responsibility and what I did with their employers was none of their business on account of the media abuses getting me to work public security several times on any given issue within 15 minute periods, run it off all day until their stupid hearts was satisfied, churning my tummy and getting in league with idiots who spend money on their gimmicks, show up here to show they were content to spend money rotating profits among themselves if it meant that they stagnated my finances for the rest of my life, issuing stupid threats they cannot back up. Suffices to say the main problem is that they are not in charge and if they copied all I did to put themselves in charge somewhere, there was still the risk that women might challenge them and then we had to deal with sexual assault, men might and we had to deal with murder, children might, and we had to deal with paedophilia. Mostly though it talks too much, and I am drowning in the insolence, needs to make comments especially on media about its own career and stop running me down or I will burn their world. I am in charge and therefore there is no such thing as women being bad people or spending their time doing bad things, the realisation of this fact may produce outcomes where their stupidities want to be better people at my expense but it gets on my nerves that the muppets are spending my time on it, at the end of which it gets off claiming on one hand that we were introverted extroverts but then also that we were beeline. The reality being that their stupidities are always cruel; I mean if you want to punish your partner, she will let you but none knows who does not get hurt when you punish the partner in public or disgracefully. Beyond this, the idiots were relationship and Love champions; if I hurt somebody in a fight because I had to prove myself to them, I would break their hearts and if I got hurt, I would break their hearts, so it is never clear what their stupidities wanted.

They do say that the world is turning into a mess under the watch of those who actually had leadership talent to make it a good place for everybody but it had not – what happens is a group of gits saying that they had enough money to provide for several lifetimes back to back and so they needed to run it off as if they were making profit, to win the public onto their side and seek to grab the businesses of those who actually had the real talent for the future such as myself. They even say that I was not in a position to do what I am doing because they were financially successful while I am not, at the same time the working population is now too far gone and does not look like a force which purpose was to provide goods and services for everybody else, it is such a big task that I needed to take some time out, draw a deep breath before I tackled it, seeing that it is the very sense of commitment to say that I write Books and should speak to the public and get it into their possession that is being obscured by the popularity gimmicks that turns up to collect everybody’s power for the rich who spend their money to win over the public as per they were making profit while they were not. They do say my stance simply creates more problems while it does not as generally if the Government printed more money in these circumstances, we would not have had to deal with inflation because they actually had less money than they had before. It is the business of tacking the frustration out on others which is causing most of the friction; I am an Arch Prince who had a certain influence with wealthy people and a certain influence with the poor – it was clear which one was the thing that people had fantasies about with respect to it being the stage talent by which poorer people committed crimes, for rich people it was more a matter of getting homosexuals to decide what respect they deserved and yet the only reason that people who earned the same as they did wearing High Visibility jackets most of the time they were seen in Public were not as badly behaved as they were, was the simple fact that they were dress well self-exhibitionism narcissists alongside their Celebrities. What has happened here contrary to a process where we lived in a capitalist system and everybody thought they could do enterprise during a recession, so they started to engage on account of spending time at home, about which the Government needed to lock down the system as there would arise a bigger crisis if the money moved out of it, is rather a process where the fame and popularity idiots did not get access to any wealth making systems they could have invested in or developed, never mind the question of luck which is never really luck at all, as it was a matter of people building sales armies they can unleash on the public to collect small change and make themselves millionaires, only turned out to decide their narcissism towards the general public and a need to get wealthy people spending money on the way they abused others was the way to get rich and I cannot get a single moments break from their need to influence me with it which is becoming increasingly physical over their need to damage my Bookshop. It does boast that there was nothing I could do about it whilst reality was more a matter of an Arch Prince going up against a bunch of low lives with money who would not keep their money in peace within a system that he controlled, the fact they had the money in their bank accounts trashing peoples careers every day and then it mentions its German influence gits who first complained about me because I could not tolerate their need to move into my right hand, then complained because I wanted them to exhibit their gimmicks for the celebrities as well, now which I think it is simply becoming a matter of the fact that having moved their society, culture and popularity gimmicks over of my personal space, they should not get it back in there again, rip up my public image to get rich fast with Celebrities, while a bunch of real men improved their stupid lives on what I did about it, getting on my nerves and since they cannot keep their hands to themselves trashing my health as well.

They do claim the problem to be the way people pandered to a low life such as myself but it had nothing to do with me at all – they are always playing with everything that matters to others, play until they drive peoples children into crying republic, play with peoples academic pursuits and personal finances, in my case they want to do the worst, so for each gimmick it gets imagination up my bum and professes its need to attack me because I smell, the stupid women and famous idiots want to spend my entire career on things that I person could lose on behalf of women and it goes on endlessly but the idiots were complaining about it more than I was, putting labels on me to suggest I am a bum, in a bid to build the process itself, where I was involved with dirty government activity and they needed my public image to ensure there was financial benefits to being a decadent celebrity, it actually needs to build the process and really loves to get on my nerves with a big mouth. The crunch point is the fact that I am perfectly okay itself i.e. develop creative equities and get clients to invest, sell Books to the Clients but the delay to Book reading is caused by a need to pick up my service processes and build a version of me that they would be most comfortable with and I think I am set to make it worth their while. It performed the same behaviour for my University studies and the people who support their stupidities from Government Office have not won a single election since but it is not serious yet last we checked, next it claims people were born homosexual too. They do claim it is the way I ran my concerns which churns the tummy, what we know is that it is the insults channelled at me by their prospective security guards and famous idiots who thought themselves to be Celebrities, I guess they tell the lies because they thought of me as a piece of meat and when I do get accustomed to my own tummy churning gimmicks will they arrive at a state of no complain; overall it is supposed to be an effrontery to see somebody with no clothes on, so that they could get fingers up my bum and ensure I was always predisposed to their gimmicks, my career exposed to them due to the pain they could inflict on my endings, outcome is likely to be a process of deciding where their interest in my personal space ought to end and whether I want to make a case for the fact they were a bunch of cracked up out of my league cowards who never stopped handling others. They do suggest I claimed I could handle these matters comfortably but it was clear it costs me nothing financially, emotionally and in terms of energy – the cause of all the problem were the celebrity, media, socialite and prostitute insults which Americans provided support for when they were not complaining about it and looking for random enemies, whilst I have not decided I wanted to make it a thing, paying the financial price for it everyday. They do claim it did not mean that what I said or did could be translated into real world events which is utter nonsense as I am not their responsibility, just as much as what I did with their employers was none of their business, so the current state of affairs is that their insults being channelled at me had produced a result where the main problem was to do with my career and lives work churning peoples tummy, so it does have my congratulations for being unbearably stupid, however it needs to read a Book and stop getting on my nerves.

They do claim they wanted to stop it when they could but it is hard to see what people cannot stop here, since it’s a matter of the last time they had to show their superior sons were better human beings than I was, after wrecking my University studies – I am not doing anything on my schedule anymore because it wants me to make money and exhibit myself for gold digging but its behaviour meant it was really difficult to make the money, so I have to take consolation in the fact I have seen it complain about problems it did not create. Overall, it has taken up 7 years of my time for this nonsense plans to get worse and I plan to get worse with it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland