The proficiency of what I am doing is not necessarily the question here, contrary to the way it is portrayed by Media and Celebrities, as a matter of what I may do with what I have seen or foreseen it is more a matter of Media greed, the sense that their lives were fulfilled once they were able to crack the way that people used me to make money and therefore prevented any applicable authorities from limiting how much access they gained. Eventually we end up with such insults as a process where it says that its pet will handle the way that I resisted its stupidities which it claimed was disrespectful and I suppose then that the full job was a process where bits of work which are unpublished fell into the hands of society gits which had since developed into a drive to push people out of managerial and producer jobs in the entertainment industry as those were the sort of positions I could not protect my property from, the building of communities that exist to finger my bum and narcissistic practical jokes played on my health over what I thought was secret but was not to their stupidities will facilitate market, to which effect the Media and celebrities are now part of the gimmick to make their own abusive quick wealth, so we have a society stress and a fucking media situation with questions hanging over it on who will pay with their lives next as it were. If their pets can sort it for them, then of course there is even a prospect that such insults may make it unto whole television shows and they would become even more important.

They do eventually suggest I did not believe Scorpios were stronger than Libras which is utter nonsense as they are not, what is happening currently is that I am letting them run their course fringe society Scorpio is always happy to sell the idea that wrecking your life and getting other peoples concerns to revolve around your personal problems was far more popular than the business of doing the right thing, always happy to sell it to the businesses and the Politicians, until it complains about the wealth and social inequality gap because a Libra built it a profile and built one for its stupid distributors as well the details which are usually that like in my case, I could easily go back to where it started when they were teenagers and it had to make use of my personality, plans involved getting into a fight with me whether it lost or not, which is what I came into the world for, taking up all my time and then will I track everything that had occurred from then on since and beat it up to date as it were. The Industrial aspects are mostly the things that makes us Libras so indecisive; we believed the best way to handle poor people was to give them money or provisions if you had any and were interested in making a statement with their situation, sending them away and making sure they never showed up on your premises again if you only sold products to rich people, or give them a job if you had something that needed doing and somebody was in need the need these gits have to attack Libras is likely only to produce an outcome where we knew this was the way to maintain an economy but we found a way to get it done without involving them and prepared for the war that their stupidities wanted so much but the effect will go beyond their need to get politicians making unwritten rules that prevent Libra and Gemini relationships, seeing that the Geminis are more likely to retaliate when they wreck peoples lives to get paid for being popular and push them into a corner where they got processed after the Libra had screwed them on both sides, so it became a war without end in their world, to stop all that fringe society Scorpio with a need to get the filth into peoples personal spaces each time they either had a problem with people or invented one, claiming they were most dangerous therefore and becoming so entitled that they were getting paid for it too. The problem with all these is that the wealth and social inequality will me immense and my finances would look very healthy from it, the Police will also be able to do their jobs without much interference from the abusive fringe society Scorpio and the other antagonistic star signs, so we have tended to accept that the politicians are right when they took a position that although I am victim, I am likely the one doing something wrong, especially in terms of the fact that there was the part where areas of public security that needed to be kept secret was the biggest source of financially beneficial abusive power for media and celebrities who were the real people making trouble here (like when somebody shows up to bother me and I stuff them with what I know so each time I faced the debilitating insults I put the words in their mouth and move on but the stress was then immense when the Media desired torn fleshes, was entitled to it and decided to take charge of my Royal Office and Bookshop, suggesting I could get it back when I did something to get into trouble with the Police while it picked up my public work and income margins to make its own money), thus this is out of the box and should only be a process applicable when called for, if not it should be kept away.

I do not hate the star signs that antagonise me either, it is being used by inept workers in the secret service and a stupid publicity and entertainment industry to make a mess of my Bookshop which will not be handed back to me, market and all, until their stupidities were finished with it, like idiots who only understand the feeling of extreme violence. Their crisis started when people thought my work helped to make the secret and security services more proficient, to which effect their careers were progressing rather quickly the security we enjoyed was glorious and enviable, these gits then decided at some stage that anything which involved governmental career advancement was their entitlement and the problem now is the inability to get the jobs applicable done properly so the business with the star signs was the problem not mine, especially when we hear them complain that Scorpios were the most dangerous because of their willingness to take more risks with peoples well being and property if they knew that the consequences they were to face, would be proportionately less before then, its famous idiots claimed I was low life Prince trying to rub shoulders with them while the criminals were better people willing to make money and buy show business products, having wrecked everything that embraced people around here at the Royal Office to get rich fast, it continues to provoke me by either picking up my assets to make its own money or showing up here to handle the work roles that are passing through my public work, the secret and security services gits specifically decided that the popularity culture which made the most of these characters getting all passionate on account the Police got involved with their concerns having been completely dismantled, it now engages regularly in a business of wrecking my Bookshop to run off dirty Politics and Diplomacy from Washington where it plays on my fears and ego, over star sign reading and gimmicks about which one was more dangerous. In the end we know Aries star signs for instance are an intricate part of the Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Leo environment but they have decided to consistently run off this gimmicks people trashed my finances with, where they claimed Libras were more likely to take all sorts of nonsense from an Aries, whilst reality was more a matter of Aries having a tendency to take up work place abuses and turn them into a conversation about the process of observing the way that some people will get to keep the jobs once they were done with the abuses, which is always a better alternative to the Libra like myself who usually thinks the job was the threat to my safety and well being and those who had made it so needed to then find a way to protect it from me, hence there was always a tendency to tolerate messy things that Aries did to a fault. Thus if I am likely to treat the Aries differently, I am also likely to treat the Scorpio differently depending on circumstances, all I think Scorpios are, would have been people who never stopped handling and investigating things that do not concern them and this is the reasons they never get along with the Police, these trouble makers therefore are not the only Scorpios I have seen, if will not stop telling the lies, needs to get the fighting done, considering that if I spent my time on gimmicks associated with an ability to see both sides of an argument so easily, I would be interfering with the Legal system and therefore guilty of the same sorts of stupidities.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland