I have been told I am a bumbling goon who thinks I have made a lot of impact which I do not and I am not anyway: what really happens is that 7 years of my time has been spent on a process of stopping a bunch of idiots with Media presence trashing my career to make me do something with private security Industry, which will enhance or can be copied by them to enhance their popularity before then it was a simple matter of supporting some female journalists, then the male colleagues and bosses got them to choose between job and people they met which did nothing to change plans they had to trash my career either way, before I knew it, I had landed myself in a 20 year career mess 14 years leading up to the 20th year, the abusive interest in the private security Industry parts began, my career was in a make or break so it certainly broke, now what I am doing is maintaining recovery in the face of a need they had to show they deserved to earn more than female colleagues for doing the same work on account they were going to sort out society gits, while their Media personalities had a problem with the fact the recession affected them too and it all came down to my own sense of private and personal security being acquired and they need to ensure each time I stepped out of my door, something was said and done on public media to get me doing something with private security industry skills, so we had eventually arrived at the point where I needed to put an end to their fun, hence more a matter of providing media and celebrities with a response, not spending time to think that I have made an impact. They do boast that they had support from powerful sources but then again these would be the sources that had time left for the Royal work about which they were concerned and the ones that were winning any elections these days.

They never said years back, that it was about being so important I might get physically attacked on the streets for not allowing them to handle my career in order to improve their own, what has changed since is that somebody had put a label on to suggest I am a bum and the famous idiots were on cloud nine for it. It is never true that I am not getting out of where I am any time soon as claimed either its all just media and celebrity insults and cannot be that difficult to make it clear to them that I am not enjoying it. the main problem is that I built wealth equity because wealthy people behaved badly, the wealth equity ensured we solved the problems applicable by building products to sell to them on the public place statements that we made and if it was exclusively the reserve of wealth equity mistresses and pop culture people I shared it with, there would be no problems, we would avoid all instances of clashing with their insolent house proud cracked up out of my league stupidities running me down all the time the problem is that this is the part of a vast wealth equity that decides all aspects of my Public life that they were interested in, to build and sell products that will make them rich and ensure they made money cleanly and did not have to work at the same time but each time they made the money took steps to trash my finances and set about handling as expected if I did not have to deal with the violent orthodoxy stupidities that accompanied the popularity social life that is as well, whilst the women shot off their big mouths about people fighting my wars, now confident I am not getting out of current situation while their famous stupidities desperately showing up here to build and alliance with society gits that will help them run me down and feel superior to me, are not finished with the wars. As for the business of picking up what I did, every single thing every time I did anything in order to improve their lives, they claimed they behaved like that because their stupidities had bad experiences in the past apparently, needs stop insulting me and read a Book when it shows up around here.

They claim almost all the worlds leaders had something unpleasant to say about my person which is entirely expected, as it is not clear indeed the purpose for which they progressed from claims I spent my time rubbing shoulders with Celebrities while discriminating against hard working people, to solving emerging problems due to those claims through racism in the Police force and then on to exploring my civic duties to fight and win their own lives battles, trash my career each time the market crimes they had invented affected them, only to set out a bunch of lascivious quasi criminals to fight my wars and ensure I deserved my career only if I did something brave enough to deserve it, as though I came into the world to wait somewhere for things to happen to me. so I suppose for my part their quasi criminal twats are not done with the wars, since resorted to star sign predicting gimmicks and they have not earned their freedoms, peoples idiot children in Government Offices abusing me all the time.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland