They do say that people hated my guts with an intensity but I did not see that there was a real world relevance to the hatred people had for me, people who spend a lot of time building themselves arrangements for taking advantage of others, which would be controlled by criminals – so we know if any person did allow them to put themselves in charge, such a person would have had to explain it to the top authority, in my case I would have had to explain it to the Queen at some stage. Its abusive gimmicks never ends naturally and we know the main reason for targeting me is to do with a sense that when Public security operatives handled my work, they became more successful, so they had to do it as well, and then do one for themselves to get rid of the Government itself all together – its threats are all good, yap yapping all the time but we know that there is no real relevance to Celebrities around here, we know they sell us our own cultures at exorbitant prices, they put the money in overseas accounts and evade taxes, they rip up careers to run off gimmicks about wealth and social inequality and if I picked up those stupidities where it tore up my University studies on account I had a personality that can make fame, following me around everywhere to make a mess of my career and start a mini war whenever I established a small business, I will be the one doing the racism in the end over the fact it smokes God knows what at 11.00am in the morning and prevents children from attending school to make money by building a community for its insolence to get imagination fingers up my bum and threaten me for the smell all day long as well. Then there is my personal favourite – the part where they could get nothing done without ripping up peoples careers to tackle victims and suck up to the wealthy, it had since become so bad that the working population was too far gone to be a working population, employers cannot sell anything until they played to celebrity whims and bullied employees that Celebrities hated. When I clear it up like so and their stupidities get real, it should be a lesson that it ought to show up here to buy and read a book, make comments about its career and find something else more worthy other than myself, to play with.

The perversion of my wealth equity public image never ceases to progress to the part where I am informed of having made a big fuss out of nothing but the claim does not match my bank balance and the daily poor sales numbers at the Bookshop caused by a need to run my life with social structures criminals had built and a claim they did because I am a coward, finished off by the threat of causing employers business damage through practical jokes if employees engaged with my Books whilst they had a need to play with it to their satisfaction first.  It is now too late as such and they are going to have to respond to matters of social structures criminals built everyday, as it is now part of the process by which I run this shop.

There is the statement made that I am a character who fails to understand that Scorpios were stronger than Libras, being that I am one of the latter. I could never make sense of the reasons they would think so anyway, what we know as a matter of certainty is that they show up here to share and make a mess of my personal space like they do most Libras before they begin to make such a big case of a theory they did not wish to be proven wrong on in the first place, adding to the way that parents and friends always ensured an average Libra understood that the fact bad people were doing bad things, was not a license to go around converting the good thing that you are, into a bad thing, so far which we have seen them travel all over the world again and again to make sense of the areas of my concerns they had converted into a bad thing. So it is classic fringe society Scorpio; selling it to the Politicians that it was okay to make a mess of your life and tackle others for looking embarrassing to cover your tracks, since the force behind you when you want to take advantage of people, would be greater than the force causing them to reason with you over their comforts, fringe society Scorpio showing up on people’s lives to make a mess of survival means until you get your hands on the job and it would get it back in hell.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland