I am not in trouble with any stupid Politicians that are incompetent in absolutely everything and love their games with their lying friends on Public media who know Arts of nasty intolerance and in business who know of other uses for other peoples products that put out for sale on the Market place. They just come round here to wreck my finances with insults I wish no human being should ever have to see, so I might become the man that built an Empire and cannot earn from it. In order to locate somebody that has the kind of energy which if they tap into they can do anything and then leave some for their idiots to do Pop stars, be famous with and to take care of all their desires for those of them that are incredibly stupid except for the fact they know what they want and are powerful for it and of course it seems this is the point where all their failures and battles lost, especially where they do not deserve things will be cleansed, so they can be new again and it is all funny and abusive on Public TV which is why they always claim I am always in trouble.

Of course there is no shred of Truth whatsoever to those claims I play with danger: I do not play with danger - its a matter of people who are so useless that it is actually the process of detaching yourself from their stupid involvement which costs you, your finances and academic work and now threatens your mental well being, while they gorge themselves on stalking you while playing up popular culture Empires, which actually constitutes a threat to your life; the reason not being that they have actually taken steps to ensure that threat exists but that the company they keep is fitting for people that are as rotten as they are. In the end it comes down to a process where I have supplied the Middle Class at my Royal Estate but these supplies have now constituted the basis of abuse and attack and enmity with me that is primarily concerned with hammering me financially at every single new change at my work and possessions and especially finances – striking of all is of course the fact that this blindness to the fact I have supplied them and that the interference of the lower class in their concerns as a result of access to me is of their creation and therefore I do not see myself as responsible in anyway whatsoever, is the excess that their access to my property and public life has offered them – I am mentioning it as such to clear up facts, they exist to keep me on the right path when they become ever so seductive and distracting.

The Females really love to start their day teaching me hard lessons due to difficult financial conditions they have seen me recover from and a media that can help them tell stories of how much of it was my fault first of existing and then recovering from financial problems then we see them show off fashion and all manner of stupidities on my public life and public work to try and make money, live in an insane delusion that says it will last for long and I am supposed to be deluded when it comes to questions of what I meant to have been doing about them. Access to a Media that is willing to tell their story is clearly what urges them on and so is it my big idea too. It’s not the end of the world, just what I see them say every time they product fashion runways on my public life and there are notorious magazines for it of which top of the list for instance is called Vogue the editors become really ratty when I look as though I have had my day with it but they simply cannot do without taking pictures of stupid celebrities and stupid fashion models whose fame is a function of what people hate largely as a function of what people like about my work at the other hand and then we hear them tell me they have seen me recover before which means they can do whatever they like and none it should be a problem, which makes anything I complain about my fault that it happened and hence they are in the clear and so they get out of bed every day for that too. They say Men gain from this and their stupid Boys make statements of their position with regards and it can only mean being physical about killing off all that gets involved with me without buying the Books. Having a personal space that Men get involved with for violent reasons just because has been an issue everyday for the last 14 years; I am aware it is a function of very vile and really stupid and negative individuals who seem to have the ability to suck the life out of every thing and every atmosphere but it causes wonder as to whether people did ask the question of me behaving like a Bastard and an Orphan when I am actually not - bearing in mind they do not appear to seek the regulars that they hurt and murder for stealing their dreams which all just happens magically in the fist place..

I understand it to be said that I have tried to make myself an internet star and have even failed at that but I have no idea why people do it anyway, I have a Royal Hermitage to look after and have created myself an internet presence for it is really what the truth looks like but then again this is the sort of nonsense which ensures all I own and do ends up in a condition whereby people may do whatever they wish with it, as long as an idiot with a big voice said something about my failures etc. I am sure they also understand this sort of talk ensures my person and my work ends up in situations where people may do whatever they wished with it. They have consistently pointed out there is a reason for their behaviour naturally and the reason is simply one to do with their insults, the women pass insults at me and they pass insults at me, so both are stuck with each other and loath me in equal measure for it too – unless they dropped out of University because somebody followed them around with such nonsense at school, I doubt they would understand what I am feeling but if they hate my much, it would be a start.

They do speak of the fact I have deep seated hatred that I need to express but there is no such thing, just the constant frustration of having to clear up some stupidity that a media fool had expressed all over publicity I built for my Books because it was so good that they could not resist, stifling my income in the process and not sharing their own salaries if they would rather share their insults instead – same as the Celebrities showing up to express examples of how people may get involved with me without reading my Books creating the same effect – Fashion goons showing up to get involved and run off with the jackpot of deploying my asset equity to make clothes that industrial criminals and lawless goons at Celebrity culture get to spend money on and enjoy lifestyle with – they always say I would not say what I have said to their faces but I do not live in their existence or write their Books and would fancy they kept their mouth firmly shut as they have not a foggiest clue what they are talking about around here and the Books are sale items that people will pay hard earned money and expect a service for. There is nothing else here causing them much trouble save the facts about the way all these nonsense affects my Bookshop, my academic work and my personal relationships, the academic work of which is none of their business but wholly something a partner would support me at since it allows me to gather necessary tools for what I am doing. They are obviously stuck with this behaviour but it is not my problem, I am only interested in Book sales, the same way their interest in money wrecked my academic work over my lovely personality and public image at University.

As for the business of being the coward, if they were reading what I am saying well, it would have been clear that I am asking them to sort out their business with community croons from their own neighbourhoods, as pushing it on me will generally result in a process where we have to discuss the fact I am dealing with damaged academic pursuit, financial constraints, being stuck with their Community croons who are members of their family because their tummy was uncomfortable for it, while they got off making celebrity culture on my Public image, deploying the money to form cliques and cults that will decide what the public thinks, talking rubbish about how I interfere with their business and sexually assaulting women, to pretend that we are all sheep and they were in control, blabbing where I would not say what I have said until it becomes more serious than they could handle. It goes without saying my view of them all is as simple as the fact those who are not criminals are engaged in a criminalised adage and there are no exceptions to this rule in my mind. I do not live in their existence and I do not write their Books, as for the lack of respect for women; here its largely a matter of getting on with what I am doing or finding I am the enemy of my own progress due to their involvement with me, then make them the victim of my enmity to send a message.

They do say that they want it all to stop and I suppose I can be helpful too – I mean it has always been a believe we see them hold dearly that if they got other peoples work into their minds, their disrespect will be the most profitable as the owners of the creations could not lay claims of ownership to their minds and this is why they mind peoples business all the time and the media insults never diminish, so where it affects me, it obviously got serious. The story of disrespect for women on my part stems directly from this, as their idea of how to run a career is to have many options that completely rely on the road that leads away from peoples homes into the wider world, so most of us who make a living by planning an expense and a trade benefit seem to be their plaything whenever they want their own to be easier on them, especially those who think they are famous, which is all kept away from their families where none is aware I have to put up with this shit every day. So in the end, the business of talking with a big voice, being wide handed, being educated and a character that young people think others should not mess with because they may tell people how to exist, is all something I used to experience when I was a teenager and hated every part of it for some reason right from the first day, so we can see from where I am, I think that the day they put up those gatherings that make them important enough to think about handling me and then work out what to do with the criminals that have gathered in it as well, will be the day they became responsible persons for change but until then they obviously want what we are doing here and the response they get from me all the time to stop, I have therefore given all the help I can give.

They claim the central issues is that religious people like me preach peace then the extremists do what they liked but we all know its an old story when they run off such rhetoric, we know the purpose is to ensure that people think security from such things will fall on their lap when they are most lucky and we see the facts of this play out all the time i.e. that not enough have died of them bugging me yet obviously, so they do wish to continue – I mean I wonder what the exact difference between a criminal who has done a crime in a way that ensures his life contributes nothing to society and the legal system and a racist that has done the same actually is, when we know both are sad people and probably so for identical reasons. Its all the fall out of our greed and the insolent ways in which we want to run our money mongering nonsense all over other peoples lives; in my case I have now reached a point where I want them keeping their mouth shut over my concerns as they know nothing of my Books and I really hate the fact that everything I say and do is spent on their convenience already via the stupid media jobs that they have got.

I have been made aware, a dream of Celebrities being more and more and me being less and less which does not seem to add up to a business of maintaining a quiet Library where people buy Books they read around here, that most of what I complain about are the actions of Celebrities – but it has always been the actions of Celebrities and goes without saying their goons will get from complaining about consequences a relentless stupidities showing up here to show they want to express a bad habit that makes them financially well off 24/7, right through to giving me a reason my bottom hurts and then probably a closure thereafter as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland