I do get told I sound very tough but I am not tough enough to do anything about anything and I can understand that but the more important reality in these matters have always rather been that my mind only thinks in terms of what people have done to me and whether or not my choice is to do nothing about it, so I am not really the character with whom people will want to have some extensive conversations about the evil parts of culture and society that may decide what is to happen to another person’s life, like the Politicians tend to think it is something important; it has nothing to do with whether I am tough or not. Apart from the fact we have normal people who have committed crimes, which develops a situation in which rehabilitation becomes something important, my view of criminals whom self-seeking narcissists like to explain away as troubled people is a person that you are not afraid of, who enjoys turning up on your business premises to urinate at the front – it is a character that is so disobedient and so twisted, it is rather difficult to keep your hands off them, so all the other things that get us thinking twice about harming them are things they have put on for the purpose of performing the activities they think we will find unacceptable. I do get told I have myself been spending a lot of time putting up explanation for their activities to make people confused and yes I have because that is the same thing people do to wreck my academic work and finances – they would even go as far as to claim I am cursed by my parents, then require a whole Civil service and National Parliament to prove it, same as they are obsessed with making sure they maintain such nonsense by wrecking my finances that will give me some form of leadership position at the family back at home, until they were able to dominate and hence the sense that I might think I am on the side of parents who punish and punish and punish disobedient characters like themselves but my parents punish me as well, which puts me in the same boat but really does not in anyway; my point is that when I put up these confusing explanations about why criminals to what they do and how they need somebody to try and understand, how their disposition must be explained to the rest of the world, how they have suffered etc, then when my purposes are done and I get off tidying up after myself thereof, it tends to show I am superior to the individuals that are usually obsessed with doing such things. I mean I have for instance ended up with this disposition where I am always being bullied by Journalists and Celebrities who get involved with me and my Court on the basis of enjoying some bullying associated with being intolerant of what I say and do while claiming my Public image for themselves, to set about blaming me for doing so and getting away with it – the primary premise being that they are hard pricks and I am soft meat, about which I have done nothing to change the business of being soft meat, just set about making their lives miserable because I am soft meat, hence the threats they issue, insults and violence they bellow and the stick gesture churning my tummy with the big mouth that shows up on my television like I buy it so people may talk through to me every day. As for the business of getting physically fit, I am already a character that belongs to the right but is mobile enough to secure himself a Court of female journalists, just as a matter of general living and most of them do not know me as a person as such for the relationship that we have and yet it works for us both very well either way, so I wonder what people think I need to add to that all together at this stage anyway – it’s all trivia; the important thing is to be organised with what I am doing, so that I always have an outlook – the problem then being the leadership these media twerps provide on such things sets out that my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives among many other abuses, including the need to build me a personality that will fit me best with stupid media and silly Celebrity fools, then stand up at the other end of my tunnel to tell me if I pointed them out as stupid people I would get into trouble, leaving me to think they must be suggesting they have attained a PhD in bullying.

I do get told that I have said these things but never put myself in harm’s way which does not make any sense as there is none to serve on that front, either in terms of Friends or Family – what happens is that people who put themselves in harm’s way over these matters had a history of making contributions to it, mostly when they were rather naïve. So they have also loved to claim I have ended up with enemies never the less which is utter nonsense; it’s the same gimmicks that I got myself entangled with at the latter part of my teens, when I tried to get my hands and head around certain community fundamental issues and got caught up with their sense of disobedient tribalism whereby they perform the student Union leadership routines that see me sit in a panel as the leaders who had decided others had no right to say a thing and once I had stopped being a part of it, they continue to follow me around, so every progress I make with myself is usually complemented with statements and insults surrounding questions on who taught me what I know and how they were the persons that did it; it has now reached the point that it should as such i.e. they have achieved that outcome where my person and property exists in a condition where rules do not apply and people can do with as pleased, whether or not the rules did actually exist in the first place.

I. Uno I

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