Time and again we lived in a world where the stupid ideas came through, that I needed to clarify my position at the Monarchy, my work was lunacy and my career was a lie bordering on insanity – if I accepted this to be the case, they would be the people to complain about the results. However having not accepted it to be the case I do not have to clarify anything where the condition was that security services were seen getting involved with my work because it helped them to do the best work for their work, so they decided to devise their own security services and get involved with my work, to develop any twisted evil corruption that they had in mind, it is more complicated than that, not even the process of trashing my finances to hang about in public places showering me with insults brings it up to par, their stupidities need to run the Country, just like I did ask them to stay never the less. The Politicians have always expressed this fear that it was a daunting task and likely to end badly for me but it is not; I had to clarify my position at the Monarchy whereby they got involved with their famous gits who clung to my earnings, claiming they were the people tackling American security service corruption and Russian meddling, wrecking everything around here, especially with insults that was to decide where I could go and what I could do with myself, building up to the existence of communities that abused my privacy, so it needs to be gone by the deadline or the business of getting off my Royal public image by attacking them to protect the bum fingering popularity up start idiots who help them work criminality on me, so those will then go on to perform a series of activities that ensured the crime rates on the streets were beyond control, will be my next move and it will likely be the least of their worries too – we know this was the social condition, the only one in which we were allowed to concentrate on our own careers; between 2012 when it had perverted my Bookshop premises and public interest in my patent margins into something that served their famous stupidities, claiming my publishers were racist, and 2024 I have ended up with a business in which the Clients complained that they were unable to engage with the Books where the Celebrities were involved and I found what the Celebrities were doing, involved picking up ways that clients worked with the Books and other services to sell their own products as a matter of an engagement with me in which they dominated me and used my personal and social life to serve the badly treated crowd, backed up oafs that I am supposed to be afraid of, before they got the Politicians all confused about it. I mean we are usually keener to prevent these kinds of insults when South Americans were doing it, show up complaining about the way we ignored the Americans and what they got up to alongside their perverted British friends, this is the main problem, and it needs to end, or they are risking a response. On specifically the point that it was a massive risk to me, it is not; it has been a two decade career mess for me though but it is still the same business of me and clients, alongside some incredibly stupid individuals in the middle who were doing favours because I picked up a career that was too big for me or generally should have been given to a more worthy person, shows up here extracting money from everything it sees and touches, ruins the derivates handling everything with a sense of entitled civil disobedience and hangs about somewhere when the stupidities had come to a realisation it was financially comfortable, clinging to my career publicity to feel good, issuing threats whilst claiming their stupidities made them important persons and I had to be punished for failing to acknowledge that it had; their parents never did have jobs whereby others were characters people bullied to befriend the wealthy, bookshops stalled because the writers personality were used to please the wealthy and the male population because they were selling their own wares at the expense of the person, so I assume the only reasons that they had come up with such a thing, never mind the abusive meddling German influence prick that assists them with narcissist advertisement to ensure every stupid thing around here made mainstream living sense, a need to push me around and an involvement corruption they claimed was the look of their stupid civil rights, is that even if handling my person abusively came with consequences, those consequences really should not have existed.

It has now failed to see that I am likely one of the biggest threats that they have ever faced, and I have given them enough of an exit to keep their insults to themselves, stay away from my Books and keep a distance from my career publicity. The history they have had is one of progression from claims I did not suffer racism because I am in league with racists, to working law enforcement onto a point of Police brutality on my account, so now they believed they must have rounded me up like an animal at industry, to cling to my financial structures and income, nothing could get in their way, before getting off requiring whole National Parliaments and Media, to come to their aid, whilst having built a structure to handle my finances in which nothing would or could come to mine. Will waste no time in telling me how to write Books, running off those comments so clients could not engage with the Book, leaving me cash strapped, whilst they were always free to engage with the Books that they wanted, 12 years of it every day, now garnished with some abusive narcissism as well and wants to decide how I responded.

It comes to a dead head when it transpires that the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was working on plans to forcibly make people take part in National service and every indication of questions as to whether they had a history of succeeding on such matters, got an abusive attack from the male society leadership pricks, who are naturally set to get on my nerves well enough for me to solve the Russia problem for them once and for all, beyond which any further mention of it will imply they sought to make enemies on either side. I mean it was never really the hatred thing they claimed it was last we checked, we are looking at people providing male society leadership to attack those who thought the history of succeeding at forcibly making people join the security services was actually drawn from world war two and their Political stupidities were not actually the thing that was forcibly making people join the ranks of the security services, the idiots actually had no history to call on for a problem that was mainly a matter of authorities doing nothing as we know that everybody thought about the fact that if they were not the people stopping some bad people who hopped from one person to another with nefarious activities, claiming continuance was due to a lack of the people that were likely to stop them, those who could stop the bad people usually tried and those who could not gave up on it but what causes it to get on my nerves is the series of processes where my career was being handled for alternative purposes; ranging from the famous idiots who turned wealth politics equity into a tool for making me a character peoples bullied to secure a business of sharing the incomes of the wealthy, after which they employed criminals who progressed from running me down endlessly, passing insults in my direction and punishing me for historical good deeds, to well off criminals that were now able to abuse my privacy and build communities that fingered my bum, to show their stupidities needed to convince me that they were important people, including the processes of opening up my career to whom wreckers, to hang about stifling client interests being backed by a big poof that I needed to be afraid of selling their famous stupidities a security service that allowed them to cling to my public image – now progressed to a point of discovering they were unable to make laws that agreed with the state of public stability because they had for such a long time expressed an interest in listening to the needs of those who were financially comfortable than they were in listening to what people who were doing the right thing had to say, makes those stupid statements at Parliament and the government offices any opportunity it gets, makes those stupid comments to cling to my career for feel good purposes that were being shared with the public to sell products and make even more money, then shows up later with a stick wielded by criminal pricks, to complain and bully me over ideas their stupidities had not thought through the consequences of their actions, right down to claims I had taken up a career that was too big for me which people will find out never was in a matter of years, after which we were certain their stupidities will roll out another of such statements. It is not really a crisis, just responding to the idea that I nurtured hatred in my direction whereas it is not really that difficult for them to keep from my Books and keep their comments to their careers where they can feel as if they were important without being bothered. If I continued to find them here beyond the said deadline I have previously mentioned, I will want to find out what the stupid picking up other people’s careers to look as if they liked their jobs, lazy immoral society poofs, who only progress to putting up the savings in their own personal bank accounts that served as a motivation for bullying others, were likely going to or indeed able do about me, shooting off the big mouth over their famous idiots and clinging to my public image to stifle my finances, seeking prerogative from idiots I am supposed to be afraid of at Hollywood USA. It is not a hate matter as claimed, I have given them enough of the exit – I mean it is said that some people would happily fight for me, if I mentioned that these idiots had no history of being able to cope with the mistakes and failings of any persons they had forcibly pushed into joining the security services, whereby we know they can deal with any threats such as the Army General and some of his colonels and Brigadiers were the public enemy that their stupidities would have been talking about at the shopfloor of parliament, it is such a difficult position if what I had was a process where they always read my birth sign but were only interested in the convenient bits, not the part where people pursued me because I had the means to help them carry on after justice had been served, of which if they wanted to fight for me, I would have wanted them to do it for a stupid cause devised by some insolent famous idiots and political pricks using my career for purposes unintended over claims that they were entitled to as the other people’s idiots children that got elected in public office some time recently, I will want to know if there were real world facts to corroborate the idea I was feeling sore all over due to the unusual interest the clowns who sell them organised crime products took in my person and privacy, as to the effect that these expensively dressed hoodlums were really important people.

The claim is then made that people thought mine was an opportunity for the oppressed to become the oppressors, the last time we checked, without dabbling into the ways that laying out facts on the oppressed and the oppressors so called, resulted in people getting killed, we know that it was Machiavellian home wrecker nonsense being channelled at me and the murders usually go through the roof when I turned it on them as well i.e. over the insults and abuses associated with the idea that handling me abusively should not come with consequences and there was always a need to groom me into a position where the way people handled my person and property was not governed by rules. That being said, some people may want an end to all these but that had always starred people in the face the entire time i.e. a history of famous idiots who exonerate themselves as the people who were not responsible for the state of my finances, whenever the point is raised, doing it and continuing in doing it, claiming my publishers were racist, their own producers were intolerant gits on whom I ought to spend all I had to make them comfortable because their  famous stupidities happened to have been incredibly important and they were my protectors who later decided I was not brave enough to keep my career, always making a mess of my history at the private security industry whereby they had built their own corrupt private security industry to trash my House and attack other people who were working at the private security industry, with the outcome that they had spent already by 2024 in which date I am writing this, they had amassed already a 12 year period of trashing my finances and Bookshop but by far the biggest problem is that whilst they should be weeping and wailing on my account a men’s society leadership idiot who keeps abusing me over its superior sons whose whole abusive power was based on gossiping, comes up with ideas about running people down and seeking governmental influence on the basis I am the person doing the wrong thing, whilst at the same time becoming fed up paying the unemployed persons support, which is by the way a positive results in all these to begin with – does this all the time but wants the fight to stop and if they are here beyond the deadline, I will take control.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland