It is suggested the prospect of my success is incredibly low or inexistent which is utter nonsense, only just the usual gimmicks playing out the men will show me how to sell a Book and how to write it, will ensure that I understood clearly that nothing came free because they were making their own money, by the time they were satisfied with me, my thrift business had completely crashed and I ended up with a reputation for working something people needed but did not have to pay for and their stupidities had hit the jackpot, no chance of remorse then for the mess made me whatsoever, instead a mini war had emerged. The usual social factors had since come to roost as a matter of the sorts of people who would pick up Client relationships handing my concerns without permission and set about building a version of me that they wanted because according to them, they dominated me and were preserving their stupid privileges and I could not emphasise enough that it needed to pay for and read a Book for each time it shows up here before I too had to consider my retirement in terms of extracting revenge from their stupidities as well. In the end it is the same story of the answers having come through as a matter of being surrounded by their gimmicks and looking as if I would fancy a relationship with them, so that I may spend most of my time competing with the armed service and antagonising people who worked there for attention, whilst reality was more that I needed to find a wife but my wife would need to understand that on some matters, the buck does stop with me like recent eventuality where the fact my anus still hurts and their stupidities will not play with something else while complaining that my Books were boring and I dug up problems everywhere, had since converted what could be a case of Clients preferring my property equity to a process of picking up bad social platforms to develop products by and leaving me some publicity to run a writing career thereafter and instances where clients complained about peoples running off tribalism raids to pick up 5 and 6 figure salaries from companies, about which they usually trash peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, into something that had recently emerged of me making sense of their civil disobedience stupidities when it comes to playing with my health and career, thus that it seemed when fucked people spent more and it could happen to anybody but suited them best.

I. Uno I

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