So the news has run time and again to suggest that I am uncomfortable about the Kardashians and the Jenners of the world being self-made billionaires but I am not; I am just tired of the fact they showed up to turn some structures I created to help some young women get into the Music studios of Popular culture trouble makers and make money supporting other young people at school Ė I mean I dropped out of University because while they were following me around and thought it a worthwhile gimmick I dismissed the potential extent they could take themselves and the damage it could cause, so I must spare a thought for those who do not know what I know Ė the system was meant to be manipulative solely for this purpose, never free for all and not meant to allow Americans show up here to leave me inundated with gangs and criminals. This other business of Armenians taking revenge on US security services and every governmental or International community structure over it as they set about deciding how I should be used while they complain about some genocide they suffered beats the imagination all together. Hence to set about some gimmick of telling me I am to remain as I am until everybody have had their revenge against their enemies is clearly going to make me shut down every access they have to my concerns all together, needs to give me my space, otherwise it is the usual case of Americans getting famous which is always rather very stupid i.e. the part about the Jenners I cannot make sense of since none of their parents are Armenians.

They do point out a lack of respect for women on my part as the heart of this matter which is utter nonsense as it usually makes more sense that when women suffer it is a social issue and then questions might be answered over the existence of female social issues than to have a conversation about why I am cash strapped because there needs to be a female version of me in order to bring about balance or I will lose everything I have. They will then claim I am rooting for the Men and need get on serving their stupid needs which I am not as these fools will make friends with me only when my finances are restored by them to look the way that they found it Ė the Politicians have never really heeded the warnings about why they should not be getting help and support for the way the behaviour of their families have affected their fame freak silly selves, like an education on why people kill people.

There is talk now of genuine fears for my survival but there isnít any threat. What happens is people showing up here to discover and perform anything that adds up to an activity that makes me a bad person while running a Bookshop. So they will show up and ensure they built me a stage for expensive rejection, which involves the total destruction of my work in order to drive it into such a corner as means that acceptance for them on my part will add up to income and rejection will add up to homelessness, while the damage done to my property to reach such a stage was to be forgiven as a god given right that they had. The entire time we find that all is manageable save the activities of another group of idiots with Media jobs, who spend most of their time making sure there was reactions on both sides of me and these goons that hang around in their City telling me how to exist and saving up lessons to teach me in parts of town that I have visited before and they have gotten much off their chest including the part where they wish to see me get killed like John Lennon and other stories about my Books being written at their expense, on that trajectory of lies that theft that will position them in a good place to petition politicians and grab my work to get rich by all over again Ė made possible since the last time the Labour Party threw caution to the wind and spent tax payer funds on their financial problems. Itís just scary obviously to make the difficult decisions, whereby if you beat them down well enough to keep them off your daily concerns the result strangely is that they show up where you are running a business to pick up products and pay for them without making any trouble for you but then you will have to live with your conscience for it too. They are now the only people in the Country that have access to Credit and Credit Facilities and it can be used to acquire latest goodies that make them look good, the happiness that comes from it being worked on my Public image as a form of civil and criminal disobedience that serves them and destroys my health, soon which it develops into narcissism by which everything they put out to sell at the market goes like hot cakes. They do it all the time and show up to make those stupid statements I might have gotten myself off their stupidities like an escape artist but they could never run out of market in their present condition and needed to keep it that way; so their problem now is that I need the Public image to communicate with the world around me and they need to shut down the fucking comments that does not seem to stop. Then will they say itís an example when I use the swear words but the swear words ought to be the least of their worries at this stage; there is no threat to my survival, I am just going to do them again as it were i.e. their whole lives are built around lies, self-exhibitionism, hear-say and impressions but the stupidest part of it isnít that it relies on others insultingly, the stupidest part is that they are not Celebrities. So the realities are that in a world where Celebrities have no talents whatsoever and itís a matter of having private security guards and access to Media, Politicians do not want you beating down general population irrespective of the way their mental health may have affected you and this is why I am always in a state of making a decision about it without any real actions, however which we can see their inability to show some regard for my person and property is likely to provide me with a license. So it all feeds into this case where the bloody idiots have a need to force me to act on civil rights by speaking up about being oppressed when I donít have to as they are no Celebrities, living out lies, stealing, need for media exposure and self-exhibition at my expense, it now needs to stop, I have had enough. They do claim I am always on a path to war which I am not, what really happens is that they are always winding me up and keeping an eye on me to ensure I cannot sit in my own backyard and let it just drip away, which builds up into the paranoia that I will want them to get enlisted in the Military and do some National service. As I mentioned, there isnít a threat to my survival, I am really going to do them again as it were.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland