I am told they considered my activities a challenge that they planned to face head on but there are not challenges here just yet, it is a 6 year career mess to add up to the 14 year career mess prior because they were men who needed me to make a self-improvement service from my personal life, so they could show up all over it to ensure I did not control anything in a democratic environment where their stupidities kept the power. We are now beginning to enter into the part where the perverted broadcasting community running off a self-improvement gimmick for people, that tears down my finances, alongside its American twats will become the main stage for resolving the challenges they lip flap about and the problem that will be resolved will concern the way they engaged the public with what they were doing at my expense, which crashes my finances, I will not be running short of inspiration and drive either, considering years of providing DWP with false intelligence that I am conducting social security fraud which was investigated and abandoned but the reports remained to dog me, will push me on to a point where the Bookshop was mine and those who continued to maintain a gimmick that was so bad it interfered with paying clients, meant that they did not wish to keep their own pride and joy as well. Even in this we have not even begun to talk about the aspects of this nonsense that bore down to the challenges bits, that will be the part where I got to recover my finances by maintaining publicity which was true to what I am actually doing, for instance a Court of female journalists to help me work mobility matters, not a platform by which a bunch of idiots can insult me all day to maintain an environment where stupid men ran small shops to look over my shoulder and finger my bum, we are talking about a court being hijacked for such nonsense if it purpose at times was to raise awareness of dangers women faced outdoors. Then there was the public work being hijacked by idiots who always pass a decision concerning the location of their career as a matter of where the prison service was, only to show up and trash my finances to make me take responsibility for the fact that they showed up to fight and die over extremism on my finances and my party piece being my public image that is perverted into the means by which I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealth, garnished with a need to get fingers around my private parts whilst the fact remains that this is not where their families and friends lived, nor do I write their Books in this place. It is just a series of incredibly stupid activities that were so bad my clients could not engage with the Books, leaving me cash strapped, I need the embargo of idiots placed on my finances to be lifted or I will lift it, the famous idiots screwing with me, the way that I want.

It does love to boast about the inexistent prospects of me doing anything about its stupidities, whilst we know each time I rent spaces with them, they share my privacy with hoodlums on the streets and think about my naked body until they can get their imagination around it, I could never make sense of such intense interests if this is not where their friends and family lived and of course how they could find the idea of stopping it so difficult to comply with thereof, if I eliminated the understanding that the stupidities we hear it blab is what it really believes its stupid place in the world looked like, much the same as the original warning about its personal and social life telling me how to exist every time it saw me with a big mouth. The Elephant in the room is that none of these had a thing to do with me, I have simply been bullied by it for so long and so intensely that I have ended up recognising and now facing a risk of responding to it as if it was part of my existence or lifestyle, at the same time, the idiots claim they were the people who had civil rights problems.

They do suggest this was a problem I could deal with by not being such a coward, which is utter nonsense as a bunch of gits sharing my privacy with hoodlums to think about my naked body and get around to it, is not a factor, the factor is that each time I organised the career or got them under control, some idiot with a media presence will spend it on themselves and mock me, hence I never smell good, will not stop doing this, so first of all I need to make it factor and then I will stop its stupidities painfully. I am told that I should not feel comfortable with that level of abusive behaviour but this is what my life looks like; I am an Arch Prince, added to the fact I am working Intellectual Property Administration with several multinational companies, having also set the stage for my work as something to do with society insanity and Celebrity vandalism, save if somebody were to say I am not an Arch Prince anymore of which they do not have the power to. I have arrived at this stage where this thing about the perverted broadcasting community needs to end up on the blue corner and I on the red, every time that my Bookshop is no longer my property, available only to a paying public.

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