Of course I am playing around annoyingly with the influence and power of the United States of America in and over the world and for me as well, there is an alternative United States of America somewhere else that I can go to do the things I want to do since the one that is currently talking rubbish all over the place is not playing my game. This is not hurting badly enough apparently. Of course this is where their lies that people are doing things that belong to them because they insult people, move them on and do what people should be doing for themselves to get rich and move into peoples right, bumps into something too. It is where I would like to deter them by mentioning the process of security there is here, which involves confronting them for fun, protecting the market for my books and making sure Celebrities chosen and Fans of mine are spending anything that results from my problems and the fights and defences I have to put up and work along the lines of setting up and doing anything with my books. None of what I say are pointless unlike media where it is so made out and is also the case all that happens is about what my business is not, they are not. I had to write books which contained in each paragraph Equities within social positive and social negative equities and after such extravagance, knew the book will be incredibly expensive in the millions as a single copy, so I set it out on market and made out the worse case sales and from this deduced how much people should pay for them as a commercial item per copy, which is what these individuals love to savage all the time because they have media, using something else to extract an income from it and it is incredibly annoying as it were. "The things I do are not pointless" they say; who told them they are? They are the ones that know how to mess up peoples lives and extract power to get rich from it, they make sense in every way imaginable when I do it as well.  I know they feel they should ensure no body else buys the books so they can have it for themselves, I am not troubled about that, its just the payment of its market value is not forth coming from them and so they need to get off it and leave those who spend what they buy to pay for what they can afford. Obviously as they can see, I gambled economic crisis with the books and we all know of cultural, social, Historical, ideological, religious and Political differences and the chaos and expense that they rally to themselves. When they have done the same as well, maybe they would understand. It is mind blowing when looked at from the direction of what the process of the most prominent Politicians in the US providing leadership for their Counterparts all over the world, which separates Democracy from Communism, has got to do with my personal and private Property.

Name it a matter of privilege that I take seriously their fun and familiarity based attempts at Con activity around me which they end with destruction that has begun to yield dividends in the forms of friends for power and wealth for them around the world-especially those of them from Africa with plans, which is very provocative as a matter of privilege.

I.Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.