Having put to rest all these wickedness and Political immoralities by which people attack innocent people until they react to authority then go off to government office to dispatch the treasury in a certain way, same as we see that Civil rights had become a means to entrapment by which people were made to say things that criticised the rich and set them out as characters that can be bullied when people want to endear themselves to those who own wealth, which morally upstanding people are always vulnerable to, due to foolish society leaderships and a personality that can be exploited – which I have done by settling up conditions of security for people, where such fights have no meaning, in accordance with the leadership that is being provided by HM, it is of course bad for me with respect to what those who gain from it will be thinking about a my doing so, to sit back and write books for a living but I have always dreamed of it, I believe my God will see me through because it is his will, I love my Fans and God Save the Queen.

I must then mention to you through this site the persecutions of these individuals who have lost their evils which exists in the following form: their silly parents that tell people what to do when they have problems and uncertainties; for which the question is what is the best time to tell people what to do anyway, if you are not a criminal being forced to do things the way they should be done by Law?

They make out my life is ruined because rich, good and successful people follow me around and I turn follow them around as well out of curtsy and respect because of which they get help from others like them in Politics to ruin my finances and then keep it up, which they have over the last decade been making out has become the new way my life works.

The main problem here is the public display and vandalism of my Securities and Equities on media and the never ending drive to detach me from my Intellectual property where they are deployed all over the world, especially through the abuse of my Colours, for which Men like Rupert Murdoch are incredibly guilty of doing for example, which makes it impossible thereafter to settle down and sell a book here because of how people pick it from there all over the country and the world and then the follow up insults by his staff, by their staff, which are good for their self-esteem, for the purpose of creating problems they claim they can then rule me and tell me what to do with (bearing in mind the more I look as though I am going along with the idea of sex outside marriage, whether or not I think it is ideal, the more suspense they will have to peddle from my life and market place, ruining my income and everything else to get rich and the more I will be unemployed, have a cash flow crisis and find it impossible to get employment). They say respect should be a factor of money but what they do for a living on the other hand is serve people of the world with a product, which then makes them rich according to how much people are paying them for it or how much product people use and most of these products do not do anybody any good or lead them anywhere near close to God, while it is the ones that do people some good or have bearing to facts and truths they have a problem with because it does not sit well with their Father the devil.

The idea that I have need of services performed by cultural elitist troublemakers about which I get violent and angry like a brat when they are not doing it or withholding has no bearing towards reality. The truth is that people simply thought the criminalities in their lives, especially those pertaining to their parents were too difficult for them to manage so they did at my expense and I allowed it on the condition that they had access to my heart and should not go around breaking it. What has happened since is that these idiots have taken over the means to get rich singing your problems as such and thing I need things from them that they are using to blackmail me in turn, coupled with an ability created thereof to control my finances in the sense I have to pay them to stop destruction so I can earn and it is no wonder they get it all the time, so they can get on media and talk even more rubbish, especially with attempts to use advertisements that belong to other people’s businesses to do so.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland