They do claim they had beaten me down which is aimed at scaring people but there is no such thing, just a process of being driven to consider outcomes where I got to make decisions about the way I wanted to view the actions and activities of people who wanted to run the show at the Monarchy and people who wanted to run the show at Parliament. It is nothing but a work fearing bunch of gits with ideas about the only way to be financially comfortable being linked to a process where people got famous, so if I picked up the fact it smokes things around 11. am everyday and prevents children from attending school, it would not be a slippery slope that I got to exploit all the time in a corrupt fashion, last we checked but we know they enjoyed looking for trouble as much as we also know that they did not wish to find the trouble they were looking for. It will therefore not cease to make a mess of my career, even when I had informed them of a time we got along because I was considered a low life and not allowed to mix with their children who hung about street corners speaking of people doing their stuff, especially as it had since developed into insults and abuses where they got to decide my career based on how bravely I had proven myself. Alternatively, they may continue with the same course of activities and enjoy the fun that suits them so well without issuing threats at me. I do get told I speak of this matter as though I was one of them but it is a matter of getting to the direct questions; we all know their abuses would mean very little if I were allowed to sort it out in the cold hard Office environment and we know it had taken naked pictures of me to share with the boys from the foodbanks and homeless centres and YMCA to prevent this and ensure I suffered abdominal pain all the time and there was a smell, while it got about seeking work being employed in private security roles that served famous idiots that never stopped making a mess of my finances with media comments, no matter how much I complained about it. The difference here is that speaking with respect to my position it itself, we are looking at a bunch of people who are always fooling around and fundamentally need to make money by avoiding work – they enjoy nothing better than to make a mess of public security jobs and the military, second on their list was governmental jobs, eventually they condense in the middle and it becomes a matter of the fact that Government operatives are usually pleased when people sign up at the Military because they needed staff for public security and they were always trying to make the most of it in terms of either what they will get if they got involved and or what they deserve because a relative did, serious issues arise when the Head of State wants to know what you are doing when they get the better of you. They raise this point about free and democratic country all the time, at the same time we know if we added it up the most basic forms of Public mobility were that of single mothers which are currently no longer a good look because they want to order peoples steps and of course the next priority which is female freelance journalists – where they fit into the picture was more to do with showing they deserved to earn more than female colleagues doing the same work, the same way they never stop trashing my career because they show business was affected by a recession that their lifestyle contributed to, chief of which is the abusive behaviour of TV personalities who want to be the ones that wrote my Books, as if their stupidities were paying the Bills around here – it never runs out of idea on wicked things it can do using a Media presence, top of the list was its need to organise the mechanisms of relationships between the poor and the rich, about which my career was a major impediment because they considered themselves entitled to it. I could never understand what is so important about doing this anyway – we all know the only gain was the business of converting responsibility for workers into abusive activity associated with Industry in order to get rich fast – such that instances I have seen involved some people saying they lost track of what was happening in a work place, others loved attacking people and because victims were fighting back, lost all sense of time and manipulated everybody into thinking it was okay to get imagination fingers up my bum in order to deal with the fact 8 hours at work felt like an eternity and even if I got the jobs from the people who had created these sorts of environment, I would still have been a Royal Hermit and the question would become one of the reasons I am getting a job, if I finished a Book for the market place, a year after I dropped out of University and should have been back at University no later than 5 year after that, it does speak for itself as per an Arch Prince getting a job being surrounded by idiots who made media presence to be him, get involved with and play with him endlessly. I am not therefore one of their responsibilities, considering what we know to be that each time they made out I am, they had to set out that they were on the side of the Prince of Wales, to ensure they did not say a thing about the Queen, they became more abusive than usual – some say this was a serious matter and yes it is as the Prince of Wales now had to chose between building a Prince’s Trust for every fame git that wanted to abuse others or preventing these sorts of results, knowing that the Parliamentary Government could do so little about it – suffices to reiterate the point that I am not their responsibility.

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