I am now informed that I possessed a certain amount of public power that they were uncomfortable with – it is never public power at all, only a matter of the fact the mind that should have helped me run a successful Bookshop, is being abusively deployed through distractions, insults and threats of violence their stupidities cannot back up unless they got the support of entire communities, to help solve social issues that beset them on account of personal decisions coming back to take a bite. The details are that they needed to tackle me like so and when I deployed the mind to attack them instead of running a Bookshop, then they claimed it was my fault and I was in possession of power that they were uncomfortable about. The civil aspect is that I could really do without having to deal with it all, this business where they get on my nerves handing their mobility and right to enjoy the outdoors, to some immoral society, to show up here with the mandate it provided them, relying on mine, running me down and issuing threats, having them express their gimmicks and get accustomed to it elsewhere, preferably with their own careers an families. There is the idea running around that I behaved like a grouch on the matter but it is not clear what I am expected to do, I mean they want the same privileges I may have set out for people I wanted to work with on the basis that such persons possessed the finances to bank roll projects I had in mind but they had no money to bankroll anything, such that if I decided to pick up the matters behind the short insulting videos that were the way they believed advertisement should be made, considering it had grown into a sub culture that relied on me and made a mess for me every moment, garnished by intervals where they made some stupid comments about my career to stir up controversy that assists them at the stock markets, which controversy could easily have been secured via making comments about their own careers, indicating everything ingredient that shows the ways that their gimmicks simply does not stop until it really does, besides which my outlook is that they bothered me because they possessed the resources to tackle problems caused, especially those caused by their stupidities. As for whether I am completely devoid of power, as I mentioned, it is always fun to show up and run me down, channel my thoughts to social issues, save the part where the outcome is that I deployed the mind that should have helped me make a successful Bookshop, towards attacking them instead – the extent to which it gets on my nerves being that each time I clear it out like so, continues and supports its actions making stupid statements about my behaviour suggesting they did not have a chance, finished off with ideas that damaged caused was the way that successful persons deserved to treat the unsuccessful, whilst the German influence twats behind it were an old story, wherever they went, every localised nonsense is dragged into mainstream living and allowed to make a lot of sense at somebody’s expense. They claim my actions caused abdominal discomfort and yes it does, since it was clear that insults which ensured their personal problems randomly relied on me, up to the stage where they were working a community that regarded me as a low life and continued to rip up my Bookshop, so that they may earn the permission to live like that permanently – would it have meant that when their imagination got all over my private body parts and they could never stop doing it, that we knew each other that well, we took our clothes off in each others company, would it not then have meant that it was an activity that wanted to see what would become of us both if we had to know each other that well? I am currently doing the social side, especially as we can see they claim that they had the right to if security services were doing it, whereas we know that the nature of security services work is that in an environment where culture is being enforced at Government offices, somebody had to take up the task of showing a wrong doer the tally of his activities and what the cost was, if they were frustrated, the bottom chasing thing is like a real thing in their line of work, I am therefore wondering what exactly these scumbags were on the other hand, so I am keeping the social side they were complaining about so far and if I get my hands on the stupid society that runs off this nonsense, they will see it for the last time too.

Here it is then suggested it was sad I was made to jump from one stressful problem to another but it is normal here, I mean they always were trying to make money off such abuses, as they could not find another trend, save one that suggests that bothering and abusing me made people feel good about themselves, so this was the civil side of the story, the other side where the question was one of if I am completely devoid of any power was the part where the mind that is no longer working a successful Bookshop because it is being abused and deployed for social issues, was deployed to solve a problem attacking them. I believe it would have been clear at this stage anyway, that they may continue, looking like they were oblivious to the consequences of such activities, when I get my hands on the society that is responsible they will see it for the last time too, this is not the problem, the problem is that those insults each time it is stopped need to be repeated by famous idiots goading me over public control matters and there is now need to set the stage such that, I was clearly one of their biggest fans, the last time it was checked. I have no idea why poof Leos always did this – this gimmick that builds up to some famous idiots ripping up my finances by breaching my patents, to make stupid gestures over my Books on the red carpet, in order to solve personal problems they did not possess the intelligence to discuss with their fans on their own, wrecking my finances doing so, whilst my responses had created an outcome in which their security operatives had to keep a business in an environment where it was becoming obvious that their ability to protect the famous gits from me was failing, hence employed locality criminals to run me down, about which I am now feeling sore all over and wish to find out what they were all made of too; poof Leo always had to decide that I am single being a Libra and our relationship was developed on public appearances which I had to take responsibility for as a Libra, to show up here, break my heart and let these idiots in, since that was achieved, vagabond Virgo and abusive Scorpio were let in too whilst I am being told that washing my hands off poof Leos bottom hurting problems I should never have been caught up with in the first place, was that which I could not achieve, arriving at this whole business of survival issues due to well off neighbourhood idiots that were bigger than I am feeling entitled to my income, having failed to successfully tackle me in every way, therefore resorted to the part where an issue concerned another person coming into my life. Here it is said I have been seen getting around with all three personalities and no hatred expressed but I do not hate them in anyway, just a reality about Scorpios generally engaging in activities that were in keeping with the fact they were told that I am their bitch with a big mouth and Virgos always likely to work with ageist pricks banging two eggs together to see which one was brave enough to keep a career they already owned, against me, the problem being the other fools that were always doing something stupid with other people’s careers and person, showing up, not to read Books but to handle and goad me over what bothers them on the basis of how much resources I possessed. Their part that I was already in difficulty and likely to get worse is based on a fantasy where this matter is concerned – the problem is that their German influence narcissism happiness had paid off at my expense, since it had, I have no idea why their interest in my affairs is still so vicious and destructive, so I plan to run off the business of getting them to understand what I am saying satisfactorily, when finished and I am still struggling financially because the Bookshop is not working for me on schedule, I will want to find out what they were made of, the wide based question being what was so appealing about the need to do stupid things with other peoples affairs in the course of making their own money, right down to the way they parked their stupid cars, it needs to stop threatening as at this stage I am certainly not bluffing. This is the part where I am set to pick up the fact the narcissism happiness had given them everything they wanted but I was still under attack from their stupidities and their inability to keep their fingers to themselves and pair it up with the fact they had spent their professional time on me and will never get it back, once I am done making the contribution to their wealth and social inequality problems that will ensure they cannot even approach me for a conversation on the matter, we will end up looking like they had won the fight and those who told them stories about ways they should solve their problems dominating and abusing a Libra will have more stories to tell them – all completely harmless as usual. They do claim the damage I have done so far cannot be justified but it can, ranging from a 2 decade career mess because they were expensively dressed hoodlums who believed I had resolved everything about their personality, save their narcissism that helped people make sense of the fact that most of their Celebrities were operating on counterfeit fame, up to the destruction of my Bookshop and communities built to finger my bum because my existence served them best if I am a bum, conducted because their ego apparently is justifiable – so they were millennials obviously, happy to form an alliance with ageist gits who knock two eggs together to see which was brave enough to keep a career that was already owned, all the days of their stupid lives, whilst when it comes to the fact it takes a certain brutality to do lasting and terminal damage to a human being, they claimed to be top dogs. It goes back to University apparently – where they realised they needed to be nice people in order to work the sort of customer services that will create them the wealth they were lip flapping about, so they trashed my academic pursuits, extracted my personality as a talisman for it whilst they kept their rude abusive behaviour for power, in my case, nothing here works by a method whereby I am being a rude person, since last I incorporated their interest in my affairs into the methods by which I managed the Bookshop, their involvement has been the only thing that worked whenever I am being rude. I did not complete the University, so my life had stopped since but then again nothing has changed about this pattern, this behaviour the stupid processes and it is not keeping a distance from my Bookshop naturally because it really wants some of mine.

Since we have arrived at the kind of public leadership they wanted to provide, it would have been clear that they tackled me because I lived in a female leadership world that I needed to give up, which is utter nonsense as they were part of a gimmick that ensured other peoples career, finances and family matters were never settled on time, so there were some women who faced difficulties whom I assisted, providing license for their crime career personalities to show up here running me down. It was simple that if they were complaining about the stress that this situation put on them as the men that they were, they needed to cease embarking on activities that were causing me to rely on Universal Credit as a main source of income. The extent of this vicious nonsense being that a Politician could easily go out to meet the public and 60% of the women that came to greet would be part of the career crime personality, criminal feminist gits, in which case if I attacked them and made a mess of their careers to protect myself, I would damage a political system. On the business of being told I acted as if I am being forced to do what I am doing, I am now being told that I am not being forced to do it, after 8 years of career damage due to people picking up the career publicity to solve every little thing that tickles them based on the resources I possessed and saving their own resources for powerful purposes, an incredibly abusive time wasting nonsense that I had to tolerate from every single one of these well off neighbourhood twats every time we crossed paths, this time the problem was that it was being applied on the basis that I had written a Book about intellectual property administration work which I did, that actually helped them to resolve social issues they could not discern or come up with answers for – I suppose it would also mean that they were able to make sense of exactly what I am saying to them, they were listening before this matter gets a lot serious than it already was. I am told this was the way we lived in the UK but I am aware it was the way we lived in the UK, just the problem that everything I did to ensure it was kept out of my 18 – 65 affairs had failed and some were actual physical damage done by people who think that the law which applied to them was different, especially so if I allowed it to be, I want to know why it failed and why they simply had to rebuild the business with abusive ageists and show up to run me down all over again in my 40s like I was a teenager – we will try to iron it out like this and by the end of June 2024 I will assume that it was all done and a progression will be a provocation on their part. They do say that my problems were a product of my behaviour and they probably were, that said I agree but we are all bad parts and good parts, the good parts helped people make sense of the bad parts – whenever people behaved in a way that made me sick to my stomach, it would have affected me more than it affected most people in the same social situation, so is the explanation that I am rude and farted everywhere or that I am a writer who suffers from anxiety induced tummy ulcer? They are good at taking away the good part, so the fact I am a writer had vanished with the help of media narcissism and the other side explains why I should be attacked for being rude and yet the fundamental problem was their insulting involvement in the first place, so we are about to see how it ended because I decided I had seen and experienced enough of what should not occur as we are not mates or the Bookshop will work for me on a schedule.

The claim made now is that I enjoyed these abusive activities which is utter nonsense as reality was more that it does not bother me at all, the problem is the idea that the bad neighbourhoods are not worked by criminals and that their behaviour towards those who do not go along with their career crime gimmicks did not produce the same effect as if I were serving time, that they were nice people who could easily stop doing criminal activities when awarded money and were to that effect respectful people who treated famous idiots like Royalty. The outcome of this naturally being that there were famous gits with a need to pick up other peoples careers and look as if they liked their jobs, saved money and became bullies that were the paid versions of the problems they tore down peoples careers to complain about as per they were in such a desperate situation they would not mind using blackmail to get out of It, supported by people from other birth signs other than Libra, Scorpio, Virgo ‘Triad’ who never stopped doing stupid things with peoples lives and careers whilst trying to make their own living, the Libras that were stuck in the middle doing the right thing, Vagabond Virgos who would see an average Libra spend all the teenage years fighting off ageist idiots who showed up to knock eggs together and find out which one was brave enough to deserve a career they already owned and still showed up at the work place to claim there were things the immoral society its stupidities had surrendered its own mobility to in order to rely on my personal space, that providing the same ageist gits an advantage was an acceptable work place relationship and not even the fact that I am having to deal with that issue in my 40s will deter their stupidities. Abusive Scorpio bits was the one that went up to the point of Law enforcement being investigated on behalf of immoral society whilst they got off being seduced by criminals into committing their own crimes and claiming that Police brutality was my fault, which I do not believe naturally but they were so convinced I am compelled to assume there was an element of fact to it. I am not negative about the matter as such, it is coming clear as I am currently working on the last leg of activities that will allow me to progress from a gimmick where I only had a public image and a career whilst they had all three public image, career and popularity ego to work with as part of a career, so they were always clinging to my Christian background, loved getting respect from me, nothing like it and their stupidities loved running me down to such an extent my career was affected to, unto a stage where they were able to say that they understood clearly what I am saying to them and I was satisfied that they had, before I can then move on to find out what it is that half my size insolent Scorpio following me around to run me down and being complicit with every evil that does not fancy me, to cling to my income, really can do about me, likewise vagabond Virgo and the probable outcome that I will progress from a process where it is complaining about hurting bottoms because it would like to think its stupidity was unaware of the consequences of such activities whenever it wants to work with immoral society ageist gits for opportunism that allows them to make the most of ageist and celebrity wealth which when successful encourages them to spend the younger days like Scorpios on the gimmicks that they did, as well as I will be well placed to tackle the reasons the others and their famous idiots were always doing stupid things with my life and career to pursue their own ends. It would seem that the complaining so far was largely due to the fact that I did not make the decisions about which any of these matters had come to fruition but am keeping the history because I have had enough of the insults, abuse and vandalism that is meant to blackmail me into serving them, over ideas they were important enough to deserve a process where I did and continually showed up here to promise me that I will one way or another with a big mouth, having been that the matter has since progressed from amusement to public crisis – I suppose I considered it useful to behave in such a manner but it would seem that it made sense when they complained about my ability to hold a grudge and their stupid politicians showed up here to make out Scorpios should stand up for everybody the way that I did, rip up my career and explore my civil duties to do so, whilst they then got off to complain about the insults and abuses at Government buildings, but if it quacks like it and swims like it, then I must accept they were probably right since upon deciding that I will not allow it distract me from my career and therefore going on to make space to live with the fact it shows up to channel in its direction energy consigned to my 18 to 65 matter, I am never weighed down by grudges when I do not wish to be.

What I am saying to them in its own right, considering these activities were usually pursued on the basis that the victims were incapable of intelligence to discuss it in a language that people can understand, is that it would be better for all if they found another trend that did not involved hurling abuses and insults at me to feel good, as soon as possible and keep their comments to their career as the business of running me down and bringing me to that inescapable level where they handled me to facilitate the finance industry fraud that their Celebrities played a part in, made the Bookshop so disturbing that people could not sit down, cross their legs and read a Book literally, thereby leaving me cash strapped. History so far is that this matter has progressed from amusement into seriousness and they were spending money they amassed to dominate me like the history of entertainment and public media presence made to lead the public towards doing so, whilst I was working to keep wrong doers off abusing people which they again took advantage of like the need to build a trend that involved abusing me to feel good and selling products upon doing so and the money spent was now being taken advantage of on my part, to ensure that jobs were not lost, should this condition change, so will the dynamics of the way I responded to their gimmicks, however it has become a matter of prime important to not just say that I run off wealth politics but also that I had developed a method to actually protect the wealth politics from the sexually abusive male public that it was not designed to serve in the first instance and also to say that the work I have done on property protection with respect to my possession, were viable.