I am now told that Politicians hated me which I understand completely but fail to see what I am expected to do about it, considering that the main reason was the fact they were other peoples idiot children who really enjoyed hurting me with throes of Government Office power. Something they needed to do with my career, do not actually want the Career just to own my temperament, so I have suffered a two decade career mess because even at the midpoint of the two decade period it was still obvious that based on my qualification, if they owned my temperament through one career I will simply let them have it and find another career which I could do on good schedule; I mean it is something the Nazis would have done if they had the time to do it, like we know they hang about ripping up any leftover financial wellbeing, claiming they were becoming ever more powerful, like powerful idiots which is how we usually start it up on the whole. Rishi Sunak for instance is an Asian Origin sales Army building Industry git who loves to take money from the public at the market place and got married into a family that built an even bigger sales army gimmick, it is not that difficult to peel off the surface and push back or start one of my own, hitting me again and again and again and boasting about the way ripping the Bookshop was exhilarating.

As for the Celebrities who never stopped the punishment for historical good deed, the famous have consistently suggested that it was never really as clear as they would like, the reasons I did what I did about them but for instance, I now control the wealth politics that I am passionate about, all is well in the sense I can now get back to work of ensuring those who entertained an unusual interest in my affairs were risking the prospect of getting into trouble with the Law whilst suffering tummy issues at the same time, it is always a deterrence that worked and if people were complaining that the work had stopped, I needed to resume asap. That said, the part that involved the Celebrities is the fact that my financial structures were now in the hands of criminals i.e. if they cannot have it, they toss it to the dogs and I can go get it scenario and then it claims it does not know what I am doing if I want made clear on a deadline that their famous stupidities were aware this was a Bookshop business premises and that they were looking for trouble. There is also the historical provocation of goading me over public control matters having since developed into a result where a bunch of ageist criminals hung about somewhere sending out low lives who had nothing to lose, to share my personal space abusively, well enough for them to be able to perform actions from time to time, that suggested they were my fathers, that I had done something and they were laying down the Law. Then there is the mystery that I thought Russia was not a threat at all whereas I have suggested that their sex work politics and the gimmicks of every twat who bankrolled it was in my view a greater threat and now that we had a history, it would seem we understood each other rather well.

On the Political side it is said that I never respond to outright actions of corruption by Politicians which I don’t because it is a trap, I am meant to step over the line and do something unconstitutional, may continue to fool around until we ended up in one of those situation where their obsession with wealthy people got to highlight the fact that there was sexual activity happening in the very busy lives of wealthy people, this will set the stage for me to have a lot of fun at their expense, in fact, get to tidy up my dream concerning being a Hermit and it did not make sense to implore people not to sell their bodies if I was doing so little about the reasons they were doing it. I mean as it stand they loved to suggest I have found myself an iron clad excuse that allowed me watch pornography and get away with it, regardless of the number of times I have shown I am watching it in an Office as part of a work process – the reasons were as serious as finding out the one that signed a contract to have borderline sexual assault sex with a government operative even if I had to buy the video, mainly because they make those videos on my public work to draw my attention in the first instance and it would turn out that in a world where we lived in a better environment if people did not get about bothering me like we see them do, considering my work and duties, and it appeared that sex workers were better behaved and more respectful than the famous gits who had an endless laundry list of needs to peddle; never mind the fact that if there was a field security service operative and our debacle with the Russia was still in play, should the communists get their hands on such matters, no prisoner of war will be treated like one.

They do say that I have acknowledged we were at war with Russia of which what I have actually said on the matter of being on the side of democracy is that their involvement with my affairs and the abusive sex work politics of their famous gits was a greater threat than the Russians were, such that I am out of my depth over their insults and they are out of their depth over my practical jokes too. Point being that I need feedback that they were a bunch of feeders and famous idiots who had since interfered with and separated my clients from my Books to such an extent they were now saying that they had researched Book market and that Books were not a profitable venture, on account they wanted to keep the equities in it for themselves, understood this to be a business premises and that their stupidities were looking for trouble.

On the matter of setting out how I would like the war with Russia to end, it is a simple matter of the fact that as long as Russia continued to interfere with other Countries, the war will continue and Russia cannot stop the interference if its leadership continued to nurse these dreams that had no feasible viability; about which I am said to have been another one of those characters that had taken leave of my neutral position to make a statement which suggests that Russian leadership and Russian people were two separate things, of which I have done so such thing – they said that Russian people can be rest assured theirs was a Country in which the enforcement of culture at Government offices will never be interfered with, whilst the same time the enforcement of culture in western government offices is being interfered with, so we only need allow the people who lived in Russia tell the stories themselves. There is western involvement with Russia as well and it usually comes from a group of gits who considered Russia to be a Haven for organised crime and racism, hence we had this history in which it was clear that each time my career suffered and I ended up with one of this city centre gimmicks where they handled it with up stars, down stars, round and round gimmicks so it did not mean anything to anybody, no matter what I did with it, their interest in Russia will pay the price. Here in the west, it was clear these government office corruption gits only had a talent for ripping up the global economy and complaining that the Communists ran economy from centre government and therefore possessed the means to make quick and effective decisions that benefitted the entire world, every time that happened. The famous need to show some respect for my career now, the civil rights goons boundaries of my person and finances or risk a full on conflict.

We know it is currently as abusive as it is because we will never get a break from their gimmick unless the rest of us were subservient to them, to the effect that we provided them with whatever it is racists were getting and they have never actually told us what it is that racists were getting. It is never true that I am in a difficult circumstances, just true that for all the damage they have done here, the business of keeping their comments to their own careers and staying away from my Books is one of the simplest things they can do to avoid the sort of problems which meant that I had in the past decided their incessant need to threaten my existence over their entitlements and civil rights, should be met with a response in which I did not get rid of the dangerous situation, only made it slightly worse and ensured the person who created it lapped it up for everybody – the same things they were doing because they thought their disposition as home wreckers was apparently God’s gift to this world, its stupidity was famous and its security guards had started something big making sure I was sore all over to improve the prospect I might get hurt as well, whilst it continued to ensure it was impossible for me to work the Office, borrowing my public work and public image for its gimmicks and talking nonsense about others being stronger and more powerful than I am, the same as they are doing but only slightly worse as justice would have it and the next time that I picked it up, it will be the finale. I believe it is simple enough that I should be provided a feedback as to whether they understand that this is a Bookshop p[remises and they were looking for trouble and do it by the deadline, especially when famous. the boasting is all good but they had no clue what they were doing and my finances were a wreck because I spent my time on their narcissism tidying up this career, they claim the reasons they loved to get involved with other people’s concerns and put their stupid men and abusive female selves in charge all the time was due to the fact Celebrities were an example of how well people could do for themselves doing it, what the idiots were referring to being a very personal relationship that Celebrities had with me as per what they claimed was the way my Career was good for getting credit on something they had not done and getting an award for it, the award they got being the award for make belief that was actually their profession. It is still the really simple matter of famous idiots refraining from goading me over public control matters or accepting they were building up to a direct conflict pulling my legs in many directions and building communities to finger my bum; it is a Bookshop, they need to get a copy of the Book and keep their comments to their own careers - I mean I understand the excuse that I am standing in the way of the King's big show reign but in my view it is the same ageism from 22 years ago, after the mess it has made here with its narcissism, targeting me afresh, alongside its silly superior sons that cannot keep their fucking hands to themselves.