Contrary to popular believe, I don’t think that people’s opinions about Brexit are without purpose or consequence, but the truth people need to pay attention to is how serious these matters are and how much they need to stop fooling around over them. A referendum is more like people moving House – the idea is to move to a better neighbourhood which determines the kind of friends they will make, the kind of school their children will attend, the kind of jobs they will have available to them – so even if where they live is the best place in the world, 90% of the time, if where they are going is better, they will move. It does not mean that we hate the EU because we had a referendum and even if we did the EU will still be the next door neighbour, none has attempted swimming the Atlantic and lived to tell the tale but people are swimming the Channel for world record fame – the French and the Italians will not negotiate with the UK by themselves, this means that the entity of the EU that we have voted to leave is the closest National next door neighbour. This is not to say that I care about the needs of those who campaigned to remain in the EU either – I don’t care if such idiots with a need for insults and Celebrity culture play, at absolutely everybody that is not their bloody mates had needs – that said, it should be noted that even when they are such a bunch of losers who did not win a certain referendum, backed up Politicians with a Parliament that is a world unto itself wanting another referendum because what the people had decided did not make them comfortable, my bottom hurts while the flurry of insults had taken off to ensure I was forced to serve them and fulfil their needs, on account I mentioned facts concerning the entity of the EU itself being the next door neighbour and not a specific Country, like their Politicians love to think a relationship worked on a Country by Country basis is possible.

It calls to mind the reasons I must take seriously those sexually abusive nonsense that is set to put their trader – salesmen – thief characters and its stupidities in charge of me, especially the part where they are always boasting that I am not afraid of them while I have a cause more than most people to be as it were; while on the other hand, I had already ended up building a Bookshop that has now boasted Publicity that says it is where people can grab their career big break whenever they wanted to, the reason being that it deals in Equity broker with Multinational Companies, looking for trouble that will reward their stupidities and its intrusive insults in kind, as losers that did not win a referendum around here, getting imagination up my bum to goad me because I said the EU was the next door neighbour which is very true and not quite as unusual as made out. Their supporters at Industry have constantly raised the point that I get all over the place when I am distracted from what I am doing but my whole life is about distracting others – the truth being they are always seen stealing something and those motorist insults never improve either; the part where they had  God given right to produce, so when they want to consume as well, they simply take what they see, which adds up to the reasons that my Books are free to access and my Business is where people got their big break, looking to outcomes such as when I progressed the fact they are now clashing with my operations and complaining about it all the time, into a leverage that works for me at their expense to play my own practical jokes with too.

The theory that I should be afraid of them and think I can handle them while I cannot is wholly built up on the abusive insults their Media and Celebrity fools have gotten accustomed to and I believe I have issued my own warning on it long enough for them to understand that I plan to bash them the way that they bash me all day long as well but whilst I have only committed myself to bashing them before bed time, as they have always elected to bash me in the morning and throughout the day, the insults and abusive threats will likely mean that I increased the frequency of my own bashing and got myself committed to it, to see how far the big mouth stretches too. I do get told that I should not be fooling around with it like so but I am not – the problem is that the Heir to the Throne wants to plan a Government that will be free from influences of female Community by making choices between Celebrities and Society trouble makers while both are really the same thing; the Parliament has a right to be free from it, the Public has a right to be free from it and I have a right to look after myself and ensure I stopped ending up in that condition where I dropped out of my academic pursuits over and over again; the problem with thinking about it in terms of an issue that must be resolved i.e. setting out perhaps something like a social Media that allows me to bash Celebrities and Media, alongside American Democrats who support their abusive insults, build them communities with imagination that gets up peoples bottoms, the violent lasciviousness by which they put labels on me and wage the wars of their stupid societies on my career and finances like some sort of right that they have and cannot keep their big mouth shut over it, is that HRH is given the opportunity to get worse, thus it is actually not the correct thing to do irrespective of the fact it would be the most expedient, just like they say I am annoying in the sense that I get these matters resolved but in my mind I think I should not have done it, while the reality is that contrary to their insanity, we do not make it up as we go along at Government buildings like they think they can without consequences, hence what my mind says is completely irrelevant, I must do what the correct thing to do within a job I have been offered to complete required – so the way to proceed is to allow him build this Government of his that will be free of female decisions, while we waited to find out what the results would be; in the mean-time, everybody does have the right to be free from it and since they usually elect to bash people and ensure a retirement age was a luxury, we can bash during bed time as well.

I do get told I have all the knowledge to resolve these matters and should be more proactive but it is pointless; I am an Arch Prince – the primary consideration is that Celebrity culture is usually something that is done by very evil twats, that said of which Government and Public living must be planned in a way which makes them feel comfortable too – the society gits will be the bits that pick up my career to get off playing ageist insults games with City centre operatives who take their careers from them in return and then they return to perform more ageist bullying at me, talking nonsense they think their Politicians ought to, listen to with respect to what they describe as a problem associated with my attitude. I have mentioned that I am not emotionally attached to the fact they exist and do not care if they did but it has not yet meant something with respect to a right I have to see less of them show up all over my daily concerns like it currently is. They for their part claim that I am completely helpless to do anything about them but the reality is rather that of 8 year financial complications created for me by idiots who extract money from my Public image to buy shares with Companies they see me execute business with, in order to enjoy pleasures of getting Royalty to serve them but it is still 8 years of vandalism and the frequency with which their stupidities handles me to pass around those insults we hear about all the time will likely give way to the part where they got to pay their debts as well. The rest of the time, it becomes so obvious they are a handful of little tyrants who do not have money to oppress victims, so they want to oppress victims with the victims own money and had to come up with a plan for it while people waiting for such nonsense to occur because it is what others existed for and in my case, they rely on me to do nothing about the vandalism until they got to such a position while it has become abundantly clear that it’s not just the tax part funded support they get for their stupidities and all its proceeds I will extract and beat down seriously for my part as well, including that stupid self confidence that likes to address me all the time. They say I have never actually resolved the facts on the women who got me into such a difficult position in the first place and yes I have not theoretically; the last time I heard a lot about them, the business of getting boys from the hood to threaten and attack me when they were not allowed to get comfortable with my work, got me acting in a way that ensured those Boys no longer had appetite to perform violence for them and having brought their friends from overseas to help make a mess of my academic work at the time as well, we know they are now stuck between a rock and a hard case, hate my guts in the process for it too. Their story overall has always been that I am expected to act in a way that protects the Public at the Office while the truth on the ground is that they make a mess of the work done to put society trouble makers under control all the time, then wreck the academic work and finances to help their silly children get ahead on my stead with it – all now being operated at such an advanced stage that they have whole communities that get imagination up my bum to run very vile and abusive lascivious practical jokes that their stupid Children may deploy to handle me as the hated character who does not allow people to use him for money making and Celebrity purposes and this then feeds into the society trouble makers raising Children to be criminals because it offers options and then showing up here to pretend I am supposed to give up my existence as yet another option that helps them out with the difficulties these personal choices had caused, then we find the bloody idiots hang around somewhere near my Public image, complaining about the stabbing and shooting, which process of how their insults and abuses and Communities sending them out to run people down, in my case putting a label of bum on me after years of abusing me for being a coward who does not fight gangs for kids wrecking academic work and career in the process had taken its toll, creates those stabbing and shooting we end up talking about endlessly, I really needed to know, as it was clearly the valuable education everybody is talking about as it were.

So I have been told that they get support for these activities from people at the Monarchy and that I am the one clinging to Celebrities – the latter is utter nonsense as what really happens is that they tell me the years they had invited themselves into my Court and coven systems to make a mess of my whole life, and patent the safe bits to their names, which then provides them a safe platform that allows them get away with a criminal lifestyle that they deploy to get around with real Men that can make money, would come with consequences naturally but that they did not think those consequences should apply to them because their stupidities were very important; in retrospect of which if they were handling big criminals while I handled small criminals like we hear their stupidities profess, getting out of the lives of the big bad Men that can make money and secure a good lifestyle to handle my person, work and property for the purpose of show business product creation should not normally have gotten me dropping out of University and the same applies to their friends at the Monarchy finding out from my Books how to write the Biography of the Heir to the Throne as far as they were concerned having the same effect since their great and almighty positions and careers did not actually know it all as they are claimed their theories on their superiority supported the idea that they did. The only reason it happens being the gits are telling me that they want my career and the bashing will only lead to reprisal bashing on my part as well as they now need understand what my feelings on the mess they make of my career and public work is, along with the likely consequences. Technically as such, it is operating the way that it should i.e. a bunch of idiots with a need to tell the Queen how Public behaviour should work to make them comfortable, feeding into Fashion and Celebrity culture but I believe my position on their stupid need to handle and bash me is quite clear at this point. I allow their stupidities harm me all the time because I need to ensure people are clear before I made my moves, it is not supposed to indicate that I am at the mercy of their idiocy as such and the only thing that matters around the Publicity which exists in this place is Government – I am going to work my social Media to make this very clear for my part as well and then I shall begin to express what I feel about their need to make a mess of the public work and set about bashing me in order to handle my public image for industrial purposes of piling high and selling cheap, obviously   education on the reasons people stab and shoot that big mouth no matter what we do at Government buildings to prevent high crimes.

The Celebrities claim that they have allowed me get completely out of hand otherwise I would never have stood a chance while what happens is that we really shouldn’t be doing any of these things at all – the reasons we are doing it is the extent to which their stupidities have been chasing ownership of my career and public image in terms of the fact I picked a bad neighbourhood to help me handle matters regarding a Hermitage and they picked out the neighbourhood, my living conditions, my diet and my dress code as tools by which to express a publicly displayed and humiliating nonsense that suggests it is completely out of place that I should be or be regarded as Royalty, have not stopped developing into a gimmick that runs from practical jokes that can be played with my career using Publicity, to outright media based bashing that makes people feel good enough to buy products; so as I have pointed out before, they act on it like their lives depended on doing so, as if a Doctor had prescribed it to keep them off deaths door, as if their lives depended on it and I need to start bashing them as well if I want a breathing space. The rest of the time, I am told the problem to be that I appear unwilling to be protected by my State provided security which I am not; the business with the security is loss of understanding that a lot of the times it’s not necessary as a means of control; what really happens is that these goons want to destroy the livelihood and then set about preserving their own, all built up on those insults from years ago, developed on dreams of what their stupidities would do with our public image and personality if they had it, so it’s so important to me as such the question of how I ensured their stupidities did not handle my product, check it out, damage it, build an alternative and sign their stupid selves off the customer list, which is also the reasons I write Books that hurt Celebrities when I describe a poorly relationship I have with my parents publicly in the process of career handling while they practiced misogyny on others to develop good relationships with their own and then set about forcing them to sell it and keep the insults somewhere else.

In my view, they are all the same thing; Celebrity, Popularity goons and Media – all a bunch of gits sent out by Local communities to run people down all the time and express something of an education on the reasons they get stabbed and shot on the streets, once they stand up somewhere at the other end with money extracted from market their victims built, looking for power too bashing people with Media all day long. Then there is the part where its unable to tell what will happen to its stupidities if it got into a fight with somebody twice its size, once it makes such decisions long enough, shows up at University to wreck my academic work dreaming of what it can do with my personality and public image while deciding with a Crowd to show for it, which gangs and bad people I should get into a fight with to make the kids comfortable, the damage done to academic work happened in 2008 by the way and I am writing this in 2019, so it had since continued to work as their biggest achievement and I needed to ensure that it wasn’t so for their stupidities anymore. They do claim its cowardice that I think big people should do whatever they like while reality is that peoples sizes do not restrict your movements and those who keep screwing around will never get me taking risks, while their idiocy claiming they were important does not get us all holding the tummy to perhaps avoid vomiting the food we had for the day. It’s quite silly that the same fools who would on getting into a relationship with criminals turn out criminals themselves, talking nonsense about bad neighbourhoods being the reasons they commit the crimes they commit and at the same time blabbing about being in charge, seeing the world in such ways – okay to judge people when they are twice my size but I could not tolerate half of what criminals tolerate either – I mean we all know those who chose a life of crime tend to find out that society is organised in a way which ensures they faced so much difficulty they ended up blaming random people for it to make sense but we know they join up and become criminals when befriended by criminals, blowing off the big mouth at me all the time like an education on the reasons their vandalism, destruction and insults gets people to stab and shoot. The Communities will send it out to run me down and get its imagination up my bum like so and it’s all within a setting where it is fulfilling it dreams and finding its way in the world but should I also raise Publicity for the fact that it points to how important paedophilia can be, I will be the one doing the bad things as such – soon enough we find it at the other end with money associated with market I built for my Books, buying shares with Companies to bash me on Media all day long talking nonsense from its foolish disposition where the truth and its lies were one and the same thing depending on how people felt, looking for decadence and if I said I have never seen anything so stupid, I started to sound like the stab and shoot guys, while its stupidities claimed that it was famous. The ageists associated with this nonsense originally claimed their main problem was a lack of money in their live, now they have the money and I am in even more trouble because they need power, as if I am the custodian of their power i.e. the reasons I work on the basis of making sure they did not handle my Business and sign their stupid selves off the customer base. They say everything now feels sad because of me and I suppose it does too; it stays at the back of the mind all the time that Modernism orientated Royals will always think of people whose Offices are associated with the Church in a certain way but the manner in which the loopholes that allow me to be bullied over it are exploited and the frequently of this exploitation is quite unprecedented, like they say my Books are an affront to the Monarchy, now that they have made it so and allied themselves to the Royals that support them but all it does is draw attention to the way that Royals tend to support the bad people in Town and fool around with them to any extent.

Like when I am said to be losing everything to criminal feminism which I am not – we will never see them practice those behaviour on their Husband and Children, I am supposed to be the lower Man who gets to deal with the dirty things that bother them in their relationships as such and the first time I was this lower Man in the selection processes that Celebrities have devised for their continued superiority, I was the character from whose Public image they were to get their fame, so a lot appears for have changed then since. We then hear that the matter needs to be resolved hand on heart as per if I am homosexual which I am not; these matters began years ago with women imposing sexual activities on me that I was not interested in, based on what they had decided will happen with Media and Publicity, as disobediently as possible – I may even engage in a lifestyle that is seen around it for another 20 years but when it comes to it, I will be myself again, meaning that if this is considered to be a effects of homosexuality, the probability is that they will believe I am not homosexual when I get into a relationship and remember a couple of days later, who I really am. Its like the other story that I don’t love people anymore when I find out they are homosexual which is utter nonsense as homosexuality is not my decision to make for others nor is it other people’s decision to make for me but when people I previously knew are homosexual, it simply means that they have organised their personal lives differently from what I used to know, if I am no longer friends with them thereof, it simply means that I was probably a contributory factor to the changes. Personally, I have no idea why people are asking such questions anyway while I am a Hermit, my bottom hurts and they have not yet supplied reasons for living in such an evil society that they advance homosexuality on people at the streets and leave it hanging so their badly raised and badly behaved Children might get the imagination up the bum to build a fear factor that helps them get out of the way their stupid personal decisions had affected them – I bet this still sounds very homosexual in their view.