There is talk now of animosity building up between me and the famous people who are planning to launch a street violence on me but it is difficult when they have not yet shown others an instance where they got into harms way because their own stupidities facilitated a process which got them there. It is not the first occasion, it usually builds up from the responsibility that Media faced in society, the ways that I could be abused and accused to interfering with it and then up to the point where the threats made sense – so it was this direct attacks which had nothing to do with the idea that extremism affected them more than any group of people and they had a responsibility to develop processes which caused the Government and the authorities to take responsibility for it, which caused me to respond. I really hate and wished to be free of instances where I had to respond to their gimmicks but these direct attacks included Celebrities picking up my earnings after building themselves a profile to make sense of my Books and the social location of my publishers business as their own, clearly not a red flag or provocative, if a bunch of idiots at Industry were giving them some popularity money for doing it, while their employees clung to my earnings because it was a better way to get rich – the other included a process where their society fathers got about making me very uncomfortable by claiming I had a sweet personal space which facilitated wealth and good life for others, to make me share it, they ensure they were always putting me in the same environment as ex-convicts, criminals, hoodlums and yobs while Celebrities picked up what I should have been and what I did in my privacy was shared with the people from mental institutions by cracked up out of my league characters – then the third which involved claims that I am a coward and they have been fighting my wars, it secures my attention and distracts me from very important matters with it but will not stop making the claim even when it complains about the consequences alongside its Celebrities more than I did, considering their show business was developed on the premise that for it to be as financially profitable as their greed had suggested it ought to be, they needed to make a complete and total mess of something incredibly important. Then we find them raise the point about Russians and we all know the only threat from Russia which exists is the one they created, the two part situation being that if Western Governments and Industry do not wreck western economies, Communist money will not flood into these economies and if they did, for the time that communist money floods in, needed to stop blaming others, whilst at the same time the stupid threat was the part where they rather loved to bluff – the second side of the story going beyond the destruction of my finances, such that after taking up my time to shut down my personal relationships and run me down every day, also claiming I am a coward and they got to fight my wars, It really comes down to a business of parts of the world where there isn’t a single ideology deciding what public policy for the Governments in those parts of the world was and if uncomfortable about the sex and violence that they instigated or will not allow those caught up in it to carry on, then it needs to stop complaining about the consequences, if it is uncomfortable about getting around in those places, needed to get out and cease issuing accusations at me stalling my Bookshop, personal life and finances, needs to concentrate on the one that pays the salary which gets to its head and stop taking up my time. eventually it all does go beyond the business of choosing a belief sensibility to show up here and cash my daily concerns forcing it on me, whilst the black idiots must have heard enough times by now, that their involvement with me is always disrespectful and I am now poised to respond with my own direct attacks on the famous too – it choses those belief ideas, such as the powers of society gits that had to be respected, and that it was to be respected because those who stood up to it performed activities which affected them and then trashes my University pursuits if it fancied my personality and builds a community that fingered my bum: first it claimed the criminals were better people and I spent time trying to rub shoulders with its famous stupidities, which wrecked the academic pursuits and finances over a 12 year period, thereafter it was certain that when the activities of the criminals affected its stupidities, I should be held responsible, never mind its tendency to take up the racist cause as well, when it is not famously dead yet – five years for the period I have been proactive on the matter, I have waited for these idiots to move on and instead ended up with famous peoples violence which makes me the place that my clients do not want to be and continued with a profile that suggested my Bookshop belonged to their stupidities, picking up my earnings along with the Media, which was full of idiots with ideas that it was profitable opportunism to set a stage for themselves where they got to attack me on behalf of the wealthy people I had offended. I am aware they have organised their stupid careers in such a manner, many times and in many ways before, it needs to stop issuing threats at me or for a start continue fighting my wars and get it done, particularly considering that their security guards cannot protect them from me.

They do claim I am worse off and they had won some battles here, naturally utter nonsense as usual, since it is only going to develop into a massive clash with famous idiots who have not yet seen as the source of all their problems, that stupid profile build to crash my finances, concerning where my Books and my publishers business is, as a matter which enhanced their public profile and served their fans, will not shut it down and keeps getting on my nerves crashing my finances to run me down and enhance the idea its stupidities were more important. I have been told I had a tendency to lose my patience but we have seen that everybody thinks about their career in terms of financial support they needed to acquire, so they could face the society madness but when acquired, the society madness did not make sense anymore, so those who hit a setback had to think about getting out of the society madness as a matter of recovery , about which they claim I did not actually believe that the society madness was relevant but the reality is that those who pick up the activities of successful illiterate, that normally think those who bother them are on the fringes of society already, considering what they had on their plate, to make a mess of everybody else’s concerns, are not illiterates themselves, which is shown by the relentlessness of their abusive stupidities. We have see that of the Celebrities taking such a form as meant they needed to pass the exams at school, so they may get ahead of people they claim earned things that could not be protected by those who earned it, to take up a media presence that helped them present victims with a test every single day, in my case specifically, it now includes abuses from alliance with criminal communities that built societies which finger my bum, celebrity violence and famous idiots issuing threats when they had not killed themselves yet. Overall, the men enjoy taking over my social life, especially the male journalists that have not since worked out what they wanted to do about dress well, lose boot laces, taking a walk at midnight and rapes a woman on his way home but removed the Court, so that they could finger my bum to decide how it was used and pretend they were sorting out society problems, which would allow their foolishness earn more money than female colleagues, shooting off the big mouth at me, when it had not gotten into harms way, the rest are not done fighting my wars yet.