People now say they worry that I am being asked to do more while most of what I had achieved have been completely destroyed but I should assure everybody that it has not been destroyed, it’s the normal scenario of goons fooling around instead of regard for a certain leadership they clearly rely on and once their position had become a threat to them, find a way to become so entitled they build up public pressure and gather up a means by which to drag you off more important things to hang around somewhere being a god on their behalf. The case in the US is that somebody has charged with the Murder of Mr Floyd and I am probably disappointed which is utter nonsense as we know what a murder looks like but they have now moved the question over to the executive and the position of the executive is a simple question of the facts within which the crime which has been committed was committed – the side of the Police and the side of the victim, so once they start saying that Mr Floyd had a history of disagreement with the Police and this did not take place on first instance on the day he was attacked by the Officers, that he probably had his own criminal connections as well, then the mess they have made of my public image will go without punishment.

They are always busy with this sort of activity at all times and I think that I have had enough of it and will not be dragged off anything to deal with any of their issues, they are better off just going off to get killed or something. The whites are another story all together, those are the gits that serve the Police as well at the sex industry once they have been served by the Police and it runs all the way to Asia where they grab my work and put the feet up at tourist destinations to pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world, having put a stop to it, they have sworn revenge; it just adds up to the last three years of my Bookshop time being wasted on gimmicks about the way telling me I cannot complete the academic work, run the Bookshop or my life if I don’t have money and should therefore hand it over to those who have money if it is so important, will affect me once most of my concerns had been damaged beyond repair, which just adds to the fact I had dropped out of University on account they wouldn’t stop following me around to play up these practical jokes and made me a very happy person as a result.

The rest of the time they say my actions adds up to path towards war but there are no wars here. The main problem is their need to hang around at Middle management completely destroying peoples lives while their minions get imagination up peoples bottoms but the Celebrities do the same on account they were very important and they had to act with it in a personal way, this is the main problem here; they now need to stop peppering my public image with comments, stop hurting me, get off my Hermitage and engage with the Books I have written if they were interested in what I am doing and there has yet been no sort of response whereby I encumbered or stifled their incomes as well. I have been told I am rather confident that none can take a Hermitage away from me which is utter nonsense as this only means I am putting my energy in the wrong places as such; looks like they want to be an Arch Prince along side me, looking for a response they will not forget, otherwise there is no language barrier here, I felt nauseated all day yesterday because my earnings did not look the work I was doing which happens commonly and often everywhere but mine is clearly a product of the sort of practical jokes people believe it is apt to spend time on.

The Politicians have said they are unable to make sense of what is happening, they do one thing I do another, it meets in the middle but what is really happening is that warning about a tit for tart break my career and I break yours, which I have been warning them and their Celebrities will become the result of their vandalism into the future – apparently it has now already progressed towards popular racism. They do like to say that mine will turn out to have been a false hope and its utter nonsense as its rather such hard work working out which recent secrets have given them a stupid confidence, so I might clear it out and move them on – I don’t think I can do it forever. I am an Arch Prince and it happened by magic, so since I know nothing about social and public life, I will not take from them the Celebrity careers and the Fashion gimmicks too. They do say its all about money and yes it is since last I built a trust system and created publicity for it, since last I completed valuation for property equity that I broker and waited to extract money from a Royal Hermitage to pay its bills and to maintain myself for 7 years because of their fascination. Their Politicians then jump on the most recent band wagon created by their local criminals, whereby I live just 15 minutes away from a mental institution in the area and people prefer to run off their Public transport to build pressure for my tummy and get imagination up my bum, once they got a response, I ended up with 11 years of hell with pint sized public transport twats that will beat me up and are driving public transport around in the area running off violent lasciviousness at my expense for it; I had only picked this terrible neighbourhood to help me get my head around a Hermitage concerns as such and to get to the bottom of their fascination with me since I had dropped out of University because of it 2 year prior.

All of it feeds into stories about how racism in the Police force is always overlooked and it is utter nonsense, like it is that I am struggling with my mum fighting me all the time with foolish men out to enforce her will and I am inundated with tribalism obsessed ethnic minority fools with a plan to get rich and media abuses that never ever stop everyday – I cannot carry on with my concerns knowing this is all I have to deal with because the Celebrities have already made fame from the relationship I have with parent and calculated what I am capable of while I have not yet provided them a reprisal for it. On the other hand, we hardly see white Boys get into a disagreement with the Police and those of them who do slip away with it because of the sheer number of those who abstain from such behaviour. Then there is the disrespect for the Police which is the source of the whole thing, that in my case, this mum fighting me and men enforcing her will gimmick is something about which I expect somebody to get off the day job and the family and deal with at their Office for me, when I don’t know what their name is. The Public face being that this sort of disrespect adds up to the sense that I blame them for it because it is a job that I can do, while common sense dictates that if they worked in an Office than that was where they worked but if I saw them on the Streets, I ought to consider that whole environment to be where they work, as if they asked me to stop and I tried to get away, I was making my crimes bigger, if I tried to get away thus got into a car, drove it and hit somebody in the process, my crimes couldn’t get bigger.

They say there is evidence I am finished and done for naturally which is utter rubbish; what happens is that people never listen, so they show up here to build me publicity for what I am as part of their own carer progression, knowing that I have Royal Publicity and there couldn’t be a better publicity anywhere else in the world and they play this up and wreck everything they get their hands on to hang around somewhere looking like I needed their help while I don’t. We have now reached crunch state where I tackle the culture and society goons bearing in mind my Office, as the Police are the ones with authority to handle those that have committed actual crimes, thus they set out my career somewhere and built publicity for it so they might be able to tell me my life was over and the Celebrities got involved to spend money on it and encourage them to do more. They always claim that they sense a need in me to be like them and its utter nonsense as what happens is the good old case of making sense of what is said at the Monarchy about getting tangled up with the wrong Crowd, whose methods of grabbing your Royal Office and career can sometimes be very bewildering - the specific one here expresses itself by the way they active try to avoid the tummy churning issues, since it is about a Court system of women and families.