They claim I make myself a victim whilst I am really not, much the same as they claim I am always angry and dissatisfied – both which had nothing to do with the real world: the victim which is supposed to have been an explanation for a process where an interference with my concerns meant that I got to build them a profile that ensured they remained in the state until I found somebody I wanted, who would replace them – not just a matter of my personal relationships anymore, about which I have now so far built three networks to find a wife, which had been converted through the service process of my Bookshop into a means by which people bullied me to befriend the wealthy, into something that allowed them to get rid of wife material and replace them with gold diggers and famous idiots, then run me down everyday to get rich fast. Then there is the wealth equity public image which they believed will continue to serve a means for easy money if they built up the popularity so big that I was powerless to do anything about it. So on the matter of being angry and dissatisfied, it was a question of their need to make publicity that suggests criminals were nice people and I was a low life trying to rub shoulders with them until they damaged my career and then once I built it up to a display of the way that the system I was involved with working on crime control, while their own was based on an arrangement between criminals, famous people and victims that had crime banging on their door until they gave in, to make the famous important, it was clear that the access they once had can no longer be sustained and they had decided that they will have it no matter what because they had no respect for me, have stalled by Bookshop, gotten whole industries and even school children engaged with social activity that will keep me away from my Public image and are complaining about complications when they had converted something so simple into this much nonsense because they loved to run people down. They will gain access no matter what and continue to make money off a business of making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy which process they left for gold diggers as well when they were not dead yet – building up to eventualities where I am set to start taking a list of the activities which encourage it i.e. even if they showed a degree of regard, their fans and the community that comprises of it will not, my public image and Bookshop will be stalled for what their stupidities consider a bit of fun which handles my assets, then there is the wealth equity as well, about which I intend to ensure their profiles were maintained until they were replaced by people who worked it the proper way, facing a difficulty where the American president was powerful and ordered me to serve them, pushing up my stress levels for gimmicks; goes without saying it will continue to operate as harmless fun until such a point as I decided I was more comfortable tidying up the streets with their public image and ridding it of the heart disease abuses that society gits had learned from them, which would make sense of all instances where I looked as if I never had my clothes on because it continued to make the stupid statements and boast endlessly about the supposition I will never be made to serve their famous stupidities but after years of bullying and property destruction I had been forced to, complaining the entire time, especially when it considered it stupid self an A list celebrity. It is a simple matter of no longer being detached from my Public image and my finances, now my personal life and wife at the correct time, considering a history of near world war three gimmick, fooling around with it on their part, the stupidities will stop making a mess of it and the finances apparently when they were finished, with a big mouth. Hence we find the question show up on exactly when I became enemies with the media and celebrities while it had nothing whatsoever to do with enmity, more so if they brought in the point about security services politics, we find it started when I attended University and certain sociological matters emerged which caused people overseas to think that their children were better off being raised in the UK, right after involvement at Industry developed into a canopy where people held a trust and worked it in my interest – those children who wanted to engage with public security work therefore did and we had from no where save an increased interest of criminal in my concerns and opportunity for a bunch of famous idiots to say they attacked me over opportunism that helped them befriend the wealthy, these gits needed their own representatives in the security services and are now saying that the emerged events showed how much they were entitled to handle me as they did, whereas the facts on the ground are that we had seen it all and the more security they provided us was the more trouble we got into – besides outcomes where each time a job had been done, it process passes through their abusive insolence, then arrived at the door step of Islamic extremists and then returns to us, like some public security based insanity, designed to ensure their greed that was meant to be the source of career success, running people down since first grade, while it built up extremism and violence for others on the streets, more so, the more insolent it got, was more profitable than ever.