They claim the part that bothered people the most and the most amusing, was the way I was completely unable to pick up my life in the face of some problems – it is utter nonsense naturally as they were here to steal trade secrets, such gimmicks being the best of insults channelled in my direction whenever their stupidities were not complaining about me as well. According to history, if it was the politicians, I am now the one putting myself at risk to prevent the criminals learning how their job works, I have great difficulty making sense of what the rest got up to all together, always the big mouth and no chance yet that I had earned myself after the 20 year career mess wrought here, a license to control their stupid lives for them. If we were to speak of the matter explicitly, then it would turn out that each time I assisted a female colleague in difficulty, I had become a woman, as far as the society idiots were concerned and if I set out the initial 20% of activities aimed at building a business partnership in such a way that Celebrity involvement would mean that Celebrities got to serve me whether they were aware or not, whether they liked it or not, they will organise their careers in such a way that driving around the insolent saloon cars on the roads would disrupt it all, whilst they did whatever was available to attack my finances because somebody had told them that they were more important and they did not wish to lose the feeling. I have issued enough warnings concerning all the things I have tolerated including the 20 year career mess and the new crisis brought about by their idiots at the local council making time on social security into a new career problem for me all together, warnings about a need to get on media and extract a good feeling, among other things that needed to be done to get rich fast, by making comments about my career and of course running me down whenever I am engaged in the work market, to which effect a crowd had now gathered to take advantage and I am set on a path where I will have to do something to stop it with a statement and preferably stop it badly. It is a Bookshop and they need to show up here to read or fool around somewhere else, without disturbing people who showed up to read, if they lived in Britannia Literally and did not wish that I got my hands on their own concerns and screwed it well enough to pursue them all the way to their retirement – I mean when I talk like this, it is said that the cesspool that Celebrities lived and worked in was more exposed to the world and yes it is, as we can see that since I performed my operations on the internet and took steps to ensure I played a part which made it safer for younger persons, their involvement had created a condition in which abuses on Media were met up by a scumbag at the NHS using ambulance sirens to make a statement that the Police disturbed the neighbourhood on my behalf, so I have been getting more interests from criminals, goons who did most of their work on the dark web and fraudsters since, the emails are incredible and some are getting through enough to secure my information and extract money from my bank account, considering the ways that my state provided security thins out whilst criminal interest increased due to the activities of the famous i.e. it is a cesspool indeed as it were and need to stop washing off my Royal Estate with its corrupt private security pricks and my public profile. I did warn them about the risk of this nonsense taking a turn into something like this and they have continued to maintain like a bunch of wise asses, that my state provided security provoked them. The point is then raised, something of the way that my state provided security provoked the Politicians as well and we were talking in terms about the way people invested their family money to keep an eye on Crown interests, to which effect the Politicians had to pick up my Office and my assets to make a mess and make promises to wealthy people, on collecting money for those promises, showed up here trashing property and social profiles because they were required to keep the promises, they were supposed to be corrupt, talking nonsense and issuing threats at Parliament. Where they claim this was the main reason I got to befriend Celebrities and media, we can see they were out of their depth for the gimmicks anyway, whilst we know that for their society, I am a character that is being protected by women, whereas what really happens is that if I set out ways celebrity involvement with my business partnerships will get celebrities to serve me, their stupidities will disrupt it and then there will be a fashion model that was tied to my Office willing to get the job done, hence it seems that their biggest problem on the other hand is also the ways that I am protected by the women but I did warn them about running me down when I am engaged with the work market and making comments about my career in public places and the Media. In the end it seems that they had ideas about things people ought to do to enhance the idea they were incredibly important, so they disrupt peoples work all the time and like to think they were entitled to run that disruption to and from work every day without trouble if others were not disrupting their own as well, building up to the part where they wrecked my assets to show up here providing us security from communism about which we got into more trouble the more of the stupid security that they provided. The part that has befriended them being the one in which the question was a matter of how an Office operative in the security services who does not work in the field, would end up there, captured and tortured by the enemy, considering the stupidities they spent their time on all day, this is the one that gets involved with them all day as well – I am a Book seller, it needs show up only to read and nothing else, unless its famous stupidities were certain it would be likely to complain less than I did when its rogue landlords rented me a space and drew up violent lasciviousness between it and a couple of miles down the road for hoodlums and criminals to engage with, then rent the space next door to a twat that had nothing to lose, to finger my bum, getting media notoriety from their insane jobs and its vandalism.

They do claim it is what they meant by the idea that I am a failure but it is utter nonsense as the main problem is that the people who had time to read Books were mostly retired people and book worms, so if a library is noisy the owner cannot make a living, it is not a public library here that I keep as a writer, it is a private one, so it is obvious that if the environment was noisy I clearly did not take my job seriously enough to get paid and then it gets up on media to cling to my personality for good feelings to which it was entitled getting slippery with everything I did to move on its stupidities in order to stay on, since picked up breath stifling blackmail, narcissism lies and economic abuses to get what it wants. It started out as a civil right entitlement gimmick and in two decades now it has successfully progressed from a sense it was entitled to get involved with my affairs whilst it fights law enforcement and women for social privileges, the period of time in which police brutality and police racism had to be linked to my livelihood somehow had been done, now it simply needs to keep my clients down using practical jokes. So I need to take the whole thing about finances more seriously where this matter of being a failure was concerned, such that if something was set out to make money, I pushed the honesty about that more strongly – I have been but each time I did, it was their stupidities on the Celebrity jobs doing the damage and the resistance, the other idiot that had been using NHS sirens to create a sense that the Police disturbed the neighbourhoods on my behalf has stalled a Bookshop for 5 years so far, whilst the lip flapping on Media suggests that I cannot take them on whereas taking on such people to tidy up my social profile by handling their career as well, would also mean that it was inescapable to make a really good mess of the stupid well off neighbourhoods, with an intent to call them out for a fight too. In the end a Bookshop attached to a Royal Commission is up there with the Crude Oil companies and multinationals, as long as people are able to say that they picked up my income margins to make their own money, then their narcissism encouraged others to join in, I will always haemorrhage money literally, so I think that it is a really good option to consider, that I may have to prepare for an instance where I made a really good public example of a Celerity or two on the matter.

They raise this point about a history of famous people taking advantage of me, concerning which they did not plan to look back and they have achieved no such thing, just a reality where being overworked at a Royal Office was hugely problematic, save I made clear the fact that I was overworked because I wanted to be for instance and then it would have been a temporary affair but the definition of overworked Royalty has to be a sense that I am paying attention to Celebrities who expressed an unusual even perverted interest in me and that is not what I have done, only things like the idiots who used NHS sirens to build up a state of affairs that suggested that the Police disturbed the neighbourhoods on my behalf whilst clinging to my public profile. I am asked if it bothered me that people read my birth sign to claim I loved everybody, it does not as much, save the instances where they built up public opinion from doing so – I mean I have lived in an environment all my life where people showed up as connoisseurs to do things with me in a manner such that it was expensive to get involved with me, even if they did not spend actual money doing so and it always works for them, only to meet a group of idiots spicing up their sex lives with my public profile, leaving me to realise that human beings can be so stupid. In the end Libras are inherently difficult for astrologers to read and the justice aspects of our social lives tends to push them into a position where it made sense to read the star signs only for those who have asked their own to be read, such that they would then have to keep the secrets for those who planned to do horrible things with the information gained. More so, I have always known astrologers to befriend Libras for astrology since we were likely to destroy at any cost anything that gets between the simple process of just being able to go home and rest at the end of a day’s work, hence we see what those who are antagonising Libras for astrology were really getting up to. I do not think it a crisis, we have simply arrived at a point where it is assumed and suggested that we lived in a society which was at an impasse whilst it is simply a matter of having enough of the insults and career damage, so I have decided to set out a pedestal upon which I can resolve the abusive Scorpio and street corner theft Virgo issues by beating down to my satisfaction all the other people who did stupid things with my life through it whenever they were making money, especially the famous. I have done very well at this stage, but I believe I need to get incredibly good at it. Here it is said that I am doing something evil as well considering I allowed them to beat me down, which they are not; on the industrial side it was a matter of showing up here to spend their time on me which is such a difficult task that it allowed their competition to get ahead of them and if the competition gangs up on me, then it is all just as well, on the society and celebrity side it was the two sides to the fence of which on one side I am a normal person who understands my career and my social profile and pursues my concerns every day with a process of keeping down the obscurity that affected me, on the other side of the fence were a group of people who lived in obscurity and attacked other people’s personal and financial wellbeing because they had nothing to lose and if I scaled the fence into their side, I will find that there was none there that I took a liking to: what I want to do is to get on the fence and complete my academic pursuits whilst I am still on it garnished with a structure that will help me decide when every fool that continued doing stupid things with my life to make money would live by the three ways to handle poor people which involved giving them money, giving them a job or asking them to go away or I will fight everything that they stood for as well, what Royal duty says is that I needed to get off the fence so that when they bothered public figures it would have transpired that their activities were not a mystery to everybody else. I still pose this threat naturally but it would be a matter of completing my academic pursuits entirely for personal reasons, unlike my first attempt which was pursued in a setting where I did not fully make sense of career offside rules, as I was largely inexperienced at the time, the problem is that another group of idiots claiming to be famous were ripping up a Bookshop because it was a matter of fitting in with them for me to complete the academic pursuits, so it was obvious they were asking for an unusual activity that I was bound to get away with.

It is much the same as they suggest that I ran my concerns the way I did because I did not have a father influence – utter nonsense naturally as it was the father influence that showed up at University to finger my bum and get me to drop out, simply because I was back at University at the age of 24, considering that a father influence would not have been bothered by the reasons I was back there at 24 years of age all together, I mean I am certain they were catching their breath at this stage whenever they were not thinking that Politicians should listen to their feelings about my responses. So we arrive at the point where some people think I a being brain washed and was likely to be unaware that I am – I could never tell anyway, I simply know that they have been working it for years, so the methods by which they devised crimes that had no names in law, which helped them make the most of other people’s property was to be followed up by eliminating the prevalent threats, there was the need for them to investigate the Police socially which has now created the question of whether their doing so was a good thing all together hence the point that I am being brainwashed, for my part, the Police brutality, the racism, the crime and street violence had to be linked to my public profile and my career so others may be entitled to it in some way, hence we have ended up here. It is nothing unusual, simply built up to the concerns about the idea that since all these ills of society were linked to me and my career in some way, how long can they keep performing their gay society and woke society gimmicks on a so called victim – we all grew up with the same concern, that if we are no longer living at parents expense and it as obvious that although we had everything sorted, we still were unable to account for the ways that we could pursue our daily affairs safely and who was doing that job, giving rise to the question of whether they would rather have preferred that we lived under a military leadership to curb this process where the government functions in their neighbourhoods only tended to enhance the idea the only thing they learned at school were the insults and in order to mitigate obscurity which prospects was high in civil society. In the end the point is raised that it was all being caused my social issues, especially when the real problem is that they got tangled up with my career and believed they needed a media presence to make it their own, which is incredibly annoying, just as I have warned when it had successfully changed the narrative, I will confront those gimmicks where they put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing of and one side was the actual criminals whilst the other was a bunch of idiots who had always been a problem concerning which the victims needed to take their views of public and social matters out there, to prevent the outcome of ending up in a reactionary footing when provoked, especially those who were religious, will be faced with something of my own that I had invented for all the wrong reasons too. The social issues is the same social issues as normal – there is the society of men who loved to abuse peoples privacy and the society of young strong people who loved to abuse the privacy of those who helped with the problems that the society of men had caused, so the street violence and Police brutality considering their need to dig up law enforcement affairs, corrupt it any opportunity they got and push the gimmicks that helped to make a lot of money by avoiding work, was all linked to me in some way. Here it will suggest I had let the cat out of the bag to be taken advantage of and it is utter nonsense as I am now bent on getting it to lose the Celebrity job, I mean I could simply have decided to remove its involvement with Celebrity jobs that were linked to me but it has just taken 6 years of my time since last it trashed my career to avail itself to organised crime products, to build a series of show business products that will ensure I could not decide who handled my assets – so I have done the part where it needed to cease ripping up my public profile, needed to cease stalling my Bookshop, needed to cease fighting law enforcement on my behalf, this is the outstanding one and it seems that the main reason for it is that they never have stopped stalling the Bookshop by getting good feelings off insulting my person and making comments about my good career, whilst running me down every time I am engaged with the work market, feigning ignorance of the ways that the coward that would gather to take advantage of it would be ex-convicts, complaining that they felt like going home after a few minutes of arriving at work to continue the same behaviour all day, so it seems that this feeling of needing to go home as soon as they arrived at work has not yet shown them what putting people through a 2 decade career mess with media, celebrity and society gimmick does, I need to push it further, especially as it had since developed into a problem which suggests the wealthy and powerful can be oppressed by the poor and I am set to befriend the broadcasting community for it and then will it continue to cling to my career, patents and income margins, making stupid statements about feeling me in their bottom telling them what to do.

We can see the reasons I needed to get better and better at dishing the punishment for the career and finance damage done by birth sign reading gimmicks, especially when done for an alliance with the Scorpio abuses and Virgo street corner criminality gimmicks, as it is not just a matter of dissecting my career to stifle my finances for gimmick that was the privilege of people who were larger than I am but also breaking up and owning my career among famous fools. It has always developed into endless narcissism, where if worried about those who are making it possible for their stupidities to pursue daily affairs safely, it also came with a process of building a society where people had to get into trouble with the law, to prove they deserved to own what they already had followed by sexual context and economic abuses that ensure people are not allowed to smell nice – there is also a need to fight national enemies on behalf of their so called victims, an abuse of privacy and interference with personal relationships for access to people’s lives, complaining about causalities of building wealth by sacrificing other people’s matrimony, making people characters that can be bullied whenever quasi criminals wish to befriend the wealthy and run people down at work using public media. They read the birth signs because the assumption was being made, that once they shared my diet with those who wish to commit crimes and people who worked at the security services, they could stifle my career to make me chose a career that will protect them and if the way I stood up for myself was passed off as somebody else’s life, leaving the person to think that they stood up for themselves the way I did, there was no way that I would take it into account if I had to act in a dangerous situation but we also know it is the reasons it is suggested that we Libras perform perfect violence, since action will be taken to ensure such nonsense unravelled because action had been taken, to which effect they could claim we stole their lives to fight enemies and needed to pursue other related problems.

The question of the main cause of the problem lingers still but it is a simple thing for people to do regardless of whether I am aware the need to cling to the privileged aspects of my life was about survival, considering I did not make their personal decisions for them, needs to stop getting on my nerves or the stupid community will end up somewhere having to sort something out with Police in riot gear – a simple matter of the fact I could employ somebody to keep a Bookshop in a social Library environment I had built for it whilst they fool around somewhere else but it will still be my private library anyway, it needs to make comments about its career on Media and stop running me down when I am at work, considering it is proving to be their undoing. The problem is that I am in charge and they are not, having since arrived at a point where they built their own narcissism platform for the opposite sexes to express how much they hated each other, however learning nothing from it. It is so annoying when they arrive at this stage where they claim I am a good example of a Libra being more willing to take action – I could never tell anyway considering such nonsense is meant to be disrespectful in the first place, I mean does it now want me to take action because it would never stop bothering mentally ill people and was now concerned that somebody might feel hard wired to its career, personal life and even finances? When I have done nothing about such nonsense, is it being paid to cover the distance between home and work, pushing insults at me everyday? Then there is the part where it came up with personality education and got me all comfortable with people who could not keep their hands to themselves, after which it taught me how to get along with others in a work place, so what it is now saying is that my unwillingness to take action had caused a result where work had passed me by onto somebody who was more willing to take action. I do not concern myself with it as such as this is the disrespectful part, the serious part will have been the part where I got to take action, to say that I got better and better at punishing the need to forge an alliance with abusive Scorpios and street corner stealing Virgos and then I built myself a profile for it and engaged the public with my actions every day, so if I had not done such a thing, it needs to keep its mouth shut and show up at the Bookshop because it wanted to read a Book, chances are, I continued to deal with the poor book sales numbers and I will get my hands on its career eventually and it will be the best action I ever took. I am far more comfortable listening to gits like this lip flap all sorts of nonsense that made them appear to require assistance from an exorcist, than I am listening to them talking nonsense at me about taking action. I mean they do claim that the way I ran my affairs made everything complicated for everybody else whereas what is making things complicated was the Politicians to tore up my career profile and public interest in my Books because they wanted to drain it of anything that made it more than just a Book for the engaging public and have been doing this obsession of solving their political problems in this method for the best part of a decade during which time I faced the associated financial mess whilst they did not see anything wrong with getting corrupt over it, so they have been showing what the intention behind the behaviour was by making promises to wealthy people over it and doing more damage every time they were required to keep a promise because money had been awarded them for it. I have never seen anything so stupid as a career that was damaged because it was so important that politicians damaged it to ensure that the public only engaged with a job at the market place, whilst claiming that the victim who had suffered a prolonged financial mess for it was running his affairs in a way that posed a threat of making general daily affairs more difficult, in the end, if living on social security was the best way to keep a private library quiet enough for those who paid for the products in it, it was rather obvious that I was looking for employment. They mention the raging social inequality that ravages the country which does not make any sense how I am involvement, as per they were the people ripping up careers to make promises to wealthy people that loved to see others dance around a pain, I only know I had a history with such wealthy people and they were awarding a lot of money to Celebrities these days, set to claim naturally that the money was a threat to me which can only occur when the famous gits and their need to pass insults at others with a media presence yardstick that they have expressed fears of losing, insults about ways I am meant to get into a fight with others to enhance the idea that they were important persons. The treatment of wealthy people in the UK is appalling they would say but their needs do not concern the process of investments, whether they found what they needed in the UK or wanted to go elsewhere. It is not really a complicated problem, people need to allow me restrain a sense that I was being pursued because these goons had ways to ensure that I paid attention to them whilst they created social ills, on account it mitigated the level of consequences, those who continue to perform activities that ensure I had no choice but to either pay attention to it or end up in a social situation where it could be suggested that I had, need to stop complaining.

The question at some sequential point is one of whether I am aware that Celebrities were campaigning and building crowds that will help them enforce the idea you were good at protecting people and should be doing National service to enhance their sense of being important. I am well aware of it, it is an example of the reasons the stupidities of the famous only end when they lost the job of which currently they were so full of themselves that they did not think that was likely to occur on my account and their parents got a feedback for the nonsense I had to tolerate from them endlessly through the Media or they as usual, had to kill themselves. The state of affairs is one in which they always needed an environment of conflict whilst they had their attention fixed on other peoples person or possessions, which social conditions would have allowed their stupidities to do whatever they wanted with such property and such persons as well, it is created to be separate from the Government and the system, so there is always a tendency for people who suggest that my responses to their famous abuses were the wrong thing to do, to make a lot of trouble and get into a lot if it as well, so it is usually also garnished with the activities of society gits whose interest in my affairs was to find somebody concerning whom they may get involved with a cause to which I was attached and sell me out supposing the person possessed a lot of money to share. They do believe that I am vulnerable to this nonsense but I am not vulnerable to it in anyway whatsoever and have given them a good enough exit, to make their media comments about the idea that their methods were sound considering that it made them financially comfortable, cease running me down when I am engaged with the work market and stay away from my Bookshop Clients – so far they appear to be engaged with something other than the exit I had provided whilst they complained. So it feeds into what their previous history is like i.e. that security service provoke them by talking to them about these matters, which then focuses on what was being said and brings to bear the way that invented cliches that I must be thinking about considering the date in which I was born as a matter of astrology, which they could say provokes them as a crowd that served their cause – the main statement being made, concerning the idea that since they are always deciding how people will do hazardous jobs to serve them and make them feel important, they may as well take it up themselves, hence in my case it had grown into a campaign I should be doing National service which considering my point of view listed above is another recipe for them to claim somebody deployed state security for unusual reasons. The point is that they are supposed to be rebellious characters and this is the reason they considered themselves a state within the state itself all together, so we have the cliché that annoys me the most, to be the idea that I am supposed to fight people to make them important, that I am the person that handles security and could be relied upon for it, whilst the cliché from their society which annoys me the most was the idea they built an abusive society that had taken hold of my personal life and sent out low lives that had nothing to lose in the world, to show up and run me down everyday; the risk is that it will not restrict its comments to whatever methods appeared to have been the best way to make a living from its point of view, it preferred to make the stupid comments everyday, about my Bookshop and my career instead. They cite the time that I did private security work for instance as one of the main reasons for their activities but we know that they thought it was all fun and game whilst I did the work last we checked: they showed up with their male society narcissism and their strong youth gimmicks to churn my tummy and create smell issues that they were now working on media as the main reason I ought to forfeit my career all together, even during the security work did I make it difficult for them to go home considering the risk that this nonsense may expose the premises to crime, the part where I am now set to lose my career will likely be their undoing, as I have asked them to express their stupidities about their careers, especially the famous who had since acquired their own German influence trouble makers whose activities were the main reasons they got involved with my state provided security years ago in the first place before the recent process of trashing it to make available the organised crime products they wanted to buy from money they trashed my public image to acquire. It needs to talk about these methods and the importance of its career, cease making trouble for me through its personal decisions by putting mine on the spotlight on its behalf and of course as I mentioned before, the lingering problem is still that I am being made to pay attention. The excuse made is that their method was a financial advantage but it is really not in any way whatsoever, I am currently engaged in a process that will allow me round up the unusual activities of people who did not have difficulty paying their bills, where my Bookshop was concerned, so as to put it to property crimes and consign it to history in order to move and we can see where the afore listed opportunism stupidities have caused the self-harming famous gits and their influence idiots whom none is asking to provide an opinion about my existence especially when it is so disrespectful I am left feeling flustered, fits into the picture – they were only likely to pick up something about which I disagreed with a clandestine consensus, to sell me out in order to get rich fast but it is only likely to create an outcome in which people built products to help baby sit them and the wealthy trouble makers that played along, unless they backed it with the same gimmicks were are trying to resolve here, which would involve a process of making out my profile to be one in which I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, corrupt my wealth equity into a tool with which people bullied the wealthy and leave me open to the home wreckers and then I will need to do what I have done all over again but in terms of the fact that they were property criminals to which effect I needed to move the business forward. Like they claim that my wealth equity also compromises me because I have been picking up other peoples equity as well, the Politicians want to know about reasons wealthy people who did not have difficulty with their bills targeted and tackled people like myself – for the latter it is to do with the way they make their own money, involving a process where they picked up equity be it their own (in which case they will divide, split and pulverise communities) or not (in which case they will wreck the freedoms of the professional world to scout the work market and the institutions that produce it for talents), to get hundreds of people involved in a pyramid scheme in which they ended up at the top of it, so whenever they saw people who were good at what they were doing, making money as cleanly as possible, hell broke lose, so people who did not face difficulty paying their bills were the reasons my schedule did not work for me anymore and they were not paying mine either; they even say that I have not lost anything real in all these whilst it was always clear that I am an Arch Prince and they are not, concerning which there must have been a good reason. I am not compromised in anyway as claimed either, they are supposed to be a bunch of people so clever, they showed up at University to finger bums until I dropped out and have been chasing my career thereafter to date – their involvement with my affairs only tended to serve a purpose in which I informed the Client that product aesthetics had been compromised, usually for over 90% of the times this gets to clients, there was an agreement that we had run out of time and the products needed to be at the market place on schedule, whilst I stood by to mitigate the problems, to which effect I worked Intellectual Property Administration and the Clients would at least be allowed to work the market, so yes, I have lost nothing and am rather good at what I did.

It is just too much on the whole – they were also clear about what they hated: the Muslims were about the lies they told, when it is really about hunting down good looking women to work sexual and sexual context abuses, sometimes the good looking men that meet criteria as well, they adjust their social position to match a career, claim the career provokes them and put up other gimmicks associated with the importance of working with a community, so peoples demagogues cannot catch up with them, to which effect the victims were at fault and the fact they came out unscathed proves their innocence, hates me as I am more likely to make a practical joke of those communities so that I can churn their tummy as well. Then there were the Asians, 95% outdoor activities were about misogyny and if on practicing it on me, I were to tackle them, I would put the women who have successfully protected themselves at risk and place myself at risk of criminal feminism that they befriend and can turn on at any time. The Afro Caribbeans were the birthplace of a world where you lose your career because women enjoyed getting somebody bigger than you are, to decide what your existence should be, complains I had organised my career to make them take more risks with personal safety but the highway to schizophrenia abuses on the streets, the media insults and various other forms of narcissism and economic abuses continued, especially when they had help from their German influence gits, who also helped run off the lies that if the government helped to control their victims, the problem of sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment would be solved. I do not think it is a crisis, just pointing out my motivations whenever it is suggested that the matter continued for an eternity and that we were making the country unbearable for everybody else at the ethnic minorities etc – this is punishment for the fact I dropped out of University because of them, the outcome being that they are now a group of people who were or lesser worth compared to everybody else, so they wish to devise revenge for this and have already begun to progress what was an existing abusive state of affairs where I walked down the streets like I am an important person, built up to a point where whatever it is I am, they were it, damaging a writers profile, so there is likely to be fresh punishment when the damage is such that I either had to request help to run the Bookshop or I had to mitigate its entire existence all together – currently I am working on the way that people bangs doors and walls and I felt it because Celebrities were being corrupt with private security and rogue landlords, when I am done readying for outcomes where Celebrities lost jobs on my account and they were still here, I think the Politicians will have new feelings to listen to as a consequence. The Celebrity part is so annoying from an Arch Prince’s position as it shows up on my schedule, to claim I am a character living in a condition where life had left me behind, had since along with its corrupt security and rogue landlords, built a global level crisis without furnishing people with a definition life itself – so it is now a matter of a story where one person who brokers assets and works equity with me, whilst the other picked up my career publicity for gimmicks, whilst I am exploring options to tell the latter off or decide where their activities should be a matter of police interest, it picks up a new gimmick and builds a crowd on it, where I am the person that does security and will be attacked if I did not finish what I started or got into a fight with somebody to enhance the sense their famous stupidity was being practiced on the basis they were incredibly important.