We can never be free from stories told by characters who claim they want to teach the likes of me and my generation a lesson apparently but I am at a loss as per which lessons they can teach in this place – they do say I appear to be on a war footing all the time which is utter nonsense as what happened is a level of abusive disrespect that has allowed people develop one big happy ethnic minority family over my career and finances, such that the last five years have been spent getting them to stop picking up my Bookshop service processes and transforming it into something else that people can get involved with in a way that benefits them, getting me to wake up to nauseating financial complications because of the way that my finances do not match the work which I do in this Hermitage. So every other processes of making a mess of my career and finances had completely failed and this physical damage comes with a process of expecting to rely on me not to make a case out of it in Public so they might achieve their aim, without payment naturally. So I woke up to it yesterday and the day before that and have been waking up to it for the last decade and a half without reason or purpose, save when it turns out that moving culture and society goons off my concerns only encourages media fools to build their career around the control of my publicity and the control of me to serve fat cats, industry trouble makers and Celebrities. So, the disrespect has now reached a point where I am a published writer who is not recognised as one because of what they do with the job which is not necessarily written in their contracts.

They do say they would like to help me if they could just to make me go away but I don’t see how they can help save the total elimination of all Celebrity and Media interests in my concerns – as there is no way I can keep a Hermitage and a writing career alongside it, so the abusive type which is what I am getting, carrying on all day as a side activity to a job they claim pays them enough to inflate their ego will not do. They do also say that it is sad I am destroying all links with Celebrities but it really isn’t; this is who I am and celebrity culture is what the wife does, the parties she organises for the Children and when we have Home guests, where she gets the ideas and trends and where she gets those songs from – so in my case, preparing for a life with the other half developed equities which allowed younger people manage the way organised crime affected them especially at school using popular culture and I was ecstatic until these goons got involved, since which the blow out has been ecstatic sad which people think means I am mentally ill but for them it means that in a world where they get down on their heads and loop the loop to create entertainment, their tummy cannot take it and they have begun blabbing that I will get what is coming to me which makes me think they never stop bluffing and some things simply never change. The only way they can help me is if they shut down all involvement with my concerns and since the progress of my finances is now in their hands, I was allowed to begin building up my accounts Books in the months that followed, without interference.

The rest of the time its industry goons picking up their own lack of respect for the writing career and its usually an example people can follow, when rich people make use of other people’s products without payment and this is the question that now needs answering too. It feeds into other questions about the reason I am always getting targeted to be that I make time for the women around me or the women in my life as much as I do for myself, so they had decided I am vulnerable to tribalism, these days I am not vulnerable to tribalism anymore, disrespect hoodlum friend managers of large companies had jumped on a band waggon and I am the guy people pick on to suck up to rich people. So it usually works in this was as far as I know and then I will grab the public image of the Celebrities who built this whole thing by playing a global stage part in a case where quasi criminal culture and society goons who are always in a state of encouraging riots in the local communities, built up my concerns somewhere, so they might be able to tell me my life was over at will – so it was the last time I would tolerate abuses from Celebrities for my part as it were. The business of being the character people picked on to suck up to rich people really taking off when I use their fame to tidy up the mess and they grabbed my career to rebuild their fame by like they have always wanted, bragging about how the Celebrities that never got to the top were the ones that couldn’t make the difficult decisions, and then the quasi criminals will go from money and security gimmicks to saying that they thought I was the guy people picked on to suck up to rich people but my recent behaviour has shown I am really the guy people pick on to get rich, which is the way it should be, to make show business into a world where cultural people are abusive and Celebrities got in league with society goons to handle it, allowing me to withdraw everything that had added up to a process of getting out of my comfort zone to get hurt all the time.

They do claim my Books are difficult to understand and its utter nonsense as what I have said here have cleared up matters about trying to understand books they have never read and if I gave away more information they would pinch it, like they have not yet been able to explain the reasons anybody would pick up service processes of a Bookshop and build something else out of it for people to get involved with, making the owner into a character that wants to get them shooting each other in that foolish world of theirs where they are either quasi criminal on one hand or want to screw with people and hang around on media boasting about their friendship with Crude Oil companies stereotypically. So, this leads back to the purpose of this conversation i.e. that they will teach me lessons, which is their big mouth bragging naturally. I just want some respect for my writers position the way I don’t bother them otherwise this is likely to lead to outcomes where I wrecked their careers and hung up on social media picking off all they did to recover as means to facilitate my own fame, the way I have learned from them – I mean they are covered on the part where I described them as bums so that I cannot use after learning from them how to pillage peoples career and make market from claiming they believe others are bums which is what they really are, however wrecking their careers to make my own fame from recovery processes is something I can use. They do claim nothing I have said have been heard or seen by any which is precisely the point as they are supposed to carry the weight of it and then disseminate the information because they couldn’t manage, otherwise it is quite clear the media will have to organise their career and finances another way as I am fed up with this. Not least with the other goons bragging about how they had lost their career and there are talented people to be taken advantage of in order to make money which the Police cannot protect from them, resulting in riots that stem from demonstrations they have carried out to upstage me over Police brutality, claiming that as a man I am a disgrace which does not bother me in anyway as there is no culture, society or politics in my history, so whilst their abuses do not bother me or cause me career damage, I am able to pick and chose which of their stupidities to throw back and the abuse of my career and Hermitage is likely to stop the way I would fancy it did because of this.

They say I had promised to hand back my Royal Hermitage if ever The Queen had to fight my corner but we can see that no such thing has ever happened but these goons have progressed from a business of claims I hang around in the neighbourhoods being a nice guy in the hope their parents will hand their inheritance to me, which meant they followed me around to get me stuck with gangs and criminals at University until I dropped out, so a case of telling everybody what to do which also includes The Queen. The Politicians have asked what prompted me to make such a statement for my part but as we can see even now, there are a group of people who spend most of their time making sure that leaders had less and less security, claiming it will make them more willing to sign Government contracts with Companies, while the complication I am handling at this stage concerns The Prince’s Wales’s Mistresses performing their duties and the fall out showing up at my Office while the mistresses of the Duke of Cambridge have not yet been decided and The Queen is the current Monarch.