I am now told that I tend to know more about other people’s problems than I know about mine. The truth however is that its largely a matter of insults and I am done tolerating them – usually starts out stupidly enough, with cases of how people dream of moral people preaching religion somewhere that makes a case out of the injustices of the world and allows men to suffer so that there might be some way to inflict the innocent in order to gain penance for the bad things that have been done to women in the world, beyond this however I have no idea what the idiots are doing all together. The others at the Monarchy claim the problem to be that people are fighting my battles, while reality is that they usually split themselves into three groups; one says I am no one but my battles have already been fought, the other says they fought my battles and have scars to show, the third say I have an inability to be grateful when people fight my battles and they are accused, judge, jury and executioner, while I have not got a clue what they are doing. The Media and Television personalities that make these lies into a big thing however are another story entirely; the radio waves have their time spent on constant insults and abuses, especially with respect to prospects of me entering into a relationship with other people, hence each time I think it had grown into such a form of abuse channelled at me with respect to what my relationships might be like and how they may use it to get rich, such that I am unable to establish a relationship with others, then we find the occasions where people complain about the bang, bang, banging away at popularity bits. The television and Celebrity like to say I am a little sweet thing that wants to be free now, the reality of which goes all the way back to that sense they believe it is okay for people to drop out of school and hang around the neighbourhood waiting for things that will be done to them to get them fighting gangs and violent people on the streets because they were other peoples Gods and they always got whatever they wanted with a big mouth – it develops into a process of wanting others to take seriously enough to provide them with a response, such activities as in my case where people getting imagination up my bum and making out if I did not accept its what my reality is, then there is at least 5% of me that accepts its their right, being a case of rich and stupid gits stealing a Literary Empire from this place, while the Celebrities start out with a case of wanting to be more important than I am using my Public image hence every relationship established with me which is usually against my wishes, end up being set out where my finances are meant to be and the society ones are always telling lies and issuing accusations in order to avail them to means to handle me and chase money stealing my work, market margins and property all day long – sweet little thing that wants to be free of them the fuck it constantly drummed away at me and talking nonsense when it fuck its position in its community or its society as well, claiming I fart in Public places too, does not really exist , what really happens is that I have not done anything about them besides being clear that I am done with the ideas on seeing the amusing bits of their stupidities, the warnings being quite clear it’s the jobs and careers doing it presently with their families being blissfully unaware of the nonsense I have to put up with, whereby getting imagination up my bum makes them important and it was all my fault while I am well aware it does not affect their jobs or families and I have not done a thing or reacted in a way that does, soon to change with my career joining in as well.

I am told that the relationship I had with Media and Celebrities was a beautiful thing and I should not seek to destroy it but I am not; only the part where people may take part at will being completely eliminated – they do this all the time in the West; the Men will say it is not acceptable to develop something that is exclusively for women to participate in, the lesbians chasing female lovers will not put stickers on their faces to say so instead of wrecking my career and finances over passions about which they blow off their big mouth seeking a reaction and the outcome most of the time is usually bloody violence. It never stops, the pattern always the same and they will do it and inform the victims that they knew consequences to follow such behaviour but were so important they did not think it would apply. It is as such an incredibly stupid supposition to say that I am a sweet little thing, brought to my place and now wants to be free of them but I have to say that it is not an unusual stupidity either.