It is never half the truth that I had gotten into some difficult circumstances as applicably claimed, what has happened is a business of watching my Bookshop service process get altered for some gimmick that will help people sell products, altered due to an access Celebrities had to me and a good feeling which came from it, that their affinity with crime and criminals will not allow them keep, so they got off attacking me to build prestige for the criminals and claimed I spent time rubbing shoulders with them, now we had a crisis in the sense that I was making them more important than they were and they stubbornly refused to stop picking up my public work to deploy for another purpose, which in itself prevented me from being seen in terms of the version of me that they most found desirable. Altered to make sense of some silly women who had their images displayed on local shops to sell products, because Books I had written contained a tendency to assist but they could not be caught dead paying for it. It is a 9-year period and I have watched them alter my Bookshop service process and career publicity for their own purposes, crashing my finances completely thereof. Every time it happens it does because an idiot is building a scheme that shows people how to get rich or some stupid fraternity had taken an interest in me but the one that beats the imagination is they then get off complaining on National Media, that public work is not fulfilling its purpose and I am not the version of me their famous idiots most felt comfortable getting involved with, which I am now completely fed up with. It claims it performs these activities because I am a joke but I have never seen anything so dirty, I bet if I started to respond to it, I would be the one doing the discrimination – it runs people down all day, just getting about the streets changing peoples lives with insults that people cannot handle and then when it all sticks as a lifestyle, we then find it begin a campaign associated with my personal and social life, concerning what its stupidities claimed was inadequate security available to famous gits and civil rights idiots – so far they claim their abusive interest in me was a factor of claims I could handle them easily which I can, so far it was their trouble making millionaires buying their stupidities for the time being and if the Celebrities will not stop picking up my public work, while their stupidities will not stop altering my career and service processes, I will have them on the right and the Celebrities on the left, the madness of accessing my Bookshop at the markets as a matter of having something close to my heart to manipulate me with instead of getting a copy of their own, will eventually secure them a degree of attention that will last a lifetime too. We do need to arrive at a stage where each time we hit each other, we did where it really mattered – their own will be the criminal backyard show business and its products arriving at the ports (it had since arrived at a point of borderline racism to make sense of the importance of racism being made to target those who had something to lose to it, while their insolent ethnic minority fools that could not live without the nepotism, continued to nurse an insidious will to get involved with my concerns and get increasingly more abusive, the more important I got, with a big mouth). It is clear that other alternative course of action will simply result in a set of social influences where the younger generation will not be able to access proper public policy that sets them up for success at the academic environment, so it had to be this type where we need set a stage to hit each other where it really mattered or it stopped handling me and found its stupid self a real toy to play with, appearing to keep my clothes on only when it shoots off its filthy mouth elsewhere.

They claim it is a matter of concern as to whether this was another instance of a blame culture which targets the famous for my own failings and it is not; take a cross section for instance – every time I step outside of my door, some git want to perform practical jokes that will make him feel important over my writers social life and public image, wrecking the career and building schools of violent youth that will support it, recently selling its silly disposition to the Politicians as well. It will then end up seeing me on a bad day regularly, if it had an opinion about it behind my back, media idiots and famous fools will ensure I had to deal with the effects of such filthy nonsense every half a minute in my bedroom, claiming their reasons were to do with the fact I learned about what to do with security industry training and there was not enough security for the famous and the civil rights gits, does it while keeping its salary everyday for 7 years, passing insults at me that will draw the attention of its criminals to express how entitled its self-exhibiting stupidities thought it was to such things. What has happened here has been the stagnation of everything, we are not talking about career and finances anymore, I cannot even get into a relationship with other people, as the idiots take and take and the insults, I suffered was part of the process. This is one of those processes where 6 years after I dropped out of University because of their perverted interest in me, showing up to perform culture traps, while Politicians supported them and claimed I was the one doing something wrong, had arrived at a stage where, the Politicians found how much of a joke it was that the main problem was more a case of my unwillingness to get involved with the Military and fight for them gloriously, to show they were my masters, now that the violent orthodoxy cannot have enough of challenging authority to recruit younger people for criminal deeds, whilst they get to find that what their civil rights had not entitled them to do was an involvement with academic pursuits which fees they were not paying. The most recent is this idea that if I had my Books and society gits had my books, every time I tried to run a Bookshop, I had homosexual tendencies because I had no respect, then it claims its problem with the Royal family is what occurs when it goes to the Monarchy, not only to complain about me but run off stupidities about norms and rules – the entire time its famous and self-exhibiting twats getting bolder and bolder about handling. We arrive at this stage where they claim I am not willing to accept that my entire life had been about the Queens funeral in 2022 but even if this was the way it worked, we know the problem is that I did not graduate from University in 2008 as designated because they were having fun at my expense; now it had become a fully developed, German influence and other world power gimmicks too – for the time being it likes it when I lived like that, my qualifications did not match my knowledge base, I was regularly bullied into saying something that will put me in a position for doing your stuff verbose insolence that helped them grab careers, it was also incredibly good for tin can feminism but it complains about the effects every day, shoots off the big mouth at me for it endlessly as well. This then builds up to a sense as I am informed, that I had a tendency to say anything I wanted but I am wondering what the missing item here was either way - that Monarchies are not swept away because these gits wanted social change but rather are because they failed to change with the times or were incompetent?