I have been told I am completely out of hand naturally but I am not, much the same as it is said that my mental health has failed catastrophically but I am being overlooked which is not actually true. The part about the mental illness is to do with the mess people have made after they had ensured I spent more than a decade an a half on a disposition that was designed to help me come round certain social problems and now it appear they have built up mental illness too and I can see it hanging like a cloud over me, I can even touch it and taken it in to return it to position at will, save when distant violence idiots are not using corrupt Hinduism to take the abuses channelled at my Bedroom window to a whole new level. They are now out of their depth and are the people really struggling with mental illness as such.

The other part where I am said to have gotten completely out of hand is associated with them finding out how difficult it is to manage violent people and criminals if you are stripped of everything that allowed you get on with your concerns in relative safety and then thrust into it thereafter like the Politician did me and they did it because they simply wanted somebody they could bully, into whose right hand side they could move and feel sensations of convenience, some sort of alternative paedophilia that gets them complaining about the Monarchy all the time. I have never really gotten an explanation for their reasons – what we have had is the various other forms of corruption people can work with every single little thing that I might do to recover and just catch my breath – which they do over gimmicks about security and money, the two things that must now take a Hermit from his Royal Office and get him caught up in an existence they would have loved to forge for him, where they spent most of their time telling him how to exist as a sign that their stupidities had power and it has now gotten a response from me because money and security has ended up factorising my whole lives work and if I do not recover enough value soon to start running this Bookshop properly, I should try to ensure they lost the source of the money and security that gets to their heads as well – in short, I have never gotten an explanation from them for this behaviour either.

In the end we find that there is a link between the way that people are ruined and left behind and the way that Liberal America enterprises operate, in fact I have found that many entrepreneurs operate in such ways but Liberal USA enterprises sit at the very top of it all together. The Government aids them with money and a social life and these goons hang around somewhere offering them employment for a while where they got to give it all up to those who had money. Then it comes down to the part where they usually relied on the British to put people in line and it had reached a stage where we could no longer do it for them as we have methods by which we justify such things i.e. the work place is organised the way it is for a reason, if a person with mental illness or a criminal past gets a job, that is not the crime and yet if abusive behaviour made them commit a crime and I am required to respond, such that if I didn’t I got sacked, I will push my boss back as it were. Hence they had resorted to employing the Germans instead and those never stop lying, such that they target the British for a need to secure a subordinate that got them out of any mess they had ended up in and show up here along with their Italian and sometimes French friends to build me a public image that says I should be getting into a fight with bottom chasing minions that previously used to violate me to help them make profit and so we find that after they take everything people live for away and the Obama Administration asked people to discuss their problems with respect to the very concept that I exist, the problem has been solved and we are waiting for the next story. Meanwhile the German gimmicks have gotten completely out of hand, the minion employees cannot keep their hands off peoples anus and the employers will not keep the eyes on the shop floor either – it gets around peoples concerns all the time and every involvement is nasty. For my position I have had enough and had to be clear regardless of whom I ended up picking up employment with, they never ran my life and did not write my Books – failure to keep their eyes on the shop floor when they are the boss and failure to keep their fingers off my anus imagination when they are not will build an outcome where I will first try to build myself a career by feeding the boss the culture and society of the his minions to help build the connections that will pay me and if that does not work, I will want the connections for myself and destroy it if I cannot have it. they claim there is quasi help I offer communists which feeds into difficulties others faced while what happens is that they wreck my Royal House at Diplomatic circles, they pillage my public image to beat me down while I chase my daily concerns on the radio waves, they then try to make the entire Country suck up to Celebrities and serve Americans and I don’t suppose even if I said that as a sovereign Nation, our issues with Russia are quite separate from the issues the US has with Russia which are quite separate from the issues we have with Russia as Allies, they would listen to the fact what I have said above is what I am doing. Then again I must point out once again the fact I have mentioned earlier, that no matter how hard I try to show them the amount of pain I am in when they play up their abusive Industry gimmicks, they continue never the less and issue threats for the smell, so ultimately I will seek and acquire those business, fame and industry connections or destroy them when I cannot have them. They do say I think I can talk and write my way out of everything instead of get into a fight but that is not what is happening at all, what is happening is that the women said they were men who could suck the life out of everything including peoples general living atmosphere and I needed to avoid them - what then happened is that they took over everything in my life including what I was allowed to look at, got me dropping out of University to chase money and made my academic failure into their biggest achievement which took up a global stage and has not stopped because they are convinced I believe I will get justice while all I will get is more corruption - I mean it should imply if they got a response the world world would implode. They love to boast that they really needed to be feared by me and are still getting through to me via self invitation into my Court and their imagination getting up my bum and this will be the second instance I record the warning that I am thinking about picking up everything that helps their stupidities and Celebrities to escape the smell issues, so that I might spend it and ensure that although it did not look good on them, they had to deal with it all the time - it is the second warning because of the amount of work involved, such that if I came across anything that said I expected justice but all I will get is more corruption, I would have had to pick that up again as it were but I do not think that I have the stomach to give out a lot of warning like I used to anymore (the Court was built for women and their access is a prize of their civil and criminals disobedience, I do not need to fear anything: is all the consequence of doing evil, the reasons the devil does not do his own work because people are prepared to take the pain).