I am now said to spend most of my time encumbering women issues and its utter rubbish but mostly a story that never stops; I mean I don’t experience monthly periods, so I am not really predisposed to make sense of the women issues I am hindering, what I know is that these insults have happened over a long period of time, such as when I am seen walking into a Church but I am said to hurt myself and blame others all the time by wanting to help women, while at the same time it is said black women have found a Man that will be gay so black women might be like white women too. It never ever tackles the problems that concerns its own stupid life; what it does is set me out as a tool for the men that are nice to its stupidities, then build me a Public image to deal with the men that want to marry it in order to get a share of good life once it extracts money from my Public image through popular culture and Celebrity lifestyle and then it comes up with a Media based abusive insults it may channel at me everyday to keep it going. We have even heard them say this behaviour keeps me in my own social class which is a completely different story, where if they had damaged the relations with the Monarchy and the Royal Family it will be a wholly new thing their stupidities had to pay for on a completely different setting – the one we are talking about at this stage is the nauseating financial complications I have to put up with, which can easily be stopped if I no longer have to tolerate their involvement with my Books or the involvement of their Celebrities with the business of my Publishers and distributors, alongside those stupid comments they make – as this is not their own lives, not where they live.

I do get asked what seems to be the fundamental issue with the women all together anyway but it’s the old case that we see the men perform as well i.e. we have no respect for your personal and thinking space and we will get involved with it to make a mess of your life and career in a way that makes us feel comfortable, then we will build up lies which are usually more effective if we had media access through it and these lies will set out what your life and our foolish lives had become, because we will have by then assessed that we are bigger than you are and can deal with any contingencies that may have arisen, with a big mouth. So we find that staying away from another person’s literary work and shutting down comments that affect their personal lives and public image would be very easy for people to do but they have become addicted to this, the very thought of complying with my complains about the way their civil and criminal disobedience affects me, makes them sick to the stomach and the same applies to their stupid Celebrities with respect to making a mess of relations with my distributors and Publishers as well, wrecking everything around here.

We find them say that Men are supposed to do what men are supposed to do not make excuses for it which is why they need to make me do it with a big mouth, every time I explain their stupidities not being linked to reality as per each time they hire venues and equipment to engage with the Public, my family finance base suffers and each time I engage with the Public their own is blessed unwittingly, which has not yet shown them they were doing the wrong thing, until they got a response. Besides which if women dressed the way the Bible had stipulated, it usually avoids everything associated with the reasons LGBTQ go off to get violated by society people and show up to wreck peoples lives for those that will pay them upon performing Industrial corruption duties and if they got to Church would they find that what they were complaining about was a done job.

They claim I am incredibly poor but am always seen getting around the concerns of successful and wealthy people which is utter nonsense as its impossible to work out how one improves the poverty situation by being seen showing up near the concerns of wealthy people. What really happens rather is that of a time period between 18 and 65 during which a person must buy that £300,000 House, 2 Cars, one for wife and one for self and during that period put the kids through school and therefore decisions on how he is going to make it happen. My decisions are the one that leads to outcomes where we cannot be free of stupidities showing up to tell the Public I want to get into a relationship with them while it is just to violent even in context for me to do so, never mind the civil and criminal disobedience I am complaining about already – the part where they need to keep away from my Books and shut down those stupid comments unless they were reviewing something they paid for around here and the same applies to their Politicians too. So far my history is that I got a job at 22, I became redundant at 23 and it was due to them arranging music tracks according to what I did with myself every day, then got into University at 24 during which time the abuses had gone global and maddening in intensity, I dropped out of University at 27, published my Book at 29, tried the job thing until 31, studied for my legal executive qualification at 32, tried the job thing again between 33 and 35, during which time I picked up a security guard job through which they got rid of everything that showed I am not responsible for the personal safety and security of their stupidities. It does this all the time, such that when it turns up to claim it’s the one that will stop you making people sad by looking like you had it all and it was taken from you, it had such a good history behind its stupidities that the more it gets involved with your concerns if the worse your finances look. They speak of the recession and yes it did get me to take action on some very important matters too, such as a response to society following me around while Celebrity got rich and became more important than I am through my Public image wrecking the academic work, meaning that I dragged society out of its closet to chase the money issues, which gave me access to means that allowed me to cut their earnings pound for pound over every threat issued at me and ensured that Celebrity ran out of Celebrity narrative, now they want my money and we know what will happen if their stupidities got involved with government in order to acquire it rather than work on the jobs they are given for a change in the 17 years of my life since I met their idiocy. The rest are the way that set me out after dropping out of University during a recession, as the person whose so called attitude is responsible for further damage they will be doing to the economy, which got me taking steps that have now ensured that if people didn’t want them getting out to the market place to see products and ask questions instead of buying them, the process of stopping it was incredibly easy.

I have been told that I appear to be incredibly easy to take advantage of and its utter nonsense, what really happens is that everything we see go on around here is a matter concerning the insults these gits want to channel at those they believe they needed to handle in order to solve what is really the money issues that they and their families have to contend with. It produces certain results, such as when they turn up to chase a Royal Office on grounds I had exposed myself to market activity by writing a Book, which provided an avenue for it as something they could do to express their power, the outcome is one where each time Celebrities establish a relationship with me in my absence and build me publicity that suggests I should spend my days getting into a fight that helps them and their silliest fans feel more comfortable, it is something that happens precisely where I should have established a Business relationship with other people and thereby replaces it – which is not a problem since I can simply decide that each activity they push at me instead of engaging with my literary work is being done on top of the space at which my financial matters should have been handled. The society bits will be the one I had explained earlier where my involvement with private security Industry gave them the tools they needed to be rid of everything that suggested I was not responsible for their personal safety and security while they did what they liked with other people in order to chase money, which according to their society also placed everything I owned in a condition where rules did not apply because their stupidities men and I wasn’t one. The other story they tell is that I believe what I have done to be enough to curtail their activities but I don’t think I have done anything to them yet; I have just said that I now have to build everything that says I am not responsible for their personal safety and security while they chase my career, personal life and public image having wrecked other peoples lives in the past, from scratch, while the bits where I got to burn their finances as well was what I did about the disobedience. It may love blabbing at me with its middle management insults, that it is very important and the main problem is that I interfere with its concerns but what we know is that even when I get jobs with them and expect to be allowed to concentrate on what I am doing, they believe I consider the working environment where I should have been able to concentrate on what I am doing, to be the same as one which is now inundated with what transpires of their relationship with local criminals due to years of abusing and insulting me to get rich quick on account I got myself involved with the private security Industry at some point – its stupid threatening insults can always be understood in terms of the fact that whilst the intention was to get rid of everything that suggested I was not in charge of their personal safety and security as they did whatever they liked with others and grabbed my empire for themselves, the outcome is that the workplace they manage is now all about their relationship with the local criminals. I have not done anything to them but am preparing to change this; I am preparing to get their low life imagination off my bottom by rebuilding all that suggest I am not responsible for their safety and security and that of their equally insulting popularity children, while I burn their finances due to the disobedience of handling my Books to make stupid damaging comments on Media, moving onto the business of destroying what they cannot own all day long. I have been asked about this business of the part that Muslims play in the matter naturally and its an old story where it will show up here to chase my personal life, public image and career on the premise of the fact I will get into trouble if I criticised its religion and this was an example of things prophet Mohamed put in order to ensure they were superior and its as though the outcome is likely to be that I am able to criticise Islam, if I had a bigger Military for it – so its disobedience are such that the first time I was unable to carry on with this Hermitage peacefully, the reason was the business of their stupidities killing people somewhere for all religions, the next which has become more public than all the others concerns my diet and a case of their stupidities hanging around the neighbourhoods to tell lies, steal things, claim I am doing their stuff and get rich quick. All together it does go without saying they did not write my Books and this is not their lives, I am sore all over at this point without a reason to make sense of it, so we are heading towards the part where this business of practical jokes that ensure people do not read what I had written if they think it would make them money rather than handling me because they are men, will give way to a closure that explains their stupidities satisfactorily. They are usually all the same in every culture, the blacks are so brave they are fighting battles I am too much of a coward to deal with while I had disrespectfully set a stage which ensured they were past it on the business of getting famous with my Public image, the whites have already wrecked my University studies following me around to make out I am supposed to tackle gangs and criminals while their important selves passed exams in school, as their insulting Mothers got accustomed to getting the imagination up my bum on claims I am a bum all together and that they were very important people but it has always been that this is what happens when the idea I am not responsible for their safety and security had been eliminated.