I have been told I am some tiny character people want to step on pretty hard and I could never make sense of it anyway, I am however rather aware of the time they have taken out of this place to build up such a stupid reputation for me, so my response to such nonsense will likely reflect such a fact too. Some people have said that I put up the idea I am always in trouble which causes them to take risks but I am not in any trouble whatsoever – what really happens is that in the course of placing a form of control mechanism on the need of society goons to play abusive practical jokes on me it has emerged that if I developed a think skin for them, every time they abuse me, the Celebrities who enjoy beating me down while I chase my daily concerns all the time, will not feel the effects because it will be restricted to specific parts of society and not get all over the place like it really should; so I am not developing a think skin for it and must ensure that before bed time every day, I found a process of beating down the Celebrities as well. They do claim it means I am at war with Celebrities but it should be noted as well that while they blab like so, the ability to establish a relationship with somebody I want to settle down with is in their hands, which means that one day they will get what they wish for as it were. We all know that the stage at which I start telling people what the Law of the land says about the way I should be handled is the part where I am complaining about them and the stage at which they had decided there was something I was meant to do as decided by society, which I have not done and will be abused until I did it, is the stage at which they had made their own rules and means its still me complaining about them – the question becomes how much one can continue to do for it as such. So eventually I am said to have lost the affection of my people by becoming one guy that wants to get into a fight all the time which is not the case – what has happened is that between 2009 and 2012, I had gotten published with people Celebrities did not fancy, from 2012 to 2014, it had become quite obvious what this meant was that I was meant to get through hell to publish any Books and run any Bookshops because the Celebrities had selected me as a character on whom they will inflict a lot of suffering to make sense of their stupidities as a form of show business ruthlessness, like they knew what they were talking about and beyond that not only do they own the relationship I have with my publishers and are building their stupid lives on it with money they wish to ensure really gets on my nerves, that I had written a Book that should not be read according to them while they cannot keep their hands off its contents, has now developed into a process of damaging my property while relying on me not to do a thing about it until they can oppress me and get to do whatever they liked; so they are always expressing one form of stupidity after another all over my Public image, due to gimmicks they invented from a business of inviting themselves into peoples lives to corrupt people and blackmail people with alternative lifestyle to share status and fame by, the public image which I am trying to communicate with people all over the world with and I want them to vacate it, not doing so will make me fighting guy as well.

The question that is asked often is that none understand why they target me but it’s the old story about their strange and very evil relationship with money first of all, beyond that, it’s a matter of when I say ladies first thereby putting women in my life ahead of me and because they have a constant supply of publicity, wanted and not wanted, I always have an opportunity to pick up what I meant to do at a later time – the outcome is that the women must set out this sense I am a character they hate in order to keep the jobs they have gained and its usually all fake but when these idiots get involved the part where I had become punching bag is very real and its never clear why they want to get involved all the time if they are aware it causes me so much distress for them to be involved. What I know is that they are currently complaining about control mechanisms and it is about to become a habit on my part of making Celebrities very uncomfortable as well before it stops the way they would want it to.


I have been told people think I am a wimp, but I am not. I am not a wimp, what happens is that these goons are always getting on their gimmicks about International diplomacy based influences on which they want to get rich quick and it makes them incredibly slippery but the abuses never get better as it’s a matter of various factions of global stage influences playing out at my expense for all the wrong reasons. It will show up like so to build me publicity as a bug that people want to squash and then I have to take out some time I could have spent on my Books, clearing it out which is incredibly annoying too; in the end we find those Public transport and society goons playing practical jokes on me all the time as an Arch Prince who has no money, with respect to which I had delayed my finances for a very good reason which their gimmicks has been a barrier since the last time I started picking it up, for the best part of 2 years, very annoyingly so far, that said, we don’t know what part these goons are playing in the matter, we know they love to cause the smell and threaten me for it and have understood my position to be one where they can challenge me over it if their stupidities were finally mad enough as it were. Its like it wants to create a condition where I am a bug people want to squish but it had to keep its mouth shut and let those who can talk about doing so. The other issue is that I have done it all by myself which I have not necessarily – the issue is that if the Crown or the Government talked about these matters, it would get very violent very quickly, I am simply talking about my Office as per clearing out the reputation for being a bug people want to squash is not what I do for a livelihood, however the support of the Crown is a small backup I have, which is why the Celebrities are always complaining about hurting bottom issues. It plays into the Obama Legacy where they hang around settling a position as a bunch of bullies, whose future relies on abusive things they can do with a history of prolific key-hole peeping. So all is well around here at all times, save society idiots building up means by which people run me down on the streets all day while the idea I have lost something through it eventually makes them money at the market using my public image on one hand, as Celebrities hang around on the other hand to run off abusive publicity that sets out a stage which suggests I am always having my clothes taken off my Back, so people may get imagination up my Bum, then there are the low lives who spend time on such things to hang around at the other end of their sordid personal decisions making trouble with their entire self-worth relies on buying things they cannot afford because they saw Celebrities exercising possession of such things, blowing off the big mouth at me all the time.


I have been told I am rather confident this matter is under control but according to what people know of it, I face a very bleak prospect which I don’t at all. Its all a case of culture and society fools talking nonsense all the time about the powers that make them look like they are in need of services from an exorcist urgently all over my Books since last it was facilitated by their stupid American Politicians, which then gives rise to a process where they want to wreck my finances and find time to drag me into a condition where I will have to defend myself in an arena that is similar to the time they prove that they were not cowards. They obviously have time for this but do not have time to get themselves off the wealth and social inequality beaten track; all because Politicians spend tax payer funds to help them out with the financial problems they face for their stupid existence that gets people setting out what the Law says on how others should be handled all of the time, as their civil and criminal disobedience adopts new powers from it by securing pockets of Public areas where they got to make their own rules and support it with prospects of violence, full of their stupid Politicians making statements at me as per which activities I do to get on with my concerns means that I got to serve them either way with a big mouth. They never seem to make sense of what the Crown is saying to them here in the UK, they believe that with the help of their American friends who hang around making a mess of my concerns to build a sense I need to be at war with them to run a livelihood and look after a family, they will make a mess of the Country and get the Crown to sort it out – while reality is that each time the Crown secures public control it sets out this statement their stupidities need to get the country moving for each time they take tax payer funds, meaning the civil and criminal disobedience reverts to talk of wealth and social equality the entire time. For my part, I am the Arch Prince they have unfettered access to, they can copy the way I live and exist or even steal it and doing so means that their stories about wealth and social inequality vanishes under the heap of abuses associated with choosing poverty and getting people to complain of what the law says on how they may handle others while they got to make their own rules with society and violence – I have not started hurting the Politicians yet, it seems that will happen over their need to ravage my Bookshop, career, academic work and health in order to find some substitute for the fact they are unable to harm me in any real way, looking for it as it were. The main case is that I kept these civil and criminal disobedience culture and society idiots out of my concerns before my 17th birthday and they showed up here to suspend my career and finances for two decades in order to get them back in there, then hung around making out I am the one that can solve the problem looking after the cracked up out of my league Body at Parliament but it is their American friends with a constant need to handle my property and damage it while Industry scum either work on me or make statements about me to follow on jobs they are given to do, helping stupid people to make fame on my Public image through social Media, talking nonsense about careers they lost and why somebody must pay, that will set the stage for a physical response to it.


Eventually there is the Celebrity issue being said to add up to a big problem which it doesn’t. The problem with Celebrities is that the bottom chasing issues and the feeling sore all over due to the activities of Godless idiots with power that will make them rich and smelling of what you ate for it while they never stopped bragging, is a Celebrity problem and not an issue associated with Royal Office or a Hermitage for that matter. My case is that it is the mentality that gets people rounding up your career if you wrote a Book that helped them out, wrecking it and then build you a Publicity that gets your whole life stuck with what is actually the filthy aspects of their career, with no perks of benefits since they did not have to buy your Books to make such abuses possible, so like I set out a stage which ensures the Politicians have had enough Publicity built up for how they create problems before anything is done about it, so they can never benefit from any good changes that are a result of their abusive behaviour unless they had resolved themselves first, I must do the same for the Celebrities too. The business of feeling sore and smelling because of it all the time is one that will become a problem at a later date, since you might want to satisfy yourself with the idea that they are absolute scum but the way it works helps random crowds feel good with your tidied up Public image, which they claim to have been responsible for providing and thereby sell show business products and build a reputation for being respectable with their Media presence hence you could not say such a thing to important people. They do brag that I am stuck with no way back but we all know that I too can run off enough Publicity to keep the Public off the show business on grounds it is always dirty and unsafe, like they have done with my Books as though we had signed a contract that they had rights to handle it. I have been told that my thing with Politicians can never be patched up apparently but the problem persists; I kept these scum out of my life and career before I was 17, they held down the person and career for a decade and a half to get them back in, now they are destroying the Bookshop, career and finances as they expect him to sort out the problem once more – so it is riddled now with idiots in suits passing around cracked up out of my league insults all over the place. So the main stage for the problems they cause here is a matter of the money they have made at my expense and their inability to see how far they are allowed to intrude, how much of that money they can make and where the limits of adding my money to their money to own all the money in the world is located, is about to secure some results they least expected too – it is starting with small matters such as the fact that having all processes associated with big boys inviting themselves into the life and career of little brother to make a mess, whereby any jobs they are given at Industry involves working on me and any managerial positions they are given involves building me publicity that sets me out as something that protects them while they make a mess of peoples lives, giving way to stupid comments they make about my Books and stories of how I think I am the only one around but there are many others meaning they find it quite difficult to keep their mouth shut concerning Books they did not write and have not read and are getting a corresponding response to it. They have said it’s a matter of the way women sing my praises as such and what this means to me is big brothers inviting themselves into my career to hang around finding out if they can break down defences and gain unfettered access to the life and career of little brother that achieves things that are too big for him and should be used to secure the girls that play hard to get, for sex and I want the comments to be made about the bits that actually pay their salaries as well if they wish to avoid further trouble. So it is said I have no respect for Politicians eventually but we have never seen Politicians express respect for others either; in their minds, each and every one of them had been appointed by the Queen to form a Government and therefore no harm will come to them for their behaviour towards peoples lives and property and we know when I had started talking like that, then I had begun to behave dangerously and therefore shouldn’t.

So they say the main issue is the way a black person like me gets involved with the Royal Family and its utter rubbish too; they have not stopped making statements on how their stupidities would go from being a society on the left and a popularity culture on the right which causes the main headaches for Political authority, to showing scum like that usually got to sell up characters like me to white Men during the slave and slave trade horrors, never mind endless stories about being the superior version of black people at my expense leaving me with a sense about the dirty behaviour of hanging around somewhere to express invented ideas on how peoples stupid children should be handled. We all know its not an issue people should worry about all the time as such, we all know that as long as there is any one Country with Populations divided between majority and Minority, the idea of running down the minority will always look appealing. Somebody will always play the part of looking like a character that wants to show everybody why young people stab and shoot each other but his real purpose is to draw a crowd he can deploy to work his ideas on power over others. Where saying so would mean I got told that I am helping again and will be taken advantage of which is pretty much the same thing as what the Politicians have stopped saying too is that they are nice people who only need money while they are actually a handful of insulting abusive and lying gold diggers, so now that the Politicians are sore all over too, it’s not an appealing story to tell anymore. For my part it’s the same case I need to enforce more rigorously; it is going to keep its mouth shut over my concerns unless it actually wrote my Books in the first place, so we might get to find out how its stupidities did, since it is clear that as long as what people feel about the Books are changed by these stupid comments, I will be left penniless until I co-operate with their needs. Personally, I wonder what is wrong with them as a population anyway; they say I am a pariah but all that has happened is me delaying my finances and then when I had decided to pick it up again, it turns out the business of ageist idiots and their societies who wrecked the academic work, waiting for me to be at my weakest to be taken advantage of as their means for connections with rich people and celebrities was far bigger than I had ever imagined but then again is this question of the part they play in the stupidities these gits exhibit by building pockets of society that allow them meet and show up on the streets with daily ideas to run my down all day and then the threats they issue for the smell caused as well with a big mouth – I wonder all the time what the hell is wrong with them.

What is the role that they are playing when these handful of society scum show up to look like its impossible for them to shut down pockets of ageist communities built to abuse and take advantage of me every time I step outside of my door, if they are complaining about the way it affects them? What it does as we can see, is send out the message that I expect some sort of justice but all I will get is corruption - so its not clear either what their criminal stupidities are doing with it too. It is said that I have mentioned delaying finances which I have done at the expense of the Government but there has been no such thing either – only a clear timeline; I first tasted benefits in 2003 when the need of Radio wave idiots to arrange music tracks as a matter of what I was doing with myself produced redundancy. Seven months later, I had enrolled in a University which the Politicians then got involved win wrecking, after that, I tried finding employment on assumption academic work will be done part time like one of those cases where I have attended a University for 9 years and became one of the guys in the areas literally but there was no employment because I had ended up with a Public image that says I don’t want to work while the contract for benefit says you must apply for a certain number of jobs each day and the pay is not enough for anything else save personal maintenance towards finding employment. In 2011, I decided to try my hands on a Legal executive qualification which again the bottom chasing and following me around criminals wrecked, to hang around somewhere passing hoodlums through the academic system on my Public image, by 2015, I found a security guard job that I did in the afternoons between Thursday and Sunday and was set out in such a way that it was a full time job but it quickly became the one about which I will get stuck somewhere, lose access to my life and public image, then get brutalised, once I left it and started to work on the finances by itself, the need to build communities that took advantage of me to get involved with Celebrities and rich people was astronomical in size. In the end DWP being petitioned by the scum to investigate me for fraud, had to decide that the same famous idiots having selected what they wanted to work on and found it, have been putting their backs to the work itself the last time we checked, justifying their need to build publicity for people that says people don’t want to work, leaving employers with difficult social and even financial dilemma for considering people on job roles, which is where we are now.


The problem I am said to have with society being a much debated point but the reality is that to add to the criminal activities for which law enforcement is an example of careers that have no support systems in their communities for all the wrong reasons, they were largely consoled with the fact that women were not allowed to take part in National and Pubic security careers but recently that had changed and women now take part in all the departments, so the humiliation is only settled with the sense that I am one of those characters that are happy for such things and must be made to deal with most of their personal problem. It then feeds into the idea that I hate male society as such while reality is that it is a threat when they talk to me about where women should not play a part in Public matters, firstly because they label me as one of them and also because I am unable to function without the women in my head while they have no respect for my personal and thinking space acquiring conveniences, and of course none knows what has really happened to positive discrimination all together. We then find the LGBTQ goon playing their own roles in the matter; they will be the ones who are in control of people I have a right to establish a relationship with but their evil does not develop a plan like the society goons who come up with pockets of meetings that galvanise them into communities that want to use my Royal personality and public image to decide how they must drive their cars on the roads and how their homes must look to make their stupidities important due to statements they needed to make about poverty and wealth equality and other things they deserve after being punished for crimes by the system, the LGBTQ business is about the kind of sex they want to have being a painful type and my personality, public image and personal life provides succour for it, whereby we already had a history of me experimenting to see if I can cure them of the behaviour by making sure I played a part that made the painful sex more painful than it had ever been and whilst they are wary of this the behaviour continues, garnished with insults about how I may be Royalty if they had decided it, at the same time which State provided security does not operate the way that I do i.e. if people get imagination up my bum it gets imagination up their own, so when they blab about American influence and any money they have, the tendency is to pretend they can do the fighting better. The behaviour continues with Public lies and abuses that change what people think and feel about my Books, leaving me without an income for personal conveniences associated with where their personal decisions had taken them, to facilitate the riches tribalism raid idiots want to make when they get jobs at the large companies, looking for more of what they are complaining about. The evil of the Celebrities on the other hand being a habit of harming me all the time and they are the ones that really set out the idea that these matters can be curtailed if I came up with detailed accounting plan to work a process of making sure nothing they did to me or did in my direction passed without an appropriate and reciprocate response.


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Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.
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