I hear I never  listen to anything I am told but it is much the same with men and their corruptions of involvement working alongside girly women and how my Court is free for all – a story of how I mess about with peoples wives but the issue all together has developed from the part where they lost all incentive to that stupid western men corruptions of involvement worldwide because of the insults and involvement of their girls with me on account they wish to keep the financial aspects of their extra marital relationships cared for, which is also why their insolence likes to target me and over the last 15 years taken many forms every day, including the one where everything I do in terms of public work implies I am making it worse, so that because they run that stupid insulting rhetoric they claim they do because they envy me on that stupid media all day long, time and again it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy all together and so they know telling me what to do while their organised criminals and neighbourhood criminals can see them do it as journalists on media does harm to others by=t are very happy to carry on like that and pretend it is amusing on a daily basis. Now they say I am the one having trouble listening to what people say to me. It’s much the same with the Politicians where Mr blah, blah, blahs idiot Son got elected some time ago and cannot keep his hands off me for instance because it will show he is evil and wicked and brutal and violent and powerful – there is nothing I can o about it of course as everybody knows when it gets really bad and you kill them it is called an assassination and not a fight in which they lost/ ultimately the complain concerns their freedom and that has always been the point; to abuse the world to a point where they are famous and a Royal Prince is nothing comes with a price and there is no way their fame and fortune popular culture life will get easier when they get involved with me for any reason, it has to become many, many times more difficult .  I have made myself clear on where I stand i.e. they are supposed to sell the entertainment and keep their financial problems away from the general public +so what I really want is to see them shut down that process of getting on media to pretend it is a place that gives them the right to get involved with me and shut down every process of getting on it to address me and or tell me what to do because we all know it will work – it was a bond I shared with the Court that is all female and not them but I am still the one that does not listen to what people say to me at this stage yap, yap, yap. The sense of shared ownership of all I do and say and own which they have developed for me is becoming a problem and needs to be gotten rid of.

Of course they do say I am facing consequences of my actions at this stage, things I damaged and now have to pay for and it is utter nonsense as well – everybody knows they are the people with bad history and that is why getting on media and politics can tend to mean handling others every single moment and violently too. So am I aware my rights are being violated as claimed? There is no such thing as far as I am concerned, what there is, is a condition where I have my property in a vulnerable situation because I am financially exposed – this makes me a target for Politicians and Media fools who cannot have enough of attacking me for it and this is what I need to shut down access to and then I can worry about my rights. It’s never really been a serious matter; it starts with a case of using my aptitudes to get things done and then develops into a process where the subliminal messages are concerned with getting me to give it up now that it is a part of their all important job and nobody knows how a person gets to give up an aptitude anyway but we are aware the process involves lots of dehumanisation – so that they do blow off the other really abusive thing as well about how I would never do the things I do in the UK in Africa and that I have set them out as a soft touch and it is all the more reason I want them out of that condition where my property is vulnerable because I am financially exposed and then we can find out what it means and how much of a soft touch I have made them – they do come up with these really stupid ideas and then start to tell me which part of the world I would never have been able to defend myself.  It’s an old tale about the fact that Politicians are overtly cultural people and that plays out for me as per if I continue to shut them out of my concerns I will never really be truly safe and secure but that is the other side of the story – the one that is directly addressed here concerns Politicians that are just pure evil and their media goons  and I have no idea where exactly it is settled that must have given consent for all that chasing my private parts they like to do; not an issue of course but it is worth addressing on account they like to boast that it is my weakness when it is not as per nobody will be able to chase your private parts if you are not getting stuck somewhere being insulted and abused by male journalists and male television personalities; they would know it harms others if they got off to stand on TV to tell me what to do and then abuse me to such an extent as I respond to their frivolities but they are happy to crack on anyway every day, so that I do the public work all I like but people cannot feel safe no matter how hard I tried – I believe I have made myself clear on the matter as well, I want them to shut it down. It’s like the old case of destruction of wild life – as a child you are only taken to the zoo by parents when you have been really good but all your life you dream of seeing these animals in the wild and cannot resist wild life documentaries, when you grow up however, you make money and pay people to go into them safari parks to destroy the Animals: my point is that my private parts bit is something  I can take care of whenever I want, just like these guys are stupid people and I am trying to get others to understand my view here i.e. imagine somebody who is so stupid that he invents ideas about people creating problems for others and stokes up violence with it and then imagine they don’t know you at all but you are already their target – so that when you see them make noise about getting their teenage kids to murder me for instance as a result of my messing about with their power, it stokes a need to provide them a proper sense of direction in life as well, a leadership that will ensure my family and myself and my friends do not get hurt by those stupidities they think they can play around with at all times and absolutely everywhere too; it’s the reason they really like to turn whole families upside down, then launch violent campaigns against homosexuals because they are worried the same might be done to them – it does not mean they don’t know what they are doing, it just shows that they are so stupid the back of the class room was not good enough and now they are grown ups, it’s all barely sane; I cannot understand why wild life hunting has not been outlawed at this point for my part anyway but it is an example of the reasons they rely on Politicians and Media fools to do what they do best in order to get out there and leave us all a very bad legacy.  They do say the male journalists I hate so much are the people who took care of it for society before              I came along and it makes no sense how you take care of anything by keeping me single so that when you get your wife involved and then have sex with her you would have been having sex with the wife I never married yet.

As for the story of my lack of respect for women; it’s an old tale of the rich pretending they are poor and poor pretending they are rich – rich conserving money and poor spending it, which is why they are rich and poor respectively, they have a reason they live their lives like that. So where do these women fit in exactly except that of being somebody’s useless female git and nobody knows if they are rich pretending to be rich or are just out there looking for trouble anyway on account they have got some money to spend but we do know those stupid men of theirs that give them the confidence to behave in that way like to target me all the time and that they are block heads and of course I have never really had a problem with the rich living like they are poor and poor like they are rich – the same male journalists are the ones that ensure when rich behave like poor it is my property that gets spent to get things done and when poor behave  like rich it is my property that gets spent to get things done, it is another service to society they are performing which means that the chasing my private parts issue is my weakness but above all they do like to claim journalists and Television people are actually rich and I could never get my head around it too but I know it is one of the main reasons I am unable to sell my Books – journalists are rich.  None of these activities are particularly unusual of course , it leads down the same path where I write books I expect to be understood on the basis of what others accomplish sitting side by side with the other story and how the Japanese had never dared had a Country and an economy because if they did then somebody must lay down popular culture empire pipelines on my personal life and Royal Estate and claim it’s all lawful and legal and right and nobody really knows why they think that especially when you have obviously informed them it is not appreciated – so we have an alternative now in the form of China and that part is sorted; it’s a Royal Estate obviously, it is full of people and the reasons we don’t have wars in Europe is that I for instance do a good job, it is difficult; to locate why scumbags in Africa and the Middle East that like to blow themselves would make out the fact they own a restaurant in the middle of their Country’s capital makes them my equal in terms of renaissance and because they are not financial exposed makes them superior but this is why it is not surprising they kill each other all the time and make out my Books are written by somebody who knows nothing of what he is after and expects others to understand his work on the basis of other people’s lives – so for the Americans and their black communities, it is annoying enough for a pompous idiot to show himself all over your renaissance talking nonsense about aspects of the Bible he actually knows nothing about and alongside it, talking nonsense of what is right for the black race but when they get after my company and sit around playing me and my brother and my other little brother have located an easy living and you had better co-operated as you well know it is not illegal. It is the point where you have had enough of them as well – for the Middle East ones its the girls and their insulting but powerful disobedience and of course I need to remind people it’s a Royal Estate and it is full of people and I don’t like pop or garage or rap music as it gives me a headache and they need to be helpful and stop making money fingering my bum unless they want a reason to complain really soon as it were.