I understand people are not very clear about what the British NHS is and so they tend to come up with this cases where I have something I need to say but I have to say however that I have never really heard somebody show up in Public to put up an argument which suggests that the governments good plan that works at the moment which provides people with sanitation and Health care at the point of need, available to the whole population is a bad thing – so the various criticisms of the NHS that we hear really are not based on the NHS as a problem, they are based on Political football that the Politicians wish to deploy the NHS for and this is what should be criticised and not the NHS itself. That said, the misconception people have is that the NHS is free, reality of course is that it is subsidised by the Government but it is not the insurance companies that collect health insurance for the British Population, it is the DWP that does it – so the criticism that it is something for nothing is not based on fact or reality, just as we know that the government needs to lay of criticising or battering it and start to spend most of its effort on recovering taxes that celebrities are not paying for instance. I understand that the Political football has created corruption that amounts to an outcome where society goons have gotten top jobs at the NHS and will be convinced it belongs to them, right up to the point of being imprisoned for embezzlement but so has the Political football also led to White Goons that support Political madness grabbing all the state benefits and Council Homes from the system – so its all the gimmicks that the Politicians have been playing right up to the stage where it is their fault that Countries abroad with failing economies and Drugs companies that supply the Health system are beefing up the prices; it is not to say that the NHS is bad and I have never heard anybody say that either. For my part it is said I have a problem with women which I could never understand anyway; the reality is that they continue to complain I de-power them but what happens is more a case of a need to make use of my work for money that is not being paid for because they are women and they have always had a habit of claiming there are Men out there they could use but each time they are off to it, we find them seek out the Priests and Holy Men and while complaining are still passing around those insults because they have abusive and violent boys from neighbourhood to back them up with which is usually ineffective in my case all together anyway. The point is that they play those practical jokes all the time on me and love to claim that they own me with it and everything I do sees me bump into them somewhere and their needs over my earnings, claiming they own me and there is a debt I must pay and some respect my mother needs, I dropped out of University in 2008 because of it and those practical jokes still persist on account they want to feel like real women at my expense and its that female version of cultural scum because of whom no normal person can sit by any culture and pass exams in school but what we have here is a gimmick to do with taking advantage of me, that says the Men had done it and they need to do it as well to bring about equality and these are the sorts of things I drop out of University for all together. So the Men did it because they were right there beside the men while the men were selecting girlfriends as though they were preserving the Genes and I am quite fed up with their stupidities, does not beat the fact I am always miffed as per why they do it anyway; why it is every time somebody asks for some support over a gender inequality issue, what we end up with is any little support given taking up the rest of the givers life; wondering who the fuck they think they are and why they cannot leave me alone even if it causes them suffering, as we are not mates. We hear those issues raised all the time about my sexual habits but that largely refers to women having anal sex which is something that women do i.e. anal sex is not something that Men do and I would like it if every scum that sets up stupid girls to squander my property with celebrity culture really paid some attention to the fact that this is my view of the world and that it is not lost in translation; whenever they think women are not human beings who when addressing others who are not their mates by the way cannot speak for themselves when spoken to, they need to put their stupid opinions on a bill board and sign their names at the bottom for it, as blabbing it at me is never likely to help. What we have seen start to emerge is these goons that are skilled at rounding up equity like an animal and stealing it with violent civil rights if they have to, set out a process of making money they have not worked for by glorifying their decadence and it seems that the more famous they are is the more they inflict it on me and I am starting to picture a world without the Oscar stars as well to make my point; they always say that I cannot but that will be tested when I control what they do over the Royal Public image that is cheap to facilitate and the roles that each celebrity involved with me has to play with me is no longer a secret and their big mouth has caused me to build a public image on their opinions about me hating women being put out in a public place with their signatures at the bottom and not blabbed at me where they are unlikely to make the most of it, then we will find out. I hear these matters are a mystery to most but it is a simple case of defending myself from money madness Jezebel characters in the neighbourhoods with their civil rights and a white idiot making fame and fortune off the public image that has emerged from it and not long after, the way to escape the process of dealing with his own white race ones will amount to the fact he or she wants my fame and my income and normally I always think it does not make any sense why people buy that stuff even though I am aware its he goons from big company board rooms who need narcissistic canopies where children can pass insults at others, abuse people and facilitate sales who spend money on it, where it has now started to become a personal concern is that we are poorer for it as a Country; the Public that they rip up my work to serve in order to be loved and to get famous is not being served because the job is not being done, the Celebrities are not paying their Taxes and the Boardroom goons hardly spend time with the business empires that gets to their heads; so it seems that they will destroy all I have than buy my Books and I am going to destroy the Celebrity culture as well before it is over. Hence it is not lost in translation at all; those who want to continue those insults of which what Politicians understand as an abuse and an insult is very different from what the rest of us think it is, while people assume I will likely end up in a situation where I am wondering how it came to such a stage when they are done blabbing and have taken action based steps as me getting into trouble with media and famous people as though even if I did it would help them get their heads out of their arses, the insults that say I need to explain myself being a little twerp that hates women, need put their opinions on a billboard and sign their names to it, while those who need to assess my attitude while clinging to my finances need to assess all they want but I for my part am getting to a point where doing these things affecting my Book sales will drive me to get off talking about career and big picture and to start talking about self, so that every time it happens, I can take steps that will ensure the results are not savoury at all; usually when these scum are nice they say it is competition and we all know the dictionary definition of damage is very different from that. They are rather full of themselves most of the time but we all know that the Celebrity culture is not part of mainstream money earning processes, its just one step down from the types of businesses where somebody goes off to rob a shop and shoots another going by their business to create a distraction for the Police – the rest of us exist in a world where money is signed off by Central banking leadership and we have a means that is not a threat to the Public which allows us to do something for others in return for it and deploy it to look after ourselves at the shops, we are not of the opinion others have answers to the methods we need to know as per how to end up owning lots and lots of it and they do need to stop addressing or getting involved with me as we are not mates as such. Speaking of getting involved of which what they are complaining about is the fact they defile everything here and leave me smelling like my toilet all the time – whack the head on which another will place a Dukes Crown and expect no consequences because it was imaginative, save its the imaginary consequences they now expect privileges of injustice from their stupid politicians who think insulting people to share property makes what they are saying correct – defiling my Arch Prince's working space as well which helps them maintain the sense that I have my personality by sleeping with peoples wives as they love to claim, which is staying as well so we can find out what exactly they can do about it too, starting with the fact anal sex is something women do and nobody is born gay – opinions about similarity between me and Islamic extremists being put on a billboard with their names signed, much like the blacks claim over racists too and of course when I had built a Public image on it we will find out if their big mouth can do and undo with my finances as they love to brag as well. In the end it is evil but whenever they cross the line of doing the devils work for him, ending up wasted and showing up here to be scared of me, then suckle me and fight me as well and dominate me and bully me after and get rich doing so if they Politicians want it, so they can go to government buildings to complain later, they will hear my part of the story as well. I understand huge concerns exist as per the fact nothing I do makes progress, reality of which is that few people in the world have made the progress that I have on any of these matters; what really happens is that private security Industry people have jobs where they keep an eye on people and so people who are different or special or have behaved in an unusual way can stick to their minds, knowing they have a tendency to chase bottoms and mess up lives in order to secure connections with Celebrities that will pay them more, I cannot understand what practical jokes part the Politicians and Media enjoys so much over my public image, what the problem with information I have placed at Culture and society to run this Bookshop really is and why they are unable to leave it where I leave it everyday. So what I do is make use of the homes of nightmare landlords to find out who will complain because people are grabbing my life for them to get important with, same with the goons who start a fight with me and get off to parliament for privileges of injustice getting closer to the Politicians because I had facilitated it, same with gangs thinking about stabbing my blobby body so I might think about stabbing their cracked up out of my league one since it usually means that earn enough to secure the right to go about disciplining members of the Public celebrity and media scum can fantasise about getting people caught up in a gang fight a lot less and start to worry about how they must keep the jobs that get to their heads instead. They say it was not predictable that I would become such a problem for famous people and its not just the matter of their evil and when they cross the line to do the devils work for him, then realise they do not have the time and energy for the jobs that have allowed them to earn the right to handle other people from society later on, it becomes a case of being surprised at how I have reacted for 10 years of financial complications that are due to other peoples practical jokes and not some difficult issue with human beings or my own incompetence – then we hear them say it makes sense in terms of fear and wonder and then the power that comes with it, which is why they need to clear my space. They say the way I talk shows I have got an attitude problem and I can understand as well; what is really happening is that they want unlimited ways of dealing with me while I have next to nothing as a way of dealing with them and then they hope to intrude and damage and delay and build a history they can call the local criminal to while they cling to my public image, speaking of some oppression that has been attained and needs to be followed up – then I will get held up somewhere wondering how it came to that and it would be the way to get things done i.e. I need to stop talking about career and big picture and start talking about self as it is clear the inventive scum will not give me a breathing space if I do not take one for myself. What I do is not that confusing; I am a writer and my Books are built from Equities developed as a result of Public activity and a public Office; this would have been much clearer if there was some respect for my patents and the products, some respect for my boudoir, some process by which I have ,my Office to myself; the society trouble makers do claim I never will naturally, guess where I set up the Office in the first place anyway – its always saying I am not allowed to be by myself, its always getting involved with me to attack me because it feels important and relevant every time it does it complete with features such as Media controlling my Public image – its always saying it is determined to do my career and ensure I am stuck with a life of difficulty, so its sort of near normalcy to expect that it will not allow me have my Office to myself. The rest make me wonder why they are always picking off information I have put to culture and society and starting new problems for me every time I have cleared out old ones to make criminal characters I am forced to respond to all the time and as for the revenge that comes because of what I have done to them, was it before or after whether or not their stupid revenge actually helps their cause all together as it were. When they said I had written a Book that caused nostalgia and that it should never have been written and will never be sold, I did think it was a joke but now it goes beyond gimmicks which ensure that I have to I am always having to deal with something and my mind never thinks about my person in a conclusive way – so the question had to be turned and I am satisfied with my results i.e. why they are the ones complaining while I find it impossible to write Books, chase employment and attend college after dropping out of University on their account. They do say I started first all together which is utter nonsense; the propensity to get stabbed by somebody who needs my public image is great when he is not chasing his life lest somebody else had taken it up for them; I did it before I went into University where they got around showing me they took themselves to seriously, now I am faced with the gimmicks meaning I cannot study, chase jobs and write my Books; they speak of Punishment and all can see the only punishment they can is blabbing of how I am some form of Police informant because they are doing drugs, apparently there were others who chased the life lest somebody grabs it for them too and they were people who did drugs, so now these goons have got some new friends. Its like when the Celebrities tell me that anything I say helps them find out how to make use of me and does not deter anybody, which is not really the case as when they are off my Public image and those I have said something by or signed a Contract with are the only ones with rights to get involved with me, then we will find out which rights they are blabbing from all together – like the Politicians love to say its about the Power of Politicians which I do not recognise and of course we all know its largely a case of bullying people with a job in which you have to put a name to your face in a public place as though they have really got it. They do claim I am good at abusing peoples hospitality which is utter nonsense; the big matter they are always caught up in is the question of what they are really afraid of having been that they are so good at ripping up peoples income to build their savings on which all forms of self confidence depends; I have now reached a stage where I need to answer that question of why it is that when Celebrities exist I cannot sell Books and or where the law is written as such: I do not think I am in a difficult situation, I am simply always getting feedback that my Publishers tried to sell my Books and some Liberalist goon reviewed it as a piece of shit, so it happens so many times that I now have to do it myself and remove them from the picture, we have even played out the benefit of doubt bit where they do it a thousand and one times but it now has to be weighed up against the other number of times that they go off to deploy the Books to secure connections with celebrities and industries thereafter – so it has become clear that their torment needs to be instituted as well i.e. I had made it clear I write equities and what is happening to them is the bottom hurting and tummy churning issues associated with equities but the problem they have is that it is my property and should they continue until their condition is permanent there will be no way out as the need to make them respect my patents and income margins and show some regard for my person especially the Americans have rather become so terribly important; its nothing but the old assumption that when it does come to Intellectual property security we like to think that the main problem is black marketeers and counterfeiters but 80% of the time the problem is the Politicians and Celebrities and their need to do anything that will ensure people had careers that they do not have any more because it now belongs to somebody else. I need to stop talking about careers and big pictures in this matter because everything they want to do with me involves an accusation and a process of extracting an income from my public image with media by hurting me, I need to start talking about self and how I must stop all of the damage caused and I can see myself start to respond well to my bank account telling me I am lying and that the balance in there really is how well I have done. They say their bank account can tell them the same things it is telling me as well, as insultingly as possible but I never said it was amusing anyway – we all know the main problem here is that the existence of camera men and celebrities means I need to deal with an accusation all the time and cannot sell my Books and that there is no rule that says I am supposed to put up with it, have now tried every process of avoiding a confrontation to no avail, talking rubbish at me which career and property I do not have any more with a big mouth; the excuse the idiots are making naturally is that their equities involve real cash but we all know they cannot be seen solving problems with it, soon the way I protect myself from money mad civil rights goons will add up to big brother insults which amount to them becoming the fucking arbiter between what I have and what the racist guy has got and Trump was the problem. Its all that good old neo-liberalism nonsense that US Democrats love to lead on, which allows them hunt down peoples equities, get 'big break' and stay out of work but I do not think talking about releasing money from my equities was so amusing as to be mocked by being imitated when they say their bank accounts can talk to them as well – its important people look to their mortgage when they want equities and stay off my Public image and the Royal Property, not imitate me after blabbing about being settled for life while I talk as though we live in the same existence, that when my Bank account balance communicates to me their own can to them as well and the fact that for ever penny I earn they will earn five will add up to me feeling what it is like not to have democracy with that big mouth. Its not the only one either, we hear those insults all the time about people that can handle my equities while I do nothing; reality of which is rather that the last time I turned up online pornography to find which stupid student has been deploying my work while passing insults at me that will be carried by a bird the world over in order to put her feet up in South America, was as far back as 2009, this is 2018 and the goons will not give me a breathing space still nursing that stupid hope. I understand the celebrities invested in my work as well and yes they have but the problem is the generalisation that suggests they all operate the same way which each of them has a different way of working and I want people to be interested for my Books and not to find out secrets; push their foolish Politics somewhere else and show up here if they want a Book, after all we all know before they tell me Royal property is Public property, first they make use of my Public image to make money and it involves insulting me and making photographs and videos of it, we all know you could not catch them dead attending Church to escape the effects their immorality has on the customer services they want to get rich with; its now come to a head and it needs look to its mortgage when it wants equities and keep off my case. They always say nothing I say can make them comply but I am not actually hoping what I say can make them comply too – the reality is that I am meant to be sitting somewhere having my whole life torn up by the vandalism of pyramid sales idiots who are incredibly insulting and disobedient and have dogmas to follow that concern money making, blabbing nonsense at me about what is happening in the Middle East and why I need beware wars can happen yap yapping all over the place; I do think what I have said is quite clear, I have had enough of them and they all need to look to their mortgage for equities, show some respect for my parents and keep up my Public image space along with the Celebrities. So they say it is the recompense for the damage I have done to their society as stupidly as is necessary to keep doing it because the money is coming and there is really no such thing; just me living in a tolerable world with stupid superior Muslims, Blacks and other ethnic minorities, blabbing rubbish at me all the time – if I do not push the big companies over my Books they will claim its favouritism but the reality is that the big Companies actually took part in developing the equities years before they came along to raise hell and we are about to find out what happens if that stupid obsession with taking advantage of situations where they have nothing to lose and telling lies all the time gives way to an outcome where they have to accommodate me as well. They do say I talk too much especially the Politicians but it does become a question of who is then going to show me a thing or two about fate anyway; we know we are here because they are too full of themselves and the Politicians are fed up as well like the mess made of the NHS and the Civil service and of everybody else's livelihood – so whenever I talk about being creative with respect to tolerance and integration they think they have had me but in reality they are still out of their depth; if would be nice if we all know I am prevented from learning my own processes of making them feel scared every time because if they had no incentive they would not attack anybody and try to make their fame and fortune from their own cultural people who want to sit in circles and judge the nice people that have become weak and dominate and sexually abuse all they can and sell it there too, otherwise it is rather pointless attacking me and threatening me as well. I have no idea why it is impossible to just spend all day on my Bible, my academics and whatever else I do to ensure my Bills have been paid and why they like to think it is up to them to decide but it is important that it is set out when it has become an obsession like these, that it is all something they have learned and they can see that whenever it shows up on my case there is an adaptation that turns it on them all together in the first place, I want to be left alone. It is not my opinion that what I am doing is in jeopardy; its just a case where people who have alternative ways of acquiring what actually belongs to others and not them, save the conventional curtsey are shouting so loud it does not comply with Public life and yet they are the ones complaining the most about the consequences especially the bottom hurting bits.