So I understand that people have discovered my main problem is the business of Celebrities and Media taking pictures of themselves on my public image as abusively as possible, while blowing kisses at criminals, what happens being that the criminals as separate from the terrorist characters the Politicians have consistently wanted us to pay attention to, get off to all sorts and not least because the Politicians have also believed in a process of ripping up my academics and spending tax payer funds on them over claims they are nice people who need money; so true to form, somebody who has drawn up a link between other peoples body fluids and a process of making profit at the market place has to display those pictures that were taken for top shelve magazines out there for the general public to see and or buy everywhere and I am the one getting enough flak from Public transport goons and society trouble makers and culture twerps, enough to make me smell like my loo and drop out of University, being unable to tidy up and return to finish my studies but the whole point of raising this being naturally that my secret of how this was my problem with everybody especially media and celebrities has now been discovered but so have they all then decided that they will now take steps to ensure I am no longer able to hurt them and if I sought a reason for this the response will naturally be that they were important and I am not and this disposition of maintaining the public image and superiority has to be looked after, hence my position is that they were free to do so and find out what I will do as well if I did.

It is as they say I am at conflict with absolutely everything while reality is rather that its impossible to locate what the culture and society are complaining about when I have warned them I see the world according to what I hear too and for all their need to insult people, this is the main reason I get the better of them so they get off complaining to Politicians all the time – likewise popular culture and industry canopy narcissism goons who think they see the world according to what I smell which I do as well and it is therefore the reasons they are in real trouble with me over messing up the corporate identity of this Estate all the time with their incredibly foolish Celebrities that they had manufactured with Industry – likewise the others at the City centre who see the world according to what they see and hence their tribalism raids at Industry shows up here all the time winding me up. They say I never address the reasons people hate me so much whereas I have been obvious many times about the fact they are now at a point where it is just one step away from giving up completely on their regrets in life and continued involvement with me and damage of my concerns will translate what has already developed from stupid insults of beating me up to hate because they are almost done with their regrets, into something far more serious than that, as I will be getting them stuck with me until they are past it. It will not do my so called reputation for hounding people any favours I understand but I am not interested in their problems as I am a Book seller; they do need to stop passing insults at me and the ethnic minorities especially blacks who are black like me need to stop following me around making trouble everywhere I got especially at the shops where they end up stealing, obviously which when they are complaining about lost livelihoods as well, it does show I am capable to putting out something for everybody: fuck me – fuck off. Its never the bit where they cannot stop insulting people whereby I may achieve what I want but when people wish to feel safe it can be taken from me – what is happening being that they are out of their depth simply because I am doing a lot of talking and I am not interested in their problems as I am a Book seller as it were.

They do claim I have declared war on them which is utter rubbish, as we all know it is inevitable to clash with supporters of daddy characters at work over career sociological matters as they will never sort their own out and have already created history here of wanting to own mine until I dropped out and because this was initiated by a Muslim Teacher at the University when it began, it is the Muslims that have continued to work at the heart of all my problems including Mr Obama’s insanity when he was in the White House, making claims of places they have achieved previous successes in their world of find and pillage gimmicks that never stops; as ever when I do fuck their society as well, they will lose the jobs and livelihoods but nobody knows what the incentive of attacking me in such ways really is. At school we were mainly three types; the ‘A Graders’, the ‘Party Animals’ and ‘Culture -Society insane’ personals such as myself; the first will be happy to move to the left and carry on without thinking too much of what people are doing a move into the right hand side business, the second will find a way to screw you over at popular culture canopies of narcissism, I just don’t fancy people moving into my right hand and will move the world to ensure nobody does, they can they label me a freak and see if it will lessen their problems.

In the end we hear they say that the British Economy needs to be overhauled but so are we aware their method of operation has more than anything else to do with the business of ripping up the small businesses to collect trophy monopoly where those may have had any and then allow the big business who obviously cannot argue with the premise of profitability and productivity which has been put to them and then make friends with the Politicians to facilitate wealth distribution – so I am getting poised to do their own as well, especially bearing in mind that in the real world, whenever a Company floats its shares, anybody can buy it. The economy does not need an overhaul, the neo Liberalists feel so strongly about the business of checking people who are inferior to them in their view, so much that they want the Government to control the free market in order to ensure I am playing their games before I am allowed to sell some Books at this shop and as I said, I intend to do their own as well being that this is one of the greatest threat to success by merit these days on account it has a problem with the Natural Monopoly that successful people have over achievements but will love the cost they have to part with to get around matters that multi-ownership going concerns solve by being diverse to be quadrupled. In my case they say I never do anything academically while they are the ones who think it is academic to withdraw money which even their employers expected them to plough back into the circulatory system of market, same as we find them think that tax is their money – while from where we are, what they should spend looking after themselves for attending work is actually not their money and the pay they have been given has been designed to weigh up all the costs and leave them with money which actually does belong to them all together, this is money they have no right to take out of the system, much the same as they have had no right to handle my Books without paying for it which has brought us up to where we are now – the government one will be the bit where they could have been taxed for the infrastructure per mile of driving on the roads and then perhaps when the new roads are built there will be a sign post informing them that those are new, except the government had a great idea to lessen the burden and not only that but also got off giving everybody a lump sum to pay on payday; the point being that the economy does not need an overhaul, rather the Neo-Liberalists need to see that people do what they do for a reason and if it is free it should be taken, if it is sold it should be bought, if it does not belong to you legally, then you should never handle it without due permission. By the way of which the business of private security industry taking my property on the other hand is still the question of why they are so mobile all over the place if they are working another person’s private security anyway? – that I might get them seeing it is not difficult to hunt them like animals as well, so they might tell me the Police will suffer the same bringing to light the fact this is what criminals really look like and the Politicians have stopped claiming they are nice people who need money now they want involvement with the Political jobs but then again the Police are a group that are trained in an Academy and given a Uniform to provide Public service, so it’s all gimmicks until their civil rights was publicised because a shooting had something to do with me i.e. never mind their neighbourhoods goons tackling me all day which the insults and abuses of the Politicians alongside media goons who think they had the same power as the politicians, allowing their community croons to beat me down in my own bed every 5.00am and then all day long after that – the great case of career criminals and their neighbourhoods and how they work the system to give intelligence to Police at the right time to be caught so that they might be caught safely. It’s the same case about the women having a go at them about which I get challenged all the time, when we know what the women are doing is the same case I have suffered i.e. that my personality should belong to Politicians who are the ones making decisions which affect the lives of criminals has now given way to me dropping out of University to sit about responding to their societal stupidities, leaving me open to the narcissist and homosexuals that have always dreamt of having sex with my body to work on fulfilling those dreams – we find that I dropped out because they saw the way I handled the sociological matters concerning my career and wanted it until I dropped out, same as chasing women for the purpose of putting up ageist money as leverage at Industry and building up their society to be part of companies they have bought shares in, to avoid dealing with their own sociological matters, then spend all day chasing the bottoms; of what women have always done these things where they want for them to dig themselves into a hole and then at the right to shove them in it, like the who when and how questions which annoys them so much, the same way we see them fight it by getting their stupid girls all over my finances to wee on me generally so to speak over how to handle women issues – only matters to them when they are using women to wreck the finances and then when they sort out their own, get the women to take the clothes off which does not damage the Public image as such, just makes a terrible mess of it as it were and as for the women of which we men grow a beard as we grow up to say the least, that we were never Public image stuff but they and their voluptuous breasts and ample bosoms were what people really wanted to see and yet when they have had it worked out, their civil rights is about extracting an income from my Public image because they have got criminal bad boys in the backyard, assumption being I was never going to shut it down for them as it were but my personal favourites of course are the ones who love the insults about handling me and teaching me lessons so much that they had failed to see the bad boy thing is not their part of society and it could go terribly wrong for that reason, never mind that if I washed my face and they did theirs, I had a prettier face than they had anyway. We all know that the things women do facilitates a process of being able to defend your corner at work if tackled by those that are loyal to the cause of the daddies, much as I want that incredible stupid reliance on me to let them invest money on market I have created for my Books due to a history insults that they have with me, so they might get to employ me and allow their foolish children chase my Bum to end totally. It will only lead to usual results of protecting property from Russians and an economy which foreign influences control proposals, as well as the Americans and their support for illegal traders and black marketeers: in the end its an Arch Prince's Estate here and what people like the most is the faith based family stability that it offers, so those who will not keep to their own concerns when this is not what they need will then get it the way they really wanted it - besides which copying what I do will be a real problem just as the need to create issues for me that means I constantly have to protect the Interests of Clients that are trying to Establish  clear role and relationship with me, bearing in mind it is what I do for the Community that I get paid through my Books for and for what not doing things the academic way is worth, their neo-liberalist case was waste, non-sustainability and lack of trust, while mine is innovation, about which I am paid for what I do to serve the Community which they have not been doing for themselves because they are busy with other jobs, fostering their potential means I am right on the side of both economic growth and economic development, when it is work I have done on my own premise, it does not abuse my human rights and therefore Political sound; I do not have an arrangement with any copycat and leaving me an inability to sell Books in such ways is going to be a real problem.