They speak of my achievements being mired in processes of causing people suffering but I have no idea where they get these stories from anyway – I wouldn’t normally care but at this stage of which there is too much of it, it’s just too much of them and none has to tolerate this sorts of nonsense every day. What really happens being that their terrible upbringing demands of them the need to bully somebody but in order to enjoy the bullying they needed to secure a process of bullying somebody that either couldn’t respond or was unable to due to a fear of their stupidities; so what has become the point of alarm is the lies they tell and how they get on a Media presence to convince themselves of the importance of those lies such as these. The output is that they carry out these activities and I seldom respond to any of it, the two dispositions which has nothing to do with my achievements, save when they say the Crown hurts people on my behalf and we know it’s very likely since the girls can never stop using my Church concerns to find husbands, wreck everything around here and tell others how to get some, while the women never stop kicking me when I am dealing with complicated issues, to threaten me using the big men that back them up; I have issued the warning long enough, I am not their relative or responsible for their personal safety and security or indeed their financial wellbeing, that they need keep off my Books and keep their mouths shut, while the older women do have men in their lives to practice the narcissism on but the disobedience is clearly legendary as we can see. They do not appear to understand this matter at all i.e. that if society trouble makers say what I say I do will likely get me into trouble, then show up here to round me up like sheep for a purpose, the reason was likely to be that of Politicians making statements at the expense of my public image to bully me for career progression, industry fools giving people money to create a fake idea that attacking me helps people grow the incomes, Celebrities and Media getting involved with my concerns or all three happening at the same time – so the idea that society people will round me up like sheep does not shake up anything here including my schedule, since it has always been the case that the ageists get involved with Celebrities to wreck people’s lives and decide what respect is, their children get off hanging around street corners as lowest of the low who pick themselves up when emulating Celebrities, to show what being brave and bold is at my expense or Politicians have provided an incitement for them and the Media to make insulting statements and run off abusive cynicism that progresses distant violence against me all day long; so it might look unusual if I thought that attacking the Media and Celebrities was the answer to any problem that arises but that is the only issue here, it is important they kept away from my Books and their blabbing off my public image as soon as possible, before I too got to respond to it with a need to show them what they are fooling around with in economic terms and to teach them a lesson about it as a community, which would have ensured it really got to stop the way they wanted. The other big brother gits are all good the beat this and beat that but so are we aware if I started their own concerning their need to make a statement of civil right about the foxhole they call home all the time, there would be nothing left of it even to chase a career by – we know all they do with it is hang round convincing us they are building publicity over such private issues to sort out the problems that get young people into gangs and crime but you don’t have to wait long for them to show up with a few other boys and a version of power to apply on you. All together its important these fools understood I have had enough of them and they needed to shut it down – the next time they run off their stupidities at my expense and get off claiming there is nothing I can do about it, it will really go beyond the part where all these facts fed into a reality where their need to wreck my career and tell me people are doing my stuff whereby I needed to get into a fight was nothing compared to what they did with their Celebrities concerning the result of me responding to those that go too far on such things; I have set out that I am not responsible for their safety and security and will be getting my nose up their finances as well once my career joins in on the practical jokes but if it happens again I am really going to kick off as well.

They always say I make a big case about women matters which is very well understood but we all know that Americans make stupid statements on what I do with this Office which is something they follow all the time, out of sheer incredible disrespect, claiming I support women against men and cannot get myself out of the hole I have stepped into, hoping to progress their insults into a form of leadership in its own right all together. Hence we know I provide leadership on society matters in my position while they pick up trouble makers in the female community to make statements of their own on how women should be treated save it becomes a problem for my personal finances when they got burned by it too; while the reality has always been that we can research the reasons people attack women to any extent we wanted but have never once gained a thing from it, so I suppose the problem is that although women do creep behind people to whip their anus endlessly as well, there is no clearly set out public and social disposition which facilitates it and this is what we need. There is no reason for my whole life to be flushed down the loo because they were deciding if they belonged on the left or on the right, the next time they tell me there is nothing I can do, rather than keep off my Bookshop and their insults where it is appreciated, especially in terms of those stupid public appearances and the foolish advertisement where the suggestion is that insulting me helps people make money, I am really going to make something very big out of it too.

I have been told there is fundamental reasons these people tackle me and to get to the issues it must be understood but it’s the same as ever; between 18 and 24 there was always a link between sex and securing enough funds to provide for the self and it became outright bullying when people masturbated. What happens being that the idiots want market to run a business and do not like to get jobs because the same things as happens at market might happen anyway without any of the job satisfaction – they want market but they are men and therefore afraid of the bottom hurting, so they don’t like your leadership because they are in charge, thus decide that shoving you and shafting you to make people comfortable so as to build market entirely for the effects that your morality and religion has when the good bits are being applied to people around you, is the way they want to make a living. The next time they tell me there is nothing I can do about it, I will take it beyond that foolish business of building me an unhealthy global stage reputation with that stupid civil rights over it and make something really big out of their stupidities as well. It’s the same reasons we find them tackle armed forces operatives all the time – they always say that the Armed Forces have limitless confidence, so when I am not in the Armed forces, I am prone to thinking that there is probably a middle ground on the matter; middle ground like being attacked when the consequences of people claiming the way I handled a security guard job was sexual and building a community on it that should understand tackling and abusing me was the way they had devised to sort out their financial issues after spending their youth on the deviance that made them real Men, like building communities behind me and getting imagination up my bum all day as we walked down the streets doing door to door sales among other abuses, most of which involves getting a job while on DWP support that are too grey to talk about readily and whilst their stupidities spends all day on that, they will have market on way or another.

They do claim this problem has not been solved and will never go away, indicating they enjoy the way I talk and their deviance was addicted to it as a tool that will help them get out of problems, getting imagination up my bum and tackling my Books of which will be their undoing all together as it were – but there are no problems since it’s all a matter of years spent building up the idea that insulting me helps people make money and now they want to cash in by getting involved with the Celebrities that got paid for it, hence they always needed to ensure they got to handle me in a bid to show what respect really meant, while their silly children have now gone from claiming I meant to hang around somewhere dealing with gangs and criminals while they passed exams in school to showing what being brave and bold against them really was at my expense and both are working their stupidities around my diet to ensure it hits really hard.

I have been told that I am caught up in a huge class war and that I still wouldn’t believe what those who tell me it’s what it is have said but it is not important to me if this is a class war or not, I am not afraid of any Class Wars, as it cannot be that difficult for the wealthy to tell the difference between stealing and privilege – for the history I have ended up with, nobody asks them to hang around somewhere building up very abusive publicity that denies the existence of actual property I have brokered with Companies, claiming I hang around somewhere boasting about being familiar with the wealthy, then get around seeking their self-improvement on it as well. The other part of the story is that I am everywhere and this is easily resolved if they kept away from my Books and stopped making the stupid comments about my concerns that they make every day; I am a Hermit, not necessarily a peasant as such, my role is to support the Crown on matters of poorer peoples public interests and it is usually better for all if I was cut off from Celebrities and media and other general populous issues to spend most of my time on that but I must figure out how to supply myself first of all – it’s always good on their part when they do not disturb because when they do, society trouble makers get completely out of hand for weeks and we know they enjoy abusing me by disturbing every day, thinking of themselves as a threat while all the do is hang around somewhere suggesting I am a kid who needs to do as he is told, so that wealthy people may help others to get wealthy as well and will be forced to, the output being that they are always seen hanging around somewhere people have money to show what respect is at my expense, while their Children tackle abusive things their parents did which affects them as well, to show they were brave and bold at my expense too and both get together to chase my bum over what my diet looks like. So, to be helpful, if I had built a trust system which purpose is to spend some equity to build a means we may chase the process of developing family finance base and built publicity for it which ensures we can avoid the bad crowds when we are doing so, doesn’t it mean when people get around making stupid comments about it, they are creating a whole lot of problems for a whole lot of people – like we know they are always seeking out respect for their millionaires in the City while what happens at the ports is millionaires who wear high visibility Jackets at work, prove of the pudding coming through when there is a hint of trouble and they abandon their positions, leaving the customers to the dogs but before then they have their middle class thing where people must look like they had a business and are making profits, its purpose to add other people’s money to their money in order to keep up the profit reputation and it’s impossible to tell what is so wrong with them that they cannot get a proper job, do the one they have and or run a business at hand properly, hence having a go at me endlessly, I am never going to burn it.