I really don’t know why we get taken all the time at the story of migration; if I said it is deployed by very stupid people who should allow British people to make their money and travel the world, so that those who cannot might decide what to do with the equities provided, they would say there is no more world left to travel around as a result of my activities but when done they will boast about taking me on for trophy and have no plans to cease being seen around my Book sales and they need Politicians and Civil service and Media all in co-operation so they might win and hence always a story about me that is economical with the facts to a fault; requiring Politicians to rip up my finances for them, so they can make money with my public life which criminal behaviour starts to show up thereafter exhibited through a process of getting on media to ensure how I react and tell them off is that which they said and therefore belongs to them, finished off with accusations about how I am the one that was doing those things I told them off for in order to get richer and more famous but it has always been all about making money very important and hence never really a mystery.

Now it is said I am experiencing what it means to be hated by black people but it does not have any meaning whatsoever; reality is rather that they do it but keep complaining about how I react because they think they are the world of celebrities where people need money and a public life to determine what kind of truth people want to believe based on where they feel is the best place to be and the best people to be with. The reality is that the Labour Party gets after my finances to help them gain these kinds of depositions on media by forcing me to spend my attention on them, so as to get to a point where they say I am being hated – the reality is that because I have a security job at a shop and they have children, they will now wash their hands off their children and seek and easy convenient life while their children get to the shop to make trouble for me and force me to raise them otherwise I will get beaten up or the shop will be attacked and so on and they tell me an example of the reasons I am being hated is the current state of how the world views the Labour Party, which does nothing to change the fact if I see it around my space I will cut it up again; I mean there is no telling what sort of Politics fosters that process where people know where my bum is at the highest possible levels of government anyway but it seems that when you build a business that sort of nonsense is what they think you build it for, which is much the same with South American idiots and some Asians, they claim fingering your bum and threatening you 24/7 happens because they are making you share as per you are the same as they are and yet when you have not discussed it like I have not, they forge a habit of getting on media to make out you are being hated because your response to their needs is in adequate and act as if there is anything in the world they can or have ever done around here as well; now I have discussed it and the fact it is not appreciated they will say they have ended up with problems but if I don’t that noise making and stupid threats will continue but we all know this is not a crisis as such since it is obvious they are still getting involved with me when they do not have their own copy of my Books in hand and the outcome will be trouble as well and those stupid media abuses will see to that. It is as though they have become unaware that their cat behaviour stupidities is the biggest problem this company faces financially while we all know they never stop complaining and issuing those stupid threats because my entire behaviour designed to ensure their wives get to beat them up all the time; so they turn up to finger bums whenever I am trying to manage my empire, whenever there is a consumer electronics show, whenever there is an Industry gathering, whenever there is an auto show which fosters this sense that I get out to bed every day to seek out people to make friends with when the reality is the reverse of that and so on and now we are going to find out how much I am really hated with that big mouth the next time they get involved with me without having a copy of Books in hand first. They do say that I fear them but like to boast all the time; the reality is that my Books sting all the time but they are found around it all the time because they feel my world is supposed to operate around them but that was nothing new since it is still reality that they are turning up here to be better off than I am with my own possessions and effect some process of earning from my work earlier before I do and we know its paedophilia in practice and that the stories we hear about Politicians organising child abuse among themselves is not a myth and that was to be the case otherwise I am to leave their Country and whether or not I am to complete my academic work will be determined by how satisfied they are while whether or not I get a job after will be determined by what they decide and Politicians will implement it for them like it is what we vote them into office to do; I am simply trying to settle whether I have to kick really hard celebrities and journalists in order to sell my Books in this matter and the next time they get involved with me without a copy of my Books in hand will be the start of it; I believe I have made it easy enough by making it clear when they do these things they do it to ensure Money is really important and do like to blab about how I will get into trouble whenever they are not getting what they are now used to, which makes so sense as I was under the impression telling them all about it first before putting it out in public was carefully designed to ensure I got into trouble when they were not getting what they were used to. It’s not going to be a fight or a contest at all; we all know what we are dealing with here is a five year campaign of people making use of my Books without paying for it and has now reached a point where the Books are so valuable those who have that kind of access want to confiscate it just because the fact I published on the Internet offers up such an opportunity  and when added to the fact they have always fantasised abut having Royalty in such a position, we can see why it matters that I am hated by Fashion idiots and celebrities and journalists and now we must find out how their need to get conveniences from  my personal life to express that insult of theirs and then peddle some of it to get rich and famous to gain a means of dominating me ends and seeing them get involved with me without having a copy of those Books in hand will be the start of it; it is quite impossible for me to understand the dynamics behind the usage of another person’s property in that manner i.e. I use it without payment and then I make a mess of it and make him belief it is not worth ending up in the market place and make a show of that on media and then I try to destroy it in order to make it my own or indeed ensure I am the only one that got to make use of it which will make me really important, nobody knows as such how more important than the creator it would make me anyway, save I have a story about where he stole it and then they tell me of Royals that done like me but we all know that their theft is everywhere and even the Royals have to deal with useless goons like them at the Monarchy, I am quite happy with those not liking me as we are not pals in the first place – something always has to be stolen as far as they are concerned at all times on the left hand side while on the right kids like me need to have it done for them at all times and that is usually before we hear the complaining about rights and for the Celebrity and Fashion and Journalist ones, with respect to my possessions it’s become a daily plan developed around their creature comforts which makes it infuriating beyond imagination, so they can be seen handling my work and threatening me at every single public appearance their celebrated stupidities make. It’s like when I get told what I do is surprising which it isn’t in my view; we all knew there was an economic crisis and the reasons for it were not very far from the fact when the budding intellectual property administrator goes into a neighbourhood, the price of homes will go up and the Labour government will support and fund it and make Policy on it while the Police will try to mop it up and prevent the whole thing from getting out of control for instance – so that it could always have been mathematically concluded that somebody will draw a line under the past and sell a grain of rice that went for £2 pounds three weeks before for £20, claiming things have all changed and the result will be the government paying people more and devaluing currency – implying that the same behaviour that led to the problems which was largely exhibited at the stock market during god economic times had now with a carefully planned strategy ended up at the Central bank but the icing on their cake was to select me and my possessions as spare resource which then started a fight. Of we hear them say my words do amount of xenophobia but there is no such thing here; insisting on getting better off with the finances of a Christian before he is, in order to effect some form of paedophilia on him and make out it is justified to trap him by stealing all he does to defend himself from it which means you control him and use him to fight your battles is genocide (they say the process of working for money is violent and it isn't - we find the lower classes are a group that boasts of Sixth form colleges and Library Books and the Middle Classes Boast of shops and perhaps luxury brands but in the case of the former, it has become a preferred attitude to make use of my person and products without paying, while the biggest problem after a decade is still an inability to attend school and pass exams and head somewhere important and in the case of the latter it is the useless part of being a Celebrity and then finding it impossible to tolerate the Lower classes because they see people who make a lot of money they have never worked for and what they both want to work together for all together has to do with complicating any thing I do which looks like an activity connected with payment of currency and it is time for them to pay for using the person and the products and the public life - no more free stuff).