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The claim HH has stolen a white man's or when the none whites want to be superior a none white persons beauty besides making it an argument that gets people's attention by outraging him intensely, to absorb his good qualities and by their dump and move distant fascism exchange evil from inside them with him, is not actually victory, it is the worst of the worst kind of trouble they can possibly look for, it is the fight that stupid men who speak of modernisation always come up with to use other peoples energy to do things, so that people cannot control when they sin and when somebody is sinning on their behalf and so this cuts them away or detaches them from God and when they re-establish their connection with God turns into violent persecution and extortion based robbery that gets the support of State Office because Politicians like to look for trouble they expect others to let them get away with until they are violently armed so that they can defeat such people, which most of the time runs along the lines of earning a living, when they are sure no body is checking them to ensure they do not at any point in time get the feeling that their salaries are safe. The only way to reach this a point being lots of teasing with endemic unemployment which they find funny and lots of insults to create cash flow crisis based on familiarities and insults and their distant fascism enabled self improvements, while giving their silly children leave to locate people they can bully into doing things for them by making sure they are always overwhelmed because of the period of unemployment; this causes people to notice their cars in case they want to make a quick cash and want to do the things others do to them on such dispositions because they are stupid and are also an Office of State supported vandals and whatever latest thing they have bought with money they are not and will not be satisfied with earning unless they have damaged somebody else's career, earning and earning potential, which does not make sense but the fact it does not becomes their power. This is how they get attention through violence and when they grow up to become the grown up hooligans they are think that everybody will put up with the innovations by violence and then rewarding them at the other end that they like to think democratic people get used to, the attention through violence from those who don't want to give them because Christians are not interested in worldly things, in order to tap energy and do things with especially getting rich and then for the power to maintain it damage peoples lives to use blessings from God how they like, which is not blasphemous until they are making sure it is stifling the gospel with media and all over the world, which is rather easy and tempting for them and so they will never heed anybody's warnings against attempting it but hope Politicians will get them out and help them win the fight at the end, which is entirely a matter of who they mess with. It is no victory just one of those things which indicates that if they are not prepared for a fight between a Christian and men who use peoples energy to do things, which is incredibly vile and not everybody wants to tolerate, they need to shut up and leave One alone as they are not equals with him at all either.


HH is a Christian and does not care about their worldly things, besides which he Brokes Equities and Securities with people who sell Autos that cost twice the Price of their homes and more, so it is very unlikely that he should be interested in them and their insolent rubbish about boys that respect Kings in White peoples countries but do not in black peoples countries for example among other rubbish of that sort, which they can see why he has made it that way obviously-things like starvation in North Africa for example; they expect people to believe they are not responsible and expect no body should be able to say anything about it, lest they are moved to hurt somebody yap yap yap; it depends on who they mess with generally.

Of course here the white ones always begin their own usually with their really insolent wives at the forefront telling HH he is supposed to be the Christian, while they are supposed to broke securities from his property because they are supposed to be rich and worldly, which here from what they are talking about is actually the Nation's property, which is then their property because the Country is theirs; without response from HH of which is always followed with abusive and insolent advertisements and commercials and of course media rubbish and popular music nonsense, which Politicians think is the chance for them to get rich beyond their dreams without looking at the base line, on account they hope not doing so will mean more power, since Con artists will become more important and that increases their chances of earning more money and maybe one day they will con the entire country out of a Country. It just means HH will be savaging stupid media and stupid commercials industry and stupid Politics and stupid advertisements too; just as he has warned them about their secrete societies and their games using it with and on his Finances and personal life, looking for the latest power that Men become a part of to get rich and powerful and ensure they have absolutely everything they see and desire which they intend to distil from his life by covering his life and all his affairs with problems that will ruin him which he cannot control (with a large gob of course).

Take a look at them and they are always either already in a secrete society or have lies they tell about him regularly, to use him to make money but as and when they see him, they want to be in the one he is in, however want to have the position that is superior to his in it, he cannot tell them he is a Christian because Politicians always get on Parliament to want his privacy so often it does not matter if he is in a secrete society or not, for they can always use his privacy as a result to add to their secrete societies and nothing he says has ever mattered and when he tells them he is a Christian not in a secrete society, rather than be converted, they just know what to use it for instead, after what he has done to them over travelling around the world pervading every likelihood of things he could possibly say about his faith which of course is blasphemous.

It is not the first time anyway by the way: first was "democracy and communism, where do you stand?" for they had their hands on his income in a way they could deny him of it but if they did he would simply adapt make a living and no body would hear any of it. Then it progressed after causing him enough needless suffering bearing in mind such nonsense are always done when people are no longer dependants to "Parliament and Monarchy, where do you stand?" Then it progressed after causing him enough pain to "non white people and white people where do you stand?" in which they have various other ethnicities and so on. Then it progressed to "men and women, where do you stand?" by which time the violent extortion has taken up a life of its own they expect should be respected as their rights and it is becoming funny to them as well which impacts on HH's health and well being seeking the trouble it will definitely get 


Today they know how to start him off everyday with problems that they can bar his entire life with and tell people he is depressed and cannot get out of bed with, so that once he steps out, then that will be the beginning of Popular music rubbish run on his books and property, alternative arguments to why he should get a job-bearing in mind the games on HH's finances has now led to a condition where he needs to gather funds else where to process his Equities and Securities in order to extract an earning from his job with, which has also brought about excessive exposure that is detached from Publicity on a demand basis due to his fame and status, to reveal the latest thing about him that people can get rich with on the media, rather than buying his books which is his job anyway and or respect the derivatives of his copyrighted work as they continue to seek more violence. The Politicians obviously think they are some kind of celebrities to that effect as well, so this is the means by which the problem will be solved:-they will fight and win the fight or they will be damned.

Their really modern other peoples property vandalising God hating Children say there is another big problem involving how HH imposes  himself on people but it all ends up being the things people already knew but he does it because he has problems and do drag people back just because he is growing up now, due to his really poor background that never allowed him to experience the world properly (yap yap yap). The joke is not on One, the joke is on them because his Christian faith was enough until he met them and now they will need to gather money to defend themselves from him when he feels like savaging their finances until they are doing Christian faith as well as they have done his. It is never really a matter of whether or not One ever gets tired of it as some put it but rather a factor of the fact that Celebrity cultures are made up of violent goons who tend always to know what the most criminal thing or act or what a profitable crime is over other peoples lives, the Media ones and Political ones of which are just pulpit hugging idiots whose insults people react to differently. When people wish to get involved with an Author, the way to do so is to buy his books and not get in touch with those who have access to his personal life. So that Celebrity culture might profit from Royal culture and Politicians might stifle the finances of a Royal Prince to pretend to have powers that do not exist and seek co-operation where they can never get it.


I do not have an issue with the stupid games of evil people and their stories on Public Television that seems to happen all the time. I am aware all I have to do is have a piece of whatever makes them special and therefore prickly and childish and really insolent too of course and gorge myself on it before they become privileged and decadent with my income instead of working for theirs doing stupid things to get rich. If I don’t whatever I do will not help the issue with my health because of the cheap shots that will happen on media to make me ugly and make them beautiful.

The other is dig deep into their stupid western insolent modern lives and find out all about them and their families to fill the void in your heart when they corruption of involvement with you and relocate your life to suit them because they are more men than you are.

As for their claim that when people try to do good things for others I make out they are bad people, that is the biggest load of rubbish in the world as the truth is rather clear I make obvious the fact I am supposed to have been their ingredient for making whatever they are doing for people possible and that can never be a good thing. So if there is a fight let them fight it, if there is work let them do it, if there is progress to be brought let them bring it. It does not bother me either because with respect to being their ingredient as if, I can always wait for them to be over confident because the way it really works is that they take this and so why not that as well and then that and why not the other one as well until they reach the point where they take it all aka take my life. So lets see them come good with their cowardice, which is the kind that is incredible because they are even afraid of the truth and make excuses for it claiming that they need jobs and to get rich and that this is the reason behind their cowardice; which politicians help them explain away because they don’t want people to know that if they are not getting jobs etc it is the Politicians that are getting rich powerful and decadent. I mean what if I were to take away the TV and they had no more means of somewhere to make sense and make their lives better and my punishments for their insults useless by convincing people of rubbish they talk about all the time with, after which bearing in mind they use it to attack me because they live in an evil city where people want to be greedy rich and have it all?

The idea I have been forced to play by the rules of the real world is the lesson people must learn; that when idiots love to get on media to bully me it has nothing to do with their books which is really my books but rather to do with their insults their greed their childishness their laziness and their desire to be rich and be famous. I do not feel bullied when I do, then they will all win-for now I don’t. Plans to be rich and famous with the use of me as an ingredient, while their Politicians chase around a boy they love to create cash flow crisis in order to have the kind of energy they should be having. They want me to stop the things I do to them and my question is when they feel in their best judgement is the right time for me to feel that when I look for a job, I will be allowed by them to get or find one.


They speak of my problem with socialism and about the fact it is becoming really concerning too. At the end of the day of which the real problem is what I have mentioned already i.e. I don’t want to be threatened by them and more so any further. I mean five hours praying, what I want to meet when I get up from where I am is maybe people in my own life but best of all, people in church; what I meet instead is a violent, intrusive, destructive, selfish, wasteful pop star scum telling me as insolently and intrusively as possible to get stuck somewhere to do lots of work while he gets off to be decadent rich and famous. This is not the main problem of course because the main problem begins when I say I don’t like it; this is where it starts to get violent with a big mouth and I want them out of my life not somewhere threatening me. In the end they say it is what they want to use my existence to accomplish but clearly it is in the vein of this that we are speaking of my problem with socialism and the fact it is becoming concerning; no body knows why they always bring up those conversations anyway.

From what I am put through however popular idea is that it is about socialist women and what they want; I have no idea anyway, all I know is that socialist women are socialist women; “I am stupid don’t take my stupidities away from me, I have been stupid for years and it has gotten me into places, I know what I am doing” but I guess they do know what they are doing, I am just not interested and no body knows either why that is so difficult for them to understand that. This is where it always becomes clear it is all about violent extremism but I have no idea which part of the fact they need to sort it out and leave me alone, that they fail to understand, like the threatening me all the time thing shows; they need to sort it out and stop threatening me so that far right groups can see a black man being threatened and because threatening him is linked with the far right, they get to do it as well of which will know what end that always leads. You know, sort it out like barging into other peoples lives to investigate their Christianity and wreck it, on account they are the ones that want to get attention for dealing with violent extremism, thereafter because they have the responsibility of dealing with violent extremism like to threaten me; They do need to sort it out and quickly and not threaten me, they should never threaten me. “Your problem with socialism;” so there is no God and there is no devil and I have been available for a decade unemployment and cash flow crisis, so that they can update and reach the pinnacle of their perversions. I bet that when I have mentioned it like I have, it will mean that I am creating the same legacy that the Jews had which led the Nazis to exterminate them, for Europeans who don’t want it, so that will then take us right back to the very beginning of this paragraph and we will be going round in circles except that the threats will not have come to an end either and I ought to find other reasons to explain them away and not stop them, with a big mouth, which I also bet probably also means they are seeking their own Royal commission and Royal Estate as well and no body knows how they plan to make it work bearing in mind I am a black man, without provisional and temporary help from racists and racism; same old story bending people like animals and using people like meat - acquiring means to do so by starting off with themselves of which is always more important than getting a day job because they have Politics to fall back on and I will later have to share my income, until the far right decide which is more Human, which will be blamed on something else entirely, however until then, they have got lots of power and I am simply saying I am not talking to myself when I say I don’t want it to apply to me.

Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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