I am now told I am very different and therefore do need to accept personality difference and play the LGBTQ role. It annoys me so much when people do that since the problem persists that they want to decide how I got to engage with the world around me; the matter has always been a case of other peoples disobedience adding up to the fact that the way they want to make money must be imposed on me, now that they know how to get about wrecking my business in order to gain leverage over me, due to years of media insults and abuses and I have been clear they needed to keep off my Books and shut down their stupid comments save they were reviewing a copy they purchased or actually wrote my own Books as it were. It is so annoying for me when people do this because they are really a handful of goons that spend their time somewhere between shop keepers and managers on one hand and the local communities on the other, so we can see clearly why the LGBT role appeals to them as such but the disrespect for me and what I need does not appear to appeal to them yet, full of insults and abuses from stupid Celebrities that play the game and show them where my Books are located in order to play it, as though they are my mistresses and lovers or something of that sort. The rest of the time we find the women get imagination up my bum and teach the Children to as well, claiming I am a bum and they were very important private services and public services operatives for it and the state of their culture and society due to this abuses being channelled at me will earn me more vengeance which tended to suggest I am finished already, while gestures to their left was something they did because they thought I would get beaten up if they did not have their demands met. The Children on the other hand being characters whose bums the parents never get the imagination into, hence if this was some sort of punishment for bad behaviour, what we see them do is hang around the streets making it hell for everybody, trying to look like Celebrities, talking nonsense about people doing their stuff, whereby if it were taken from them, then will they have hit rock bottom and become lowest of the low. I have no idea which part they found difficult anyway, keeping off my case or handling me to make the complain about me into a global stage phenomenon instead. I really do want to move on from the crimes of damage they have done to my Books in order to create me setbacks that they can control me with, which comes on the back of showing up at University to set me out as a character that should be handling the gangs and criminals while their stupidities passed exams on my Public image but they do make it incredibly tough and each time the parents get imagination up my bum it is as though my career and everything in it, right down to sensibilities people must have around Shipping Ports was on the blue corner with their stupidities on the red, proving they were very important – it does issue the threats but we all know that unless everybody have their own thing right down to Cab drivers, which leaves them singing Queen music with Freddie Mercury in London, it never stops as they would like it. The point is that I am not facing any difficulties, save the inability to make some decisions that will allow me make them squirm, over their need to show up all over my Books and make a mess of my finances during the course of the past five years and it comes on the back of the civil and criminal disobedience where they follow me around for what I know and what my personality can be used for, then when I put out a Book, a mini war breaks out. It is then said that they must be that way so they might be protected from the abuses of culture and society trouble makers but I have had enough of it and they really do need to stop tempting me; it needs to stay away from my Books and shut down stupid comments made around it and my Public image, as for the crimes performed on my Books, the result have always been gimmicks concerning all I have worked for my entire life being explained along the lines of those who have and those who don’t have country, killing off my earnings while they complain and my property equity becomes a toy in the hands of gold diggers blowing off the big mouth at me with every media exposure.

They say people are unable to make sense of what the British are saying and doing but its utter nonsense as it has never really been explained to any person who people show their Countries are bigger and should be more deserving of power broker and global resources than little Britain for instance, which is expressed when stupid women get about abusing some men until those men are insane or criminalised, then get involved with them, put labels on those that are seen doing moral and upstanding activities and seek freedom, fame, fashion and Public image from the reputation of the latter, claiming privileges women deserve and leaving people with smell issues associated with it. Their most recent preoccupation is that they are upper classes of developing economies and the British upper class ought to accord them some form of equality but its not clear why it is always linked to a need to get on Public places making stupid statements about being superior to me relentlessly, which they obviously can stop so easily having seen it makes me uncomfortable and is making them too. They have said that I am not up to scratch naturally but the last time we checked; this was only possible after the Labour Party wrecked the academic work but then the conditions are still the same i.e. I got a Commission, I went into University to find something I might study to help me do it and this time around if they wrecked it for me again, I would burn their world too.

They do now say that I have been classified as a huge trouble maker which I have naturally but its completely out of my control, since it’s a matter of there being no prospect of survival for me, as decided by idiots who want a cheap shot to eliminate their history of being losers, while their middle aged gits think I have been set out as a singular tool they can use to make better their financial well being and I cannot move them to a certain background, so we find it feeds into the booing and mooing and cooing of their silly community croons and society gits that is frequent and intense enough to allow imagination strong enough to get up my bum, which has become their answer for everything, as there is a real problem with the respect bit and having just me is one of those occasions in which the rest of society wouldn’t lose very much and their big mouthed politicians cannot keep the mouth shut over the joy of such achievements. They do need to complain about me over the course of their whole lives too. They never stop telling tales of how I turn on those who aid me after I hang around somewhere complaining into their ears endlessly, while reality is that every scumbag with some money who wants to be the richest family in the world, marrying off the worlds Royal families and so on has gotten their idiots perpetually up my bum in the local communities and it goes all the way to asset denial that involves wrecking my Trust each time I had denied them the process of extracting money from it or my Public image, talking rubbish in the USA all the time – so I suppose it is the help everybody is talking about more or less.