So Today it’s the Media claiming to have gotten the better of me again and I could never understand why they want it so much when they hate my guts so intensely on account this feeling that they are past the fame and the processes of being important does feel exactly the same as being pulled out of University to sit about reacting to their stupidities all together due to the wide effect of those violent lasciviousness anyway; all I know is that its never really been as complicated as they have made it out to be – just the two part business of media being full of cowards that will ensure they started a problems, got you into trouble and abandoned you, the part I have done better than they have being the bit where there was supposed to be an onus on me now that the academic work and finances need to be sorted out, which they can exploit, so they are not doing that anymore, they have gotten down to business I guess – the other side being that of writing Books and working on the numbers when I am suddenly and consistently thereafter hit by celebrities that can predict where the incomes will end up and have positioned themselves to suck the life out of everything I do, with the sense I am supposed to do nothing about it because I am afraid of them – the society ones are just complementary as they have since I returned to the UK done nothing but build pressures for my body parts while following up the insults of those who work on media to build a perception that a crowd can get behind all over my personality, even though they were complaining about me and the fact they are now past it all together as well.

The rest of the times I am told that its all Politicians playing up games and it has always been; we know the easiest way out of any problem is to blame and attack the Politicians for it but while one has not done that and ended up with a situation that means there are no more persons to handle social policy, so I might get off to be a stripper who sells the culture and society of any idiot that has a go at me to make the money that I can defend myself with, the business of Politicians throwing tax payer funds at in order to encourage people who bully me does not show any signs of diminishing all together. The other part of the story being that my activities are creating instability while there is nothing I handle here which belongs to them – like if we go back in history to see all historical figures in Europe have characters who put out these bad behaviour which are similar to their personality all over the continent, I really have no idea where the theory started growing that my personality was taken from the white race anyway, I know it was just something black people constantly followed me around with every important place I went, to make a mess of it and update their perception of importance. So it does come back to the ones that had showed up at Military to do some National service that means they had done HM favours and those were the reasons they had an imagination that went up my bum and the provocative way in which I make them smell as well must now be stopped – the outcome of which is usually that they become so important they cannot keep the day job and their children have to get into matrimony a lot earlier than planned, but now the instability has been created through a process of certain individuals always wanting to push me into the deep end every time that I am being bullied by them regardless of instructions from the highest authority that they needed to stop doing so and hence I am hard pressed making sense of how where they have found themselves either means instability or adds up to something I should be worried about – all I am meant to concern myself with is these goons telling me they had done my stuff, I did favours to the queen which allowed me to get around insulting them while their involvement with my concerns stupidly pushes me out of my University studies and carries on other forms of life changing abuses that top up their personality stupidities after that and that they have done their own favours as well which allows them have their way with me and ensure I cannot have my way with them as well; it is supposed to mean I start the whole process all over again, whereby they are not important unless they are doing some wars or dealing with some criminals, even though that was the job of those who are trained and given a Uniform to serve the Country. In the end some people are usually confused but its like we see their Politicians brew up ways to protect Christians from a sense of what my Office has been doing without the facts; the facts themselves which are that Muslims usually claim that the Christian business of helping people carry their burdens and being where bad things are happening in order to do what must be done to prevent it was a gimmick that involved being where it was all going bad but not doing something bad which adds up to prank and so it did become a case of every prank being bad in Islam save the business of decapitating people, the business of cutting off peoples body parts and the business of generally shooting and or killing people to please a greedy mob; therefore the way it really works is that people usually live as a Community hence is something happens to somebody the likelihood is that it has happened to all of us and we should do what we can to be there and help people carry their burdens, if it is a prank then it is probably prank that people are playing with the partners that had chosen to stand by their side and face life and the world at large with and not with them, hence all those stupidities they think they have a right to earn tolerance from others for really is what some people such as myself can identify as dominance. Same as the Media who have found a way to ensure that there is a link between other peoples daily concerns and their jobs and to inflict as much misery as they can on those they make use of in such ways while seeking privileges of injustice for what I do to ensure they got the same experience from me as well but when I look into those stupid faces it does go beyond going back to wife and kids to be a normal idiot all together and further into something of a total sense of superiority, some sort of birth right to dominate which adds up to the disposition that may break any rules to get rich quick, blowing off that big mouth about getting the better of me while it hates my guts so much for the outcomes of such blabbing in the past. It has always been a simple process that stops it all i.e. the business of those stupid comments and insults are supposed to mean the ability to inflict abuses on others that gets people choosing the least stressful route to get a job done while making a living and in my case I want absolutely every bit of it to stop completely and yes they have told me when they do that they will lose their minds which then means they have been getting the better of me because I have been doing nothing about their bullying all together as far as they were concerns; speaking of the facts we know women complain at the background of public living all the time and that you are meant to keep your head as it is obvious that if you are paid to move one box from point A to B in a certain way, not doing it so may cost the Company enough money to pay for five graduates, yet all you had to do was listen and respond accurately to instructions, never mind the part where the jobs are to be done in a sequence and if you had failed to do them in a sequence, the probability is that you will be complaining about mechanisation grabbing your job in the future while we know companies always think about the cost of putting money into researching mechanisation when they could always pick workers off the streets to get things done faster and in a less time consuming manner, hence not all myths about mechanisation taking peoples jobs are based on truth or reality i.e. you need to concentrate regardless of how distracting these idiots are but in my case there is physical contact and this cannot be ignored, all of it needs to be shut down if they want to put a stop to these things and unless it is, I will never stop as well – just like not blaming the Politicians means they throw tax payer funds on these sorts of nonsense and blab about wealth inequality to sit around putting up force that helps them rely on me for the best made plans of mice and men, as stupidly as possible, having a tendency to give rise to a process where I handled their case as well and when there is none left to so social policy I may make a living being a stripper while they claim there is a lot of danger to it for me, when we all know that was just a theory.

They do say what annoys people about me the most is that they are past it and I am responsible for the process but I can understand; what I cannot understand is that it is impossible to get out a single credible word that supports the fact they are wasting my academic work and finances, blaming it on my religion because it was all a distraction from the business of setting out part of the market I had built for my Books to make money by, while never stop suggesting that they were cleverer than I am, as insultingly as possible over the stupid dominance they had become quite used to; as we can see of which they may have built the market for themselves in the first place if they were clever enough to do so. Which leaves them to tell me it’s the effect of war and yes it is; same case where those who complain about others being racist are not right in every case and those who complain about others being decadent are not right in every case but when it goes hay wire, none can control realities about who gets killed all together as it were, we always end up living with the results we got out of it; for them it is obvious that if they do not like the wars they may want to straighten up and leave alone a lifestyle that means my career and all my life’s work is that thing the kids from the block can gang up on me and have a slice of, so they might have some market of their own to make money as well – for my part I have to keep an eye on the fact there are war issues to get involved with while not doing so is the only way to ensure these scum do not have the successful people who have no money that they can play around with and get secrets to fame and riches from (it is never really clear why their Mothers are unable to come up with alternative ideas concerning who will get caught up with gangs and criminals so that they might break rules to get rich quick anyway, while they continue to make out their stupid Sons of Perdition disposition that means those who hold government Office or Duty must allow security to beat up those that hurt their feelings while they deploy public image to have sex with the girls and the Media ones have consistently claimed I tackle them because I am always trying to do what I cannot, whereas the reality is that I want every day to day involvement with my concerns on their part to end totally, never mind pretending that their problems are other peoples problems and should be a priority for others while they are not remotely concerned about other peoples interests, getting involved uninvited all the time while that stupid faces expresses the vilest forms of dominance that any could possibly imagine, seeking I suppose more of what they are complaining about).