The case of me being a hated person is not an emotive one, I have been groomed for the hatred which means it is a waste of my time; we all know that the House of the Duke of York is the main point of the stupidities of the Labour Party and the position of Prince Harry is the main point of the stupidities of the Tories. They love to say that I refuse to co-operate with government and hence the reasons I am making enemies which has no basis on reality that is more a case of their need to set out public policy that is about finding out what it is exactly members of the Public intend to do about them – this translates into a case where all I have worked for my whole life is factorised as something that exists or does not exist on the basis of me being afraid of them; this was meant to be a product of the gimmick where it should have been the joke of the century for people to have said its no longer in fashion to establish relations with consumers in order to recover from an economic crisis if they knew Politicians would support them – so the positive side is that the Politicians have now decided that since business will not establish its relations with consumers Politics will do it for them, the bad side I am talking about is hey it is rather amusing I had ten fat cats yesterday and you were concerned but today I have three more. The Celebrity tribalism bits will be the part where every other successful people do have neighbourhood and we do not see careers go there to vanish except the ones belonging to Celebrities and when they are done with their involvement and insults and abuses that mean when I do my Public work exploits and extract equities from it to broker with Companies that want to develop them, the Products then face difficulty at the markets because of their need to handle me and get involved with me and get into stories and business an affairs that are not their own; I am about to find out over all those insults what it is exactly they can do when I take the Publicity that their stupidities has built all over my Public life and their whole career depends on those foolish claims they make to it at the same time – otherwise the simpler way would be the one where they let me be as we are not mates. The Politicians are a special case all together, it needs to make me breathless talking nonsense about being treacherous Political women who decide what happens with my finances for the good of all because they are my mothers and what happens with my property is not my decision etc. – it started out as claims they had located a Man that they can do whatever they liked with to go places and progressed to claims they had found a religious person that will become gay so women might be powerful and now it has settled up on this and likes to make stupid statements about owning me at the same time while also complaining of online abuses and hatred for women that has gotten completely out of hand, I suppose it still loves to tell me how to exist because it wants a piece of my own too, I am sure female Politicians understand what a decade of financial nauseating complications associated with tolerating their insults would be like as it were, so it does go without saying. The reality is not one where I am really concerned about it as such and I think any who has an opinion about what I say needs put theirs on a billboard with their name signed like they see me do mine not talk rubbish at me in public places whenever they feel like it; these are supposed to be very stupid people and yes I do get told the fact people are stupid is not an excuse to treat them any way I wish but it was precisely the point of government business i.e. not to allow one group of stupid people think they are more important than the other, if the interest lay in public security and stability – we do see the media regularly appoint itself arbiter of how much possessions racists and ethnic minorities have, which does nothing for anybody but creates a reality fact check that points to headaches that a government has to deal with; I am told the Labour party idiots they need to stop addressing me or playing the role of my mum, clinging to my tummy upsets and blabbing vaginal monologues all day long and I am pretty sure I am not talking gibberish as well. They have said I have a leverage over Government and it will not do but I have not got any such leverage whatsoever , what happens really is as I have mentioned – it spends its time playing the role of my mother whose shares my property with the rest of the world as a treacherous female Politician and has none left to continue with the government work that she has been elected and paid to do, knowing there are stupid neighbourhood boys with a tendency for racism that will have no regard for my private parts if they are able to think about me until I felt them do so. I do not think the matter is a complicated one, its a world where people come up with tricky and abusive ways to make money in order to avoid employment while setting out this case for people who do not think they have the energy to get rich from employment having the right to do so but what then makes it my concern is that whilst they do love to persecute Women and religious people, we find these other incredibly stupid women make arrangement with society idiots who treat them badly, while they want to control my while life as the society goons support them where they need violence and the whole thing then adds up to the means that supports their search for a big break – what happens is that each time they threaten me, I make an example of them that causes people to show some discretion on how I am being used, this means the society goons with a need to look for trouble move into my right hand and then it starts, everything to do with them living in a queer society in case I want to sell it myself as well all together and we hear them say it will never end for me too, which leaves me wondering if that would be a decision they reached before or after they had started all together as it were – the media ones do need put their insulting opinions on billboards and sign their names to it as wasting them on me will help none. It feeds into that case where they say I need to deal with racism but think that talking about it is okay where reality is that they are not in charge first of all but public policy is such that it can only mean a rat race between racists and those who are not as per who solves their financial problems and sorts out a pension at the end and they need to get themselves out of that position where their liberal stupidities have gotten quite accustomed to telling me what to do before it get terribly bad as well. They do say the matter is a big problem for me when it is not; if I did set out 7 days of the week – for week one I would become concerned with whether or not I have met people whose lives are about stealing peoples equities and careers and whether or not they have met people who had more influence and beat them to it and whether or not I want to spend all they have left – day two and I would be wondering if chasing me up with insults that speak of controlling their kids on whom their future depends is about to develop from their women complaining about sexual assault when people take their dignity from them to force them into a fight with me has given rise to an outcome where they are chasing their lives to avoid a process where somebody grabs it from them (of which sexual assault is usually a matter of people realising others have a certain view of them and in order to prevent their women being abused they sacrifice another by waiting somewhere for that parson that worked late and pounced on them so that a public case was made of their crimes and their problem was solved through another person being ripped apart) – day three and I would be concerning myself with making them do popular culture with their own part of culture and society and making them sell it there – day four and I would be interested in those insults that have factorised everything I have worked for on the basis of them being things I am scared of, with an outcome where they either get to keep off my case or I will teach them lessons about fate myself all together as well – day five and I must have become obsessed with civil rule and where their public insulting and very stupid disobedience that talks of a right to discipline others who have not got their income bracket – day six and God will have created everything and built himself a Public image on it – Day seven and God would have rested thereof. My point here is that there is no connection between those things they say those stories about my attitude and what opinions they want to have about me no matter how abusive and my Book sales being affected, the only connection there is between their behaviour and my Books being affected is that they have established such a connection to do damage to me and have become convinced that they do possess such money as well and I need to stop talking about career and big picture and start talking about self and this damage for my part as well – not least because of how it starts i.e. somebody in taking advantage of my Royal work which is very special and very rare strikes my bum to show their appreciation and let me know they think I am Royalty; now the scum are the ones doing the hate and I suppose it is okay if they are the ones doing the hate too, the celebrities are just determined to drive the matter to a stage where it becomes more obvious that my Books do not place a curse on me as such, as long as a utopia would have existed if there was no means by which they and the Politicians had a set of things they could do to attain a shortcut to fame; they like to say I thought I could handle the matter but cannot now handle it but of course its largely a case of the bits I do not wish to handle so people might deal with hurting bottoms and so they can tell me I do that and then complain about racism but I do not think that doing it themselves when they take from me my academic work so I do not shut down the means by which people are adamant they must build up popular culture on my personality and Public image would have involved getting pre teen scumbags to fantasises about me until they can see me naked and strike my bum all the time while showing up on public places to seek fame and fortune; this does not get it done. Apparently everything that builds a picture that I am a person and that there is some sense in handling with with some respect has been taken away; academics is not satisfactory for them and jobs are not and then I am groomed for abuses over my achievements by Politicians everyday – now they say I am stuck but I am not, I am getting ready to steal my way into the markets and take advantage of scum that have not recruited themselves properly into Industry or the workforce but cannot stop persecuting others to make some money; they can control me from here being stuck between a rock and a hard case. The comments especially about how I am stuck in a place I cannot get out of and everybody that associates themselves with me has not got a future is one that gets to me a lot because it is a very vicious aspect of their behaviour as though what is being tolerated was not bad enough; its the question of a Priest addressing hundreds of people and a Celebrity doing the same looking at face value as though they were equal while reality is that they are wildly different; the Celebrity one is largely about gathering equity from peoples lives to build up those things that will allow them get rich so they do not have to work while the Priest is about preaching the Bible and I do think the Celebrities have gathered enough of my equities around here as well – I mean there are some who build it around me all together, so they are like half friend half celebrity and the general idea with these goons is that they do not want to build equity around me as well as such, they just want to make use of the equities they see around me and it is the reason they are complaining about how I go from trying to preach the gospel to immoral people to talking about the fact they think their civil rights is the one where they would rather punish people for the rest of peoples lives than admit they were wrong, right down to sacking their international aid connections too but we still live in a world where something about my personal life being some social group people can join and I can be prevented from being discriminative with continues with a sense of violence, the violence then means that whilst none of my equities ever mature, their own is untouchable – making sense of what I mean when I say those who have opinions when I speak of it need put their own on a bill board and sign their names to it not blab insults at me as that is never going to help anybody. In simple terms we hear of things that Celebrities and Media hates as well but reality is that this is all squander and ruination and that the Media wants a fight and will get one off me following the track we are; I still remember when it started about 16 years ago when I got myself a factory work and our employer usually tuned the radio for us while we worked and the first three months were good but after that the music was arranged in a certain way and I started becoming very breathless the whole time and then it got worse and worse and increasingly violent from then on as well, the University drop out bit being the last straw; so their Politicians as well have now ended up in a condition where I will not allow anybody's equity mature before it is being deployed especially for the revolutionists who are talking rubbish I used to think about when I was a teenager and believe it makes them the bosses looking for some absurdity that others will pay the price for all the time which you do not speak about no matter how angry it makes you because they would claim you encumber their freedom doing so; now that we are all in the same boat when we have worked it and made some industry friends, I am sure they understand. The main case with the media, bearing in mind that this sort of things happen with the Celebrities occasionally i.e. the Oscars happen once a Year, Bafters is pretty much the same and so are the Golden Globes, for instance, speaking of the Actors, but the media fools think these sort of behaviour a worthy think to afflict others with everyday and you have no right to feel good between 5.00am and 7.00am hence you smell like your toilet while their international aid scum have not yet seen there is more suffering for them over the intrusion and satisfaction gained from telling me what to and how to exist in order to make them comfortable with that stupid civil rights money loving evil just yet, talking rubbish about sexual assault with partners that I condone when something is done for me as well for a change all together as it were – the main case is that they build up my public image and want it to pass to somebody else and now there are lots and lots and lots of misunderstandings which can easily be cleared up when they addressed me and approached me and spoke to me as though I wrote Books for a living, which is clearly what they have no wish to do, thus are convinced a lot of people on this planet care which things they hate. Of course they always say I cannot take them on while the community people are getting the better of me which is utter nonsense; what happens is that she clings to me a witchcraft and is fundamentally concerned with providing a service on standby that means she is the one that enforces a process where I am not allowed to be myself so another person can be me, offering sex as well even with civil rights desperation and so on and what usually happens is that the spouse may discipline her and then it means she will cling to me and chase my private parts for as long as she lives so I get into a fight with him and try to beat him up as well – thus he does my problems and I do her own and everybody is happy; the idea they get the better of me is a media theory; the one that tickles their fancy the most would be the part where they had prevailed and gotten their wish and people were fighting for their lives with gangs in the neighbourhoods, so their stupidities can walk around feeling confident – hence when I am not pointing out the Political part of it only. They always claim its about righting historic injustices while such things were at the heart of the matter; male ones just hunt me down like a weasel and then tell me after I had dropped out of University, that they do not like me because I am soft and then when I am unhappy they try to ensure I never calm down and therefore end up with so called problems that are affecting others alongside their stupid women being scared and buffeting me for space all day long, then they find it amusing when they are not complaining as well; I mean even now, my whole career has been interpreted as insultingly as possible as something which if they did would make them more important than I am and therefore it utterly important that I end up not being known while they did it and it is hard to see how even an uneducated person if we were to explore the various forms of human stupidities, would want to set out another persons whole career in such ways. So eventually they say its all a complicated matter for me as a whole which is utter nonsense; the reality is that they are very evil people and because they love to target me, I want to control their lives, we have therefore only reached the point where it seems I am going to completely destroy the Celebrity culture and the Popular culture and the Media like the damage they have done here as well; I mean if people want to make use of another persons equity, perhaps they might want to not chase their bottoms grab their privates and fantasise fingering their anus then build a crowd on it and blab nonsense about wrapping somebody around their finger with a big mouth – since it will make the person feel sore all over, it will make them very angry and they will drop out of University as well but where we are now is that I do not want them to make use of the equities and they can fucking famous somewhere else. It is the best way to explain what happens between me and those that are said to be sucking up to a little twerp like myself for instance, apart from the details which is that what people have is a Celebrity lifestyle that means they meet people and build equity and at some point they let go of some relationships and keep others but there are some pivotal relationships they never give up which is what I dragged me out of my half Priests office into this matter – not all celebrities are so incompetent as to pick a fight with an Arch Prince who clearly keeps the equities they want to be rich and famous with as it were; they believe themselves to be the ones that always get what they want, they think they are the type that always gets out of a process of being complained about by a Law Court Judge while the Police takes them down to the Cells, these are the theories. They love to say that my Books are bad things which is utter nonsense; its their cliché about what I am to say concerning Politicians lest I have to deal with even more problems than what I am complaining about, same as Media and same as Celebrities being put on a Billboard with their name signed on it as that would be where it made the most sense, especially when I had told them I was fed up – what has happened is that these fools have gotten used to telling me what to do and that means their interest in my Books has been transformed into a pillaging of my equities and this means they have ideologically split my empire in half, a market I now need to recover and how that goes will depend on them showing up all over me on Media and doing so to restrict my finances and Book sales. The incentive for their activities is none other than the fact they know they can make an army out of an audience, like we see that every time Royalty is doing something with Public image people who fantasise about handling me have to invent a new test for me that will run for years; so we all know Daddy characters blabbing financial restriction for me on their behalf will do what they are doing but that said, it is never going to work out that way all together anyway – they do need to stop addressing me as they actually have no reasons to do so and if they cannot serve their audiences without pillaging my equities it will mean trouble too; we can see nobody is asking them to be so abusive, so selfish and so inconsiderate. We hear most of what I say and do is all wrong but reality is rather that HM provides this leadership that supplies stability for the Country but that said on the other hand we know we are a Nation of revellers and party goers and those who drive it deep into other peoples personal life are expecting something in return as well, except of course they are driving it into the life of a coward like me with that big mouth they have got, ranging from the enforcement of sex on those who are not seen going about sleeping around and keeping up with the times which has now developed into all these nonsense.