I understand the questions asked about UK defences are that it is getting poorer but it is not, at least not from my position – its much like the case the Politicians raise about Nationalists as well, after years of spending their time on nothing but getting the rest of us to tolerate criminals of which they themselves being that they test you all the time over it to they can get you on the edge and manipulate you do not seem to enjoy having their privacy used by people to tolerate the criminals so much; I mean the assumption is that everybody buys into that story that the good aspects of it is that criminals become rehabilitated and help catch other criminals, much as the assumption criminals think prisons are badge of honour and not punishment – I mean I for example know I am deeply introverted so if locked up I can practically blossom but have no wish to commit a crime, hence criminals can therefore think prisons are a badge of honour and will not find other ways to commit their crimes and get away with the power they get from doing so, just like the tales Scottish Nationalists tell all the time. UK defences are in perfect condition – reality about defence work is that it comes in the two forms of first contact eventuality and the end game – so that either of the two determines which part a soldier is located or is prepared to take part in active duty; we cannot pretend that the various factors we feed into these dispositions when we go off to create their wars as it were, does not influence whether or not a soldier commits a crime – I mean I blame any soldier who loses sight of their health and safety and well being and decides to act in a way that commits a crime but that is not to say that when on one hand they are the weaker force because of the laws they work by and the savages they fight are superior thereof which is what they deal with in combat, on the other hand here at home when they lose their lives there is a fraternity of Nation which is bigger than them that they got by being soldier which in actual fact Politicians deserved all along that Politicians can make claims to – these things determine what a person feels is happening to him in the battle field when they be wrong or right and in what condition he feels he needs to keep carrying out an obedience of his orders. So when Politicians do say that we civilians that do not actually understand the conditions in which soldiers carry out their duties need to understand that those conditions are very different from ours, it is in my mind not a very wise say but too little too late, however which is the least that they can do in the circumstances – we are all responsible for what our soldiers do in the battle field and nobody should live in an illusion of that fact. I mean take society for example, these idiots will call me a coward all day long so their foolish women and get rich quick idiots can play with my income and torture me for a living especially the blacks and their golliwog mouth but at the end of the day when you pop the question you hear even more rubbish about how I appear to be somebody that can take out important targets in order to end a conflict but then again what they never listen to is that having said so apparently, have I told them that is what I do for a living, have I told them I have any part in such a job, how many of wanton conflict based destruction is their ugly to a fault insults doing recently? So that if they are not doing such jobs need to shut up and shut up properly and for good as well so a way of shutting them up does not have to be devised to test the stretch of that yapping and it is with such questions that we tend to apply a process of positively living in a Country that is free of war. They do speak of the MOD of course but I believe that is perfectly okay as well and it can make public any learning processed that it wants to, after all the only thing the British seem to face in the wide world these days are hard and unforgiving nonsense from all sorts of idiots with claims of a bigger Country and all that kind of nonsense – in fact our first contact eventualities might take the correct form but that part they have already done through immigration and we already know is hard and unforgiving and extremely, extremely violent as well. So if I get any sense that their provocation has created a condition where they are able to tease out and copy some way of learning to fight from British Military activity I will spend any provisions we have so that when they become an enemy we might adapt according to threat as early as possible and wait to see how quickly their stupid big countries can adapt as well and they know too we are not Germans that do have a history of thinking people are inferior, we British have a different one where they never listen to what people are saying to them but always do during the brief period of colonisation as it were. The part about my mentioning that we should not get to kill them because they show the violent aspects of them all the time is simply the one where I do not readily see myself as somebody that may commit a war crime – you know they are always talking nonsense about whether we British know how to kill and it is this that has already produced the need to spend any security bag log we have at the MOD so we can adapt according to threat when they want to be an enemy but it continues in the most violent and torturous experience you can imagine thereof and it has to do with how all you need to do is be hard and unforgiving and apply some violence and then a person will die and that is how to kill a person – when done they expect you to allow them get away with their incessant need to attack innocent people who will not collect some of it anyway because they must attack or kill anything first of all, then there is the part where they are free to handle a gun and put one in my hand and turn up to find out if people can be hard and unforgiving and can apply some violence but for now I am not giving back that stupid culture and they need to stay off my book sales and tell their stupid journalists to save their insults as well as it is not the reasons I purchase my media equipment.

I don’t think they are a major issue; it is written all over them you see, the experiences of the many people they violently take advantage of to get anything they want which makes them feel they are so invincible and when done have a fucking civil rights by which to gain from me by abusing me especially when black to which no consequences will apply with that golliwog mouth etc. It is much the same with the Politicians and how here at home it seems the buzzers will not cease beeping that Politicians want to see the SAS in action – when the entire military is made up of good soldiers as it were and in my view they can go to hell if they don’t like it but these are the kinds of things they want to be able to play with just in case there is a negotiation they are unable to tackle and need to gamble it away knowing the US President is not necessarily a fan of the British Royal family for example – like Mr Blair Gambled off our Intellectual account on his war on terror of personal friendship with George W Bush – looking for big things they can handle in a condition where they are unable to stand their ground when things get difficult. Their stupid friends all over the world feel the same way as well – they feel that in their minds when they speak of economy they speak of how their home economy can move to the next level but when we British speak of British economy we speak of the world and it is that sort of claim that means they have covered their tracks when they feel like handling British Interests due to their laziness on a platform of claims of history of slavery and the need to see the British put up with over enslavement nonsense they talk about all the time especially from Africa and the South Americas, which does make you feel they will never see that stupid culture again the way they are going. They say the expensive cars and the money and the decadent lifestyle they can only get by having riches they have not worked for is what makes them good – I have no idea if the need to secure the attention of women that can support me for doing the right thing does not make me just as good as well anyway – they know how to kill, that big mouth endlessly. Apparently somebody was responsible for all these civil rights movements for which we are eternally grateful today – the street murder of innocent people and the stirring of racism by none whites in order to control those who have something they don’t etc – somebody was responsible for it and somebody has to be responsible for another occasion, it will not just happen and I want to make my own contributions as well as much as I can – so from where I am sitting it is all going according to plan and working along the lines of what we have seen before as the right prognosis but we live in a different period now and have spent the last 60 years talking about our civil rights to a point where these idiots cannot tell the difference between peoples individual rights and what belongs to society and think they have hit the jackpot at this particular period and hope to either make it permanent and extend it for as long as they celebrity murdering fools can, while making their own stupid children rich and famous in other peoples stead without rest. So it really needs to be civil rights upheavals over intellectual property security.